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JBL makes error on commentary‏

filed to GERWECK.NET:

JBL stated that Lord Tensai (formerly known as Giant Bernard in Japan) was the only individual to hold Tag Titles in Japan for two major companies simultaneously. Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson did in fact hold Tag Belts in New Japan and NOAH at the same time however Keji Mutoh & Taiyo Kea both held the All Japan and New Japan tag belts at the same time in 1991.

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  1. alexei says:

    I believe in 1991 there were some other people occupied by being tag team champions in All Japan,) I believe TenKoji did the same (simultaneous championships) – but I’m not so sure..

  2. miko m says:

    sure they ment wwe

  3. Mr. X says:

    How could Taiyo Kea hold a championship in 1991 if he debuted in 1994?

  4. Ostego says:

    How come no one says anything when Cole makes mistakes all the time?

  5. MC Live says:

    Yeah well the truth doesn’t get him as over

  6. Dragon says:

    @ostego Because fans hold JBL in hover regard and know him to provide interesting and accurate facts. Where as with micheal cold we are content if he dosent call a clothesline a spine buster.

  7. ELNYIS says:

    JBL actually said Tensai was the only FOREIGNER to do so.

  8. Andrew D. says:

    Why don’t you take Cole to task every time he says, “David Otunga is the ONLY WWE superstar,to be a Harvard graduated in the history of the WWE!” When anyone with even a 1/4 of a brain knows Chris Nowinski was the 1st. Making Otunga the 2nd!

  9. Mike says:

    Holy who cares, Batman.

  10. rebel says:

    Steve Gerweck makes error on website.

    It was 2001, not 1991…

  11. Chicago Made Punk says:

    JBL said: “Tensai was the only FOREIGNER!..blah blah blah”

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