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WWE superstar goes on Hostess spending spree

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WWE STAR MASSIVE Snack Spree Before Hostess Closure

WWE star David Otunga isn’t taking any chances now that Hostess has announced it’s closing up shop — stocking up on EVERY POSSIBLE HOSTESS SNACK EVER on Friday — and TMZ has the heart-stopping picture to prove it.

Otunga — who’s ironically engaged to Weight Watchers spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson — tells TMZ he was devastated by the news Friday that Hostess is going out of business … so he scrambled to a Hostess outlet in Chicago to salvage whatever snacks he could.

But he was too late — the entire outlet was empty — so Otunga ran to his local supermarket instead, where he managed to squirrel away a shopping cart filled with roughly 80,000 calories.

Otunga tells us, “I don’t want my son to go without Twinkies.”

The horror.

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9 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Little Debbie snacks are better anyways

  2. Snow says:

    As unhealthy as it is, it makes sense. If a child is born after Hostess is gone they will have never experienced any of their food products unless their parents had the sense to buy them before hand. All they will know is stories and stories never compare to the real thing.

  3. Joey says:

    You don’t get a physique like that without calories!

  4. NCW Promoter says:

    Hoho’s Are Great Better Than Twinkies BUT Tasty Kakes Are The BEST ANYWHERE

  5. DBag says:

    Hostess sucked its and so did twinkies

  6. ManWhale says:

    To all those people who don’t like hostess, dually noted. what sucks worse than that is the amount of layoffs this close to the fiscal cliff. i loved twinkies simply because of the Americana, and now that a staple of our country for years is no longer around, well, that’s pretty rough. to those who were selfish enough to remain on strike, I hope you crying and moaning was worth being without a job and sending America into 3rd world country status.

  7. DBRude says:

    So the next time we see him get fed to Sheamus, he’ll be FAT and oily?

  8. Hans says:

    Of course ManWhale, that MUST be true. It couldn’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with executive compensation!!!

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