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Update on WWE developmental releases

The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE has released wrestlers Louis Fontaine, Chad Baxter, Chase Donovan and Nick Rogers from their developmental roster.

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  1. cool arrow says:

    Well, since I’ve never heard of any of them, I’m not too upset.

  2. Mr. Black says:


  3. Honest Man says:

    And after those were several of the ones put up on Oh well Chase Donovan is the worst lost of the batch but it’s not like the WWE isn’t short on talent at the moment. Still more talented people employed than non-talented people

  4. Honest Man says:

    @Cool Arrow

    And i guess this proves you clearly don’t even pay attention to all of WWE’s weekly shows nor do you actually follow indy wrestling since some of these guys weren’t exactly newbies when WWE picked them up.

    Ever learn anything on dirtsheets or are you just here to look cool?

  5. jim says:

    Chill your b honest man

  6. mth says:

    @Honest Man

    I don’t see why you’d think he was trying to be cool. If he hasn’t heard of any of them, why would he care that they’re gone? Looks more like you’re trying to look elite by talking down to him.

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