11/16 Friday Night Smackdown Report

Nov 16, 2012 - by Michael Riba

Smackdown opens with a video package on CM Punk and a review of some of the happenings on this past Monday’s Raw. It then transitions into the feud between Sheamus and The Big Show.

We go into the arena in Cleveland, Ohio, and see Sheamus pacing in the parking lot, waiting on The Big Show to arrive.

The Miz’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to host an edition of MizTV. The Miz says it’s good to be home and thanks the WWE Universe for putting him on Team Foley for the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match. The Miz brings out his guest, Mick Foley. Foley plugs his new children’s book, “A Most Mizerable Christmas,” and then The Miz tells him to not go for the cheap pop in his hometown. Foley says if his book had been written by Charles Dickens, it might have been called “A Tale of Two Mizes.” Foley says he wonders which Miz will show up to Survivor Series: the main eventing, Championship winning Miz, or the seldom-seen, makeup wearing Miz. The Miz says he is the least of Foley’s worries. Foley says he is calling a team meeting right now and brings out the other members of Team Foley. Foley tells them to begin talking, and then Kane and Daniel Bryan argue over who will talk first. Bryan says Kane was about to apologize for calling him the weak link, and Kane says he was going to thank The Miz for being a great tag team partner. They both say, “I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!” before Kofi Kingston interrupts and says that they are supposed to be a team. The Miz reminds Kofi that he tried to shake his hand, only to get kicked in the face. Foley says it sounds like the voice of reason on the team might be Randy Orton. Orton reminds Foley that he has spit in his face numerous times, and that Foley has thrown him into thumbtacks. Orton says he likes Foley more than anybody on the team. Orton says he doesn’t like or trust anyone on the team. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and Team Ziggler, minus Cody Rhodes, come to the stage. Ziggler says Team Foley is the definition of dysfunctional. Ziggler says everyone on his team is a prime, elite Superstar united behind one fearless leader. Alberto Del Rio starts talking with Ricardo Rodriguez and ignores Ziggler. Del Rio says he doesn’t think Ziggler has what it takes to be team leader. Del Rio and Ziggler argue a bit and Foley interrupts. Foley informs us that he has the authority to make some matches for tonight. He makes Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton and The Miz. Ziggler says he is glad that The Miz quit Team Ziggler because he couldn’t cut it. Ziggler says they replaced The Miz with someone much better: Wade Barrett. Barrett says Team Ziggler lost a quitter and gained a winner. Foley makes a match between Kane and Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan goes crazy. Damien Sandow interrupts and blames Kane for injuring Cody Rhodes and makes fun of Kofi Kingston. Foley makes a match between Sandow and Kingston, and it will happen next.

Match #1: Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston
Sandow takes Kingston down with a headlock, but Kingston fights out and sends Sandow off the ropes. Sandow takes Kingston down again with a shoulder block, but Kingston comes back and sends Sandow to the outside. Sandow comes back and controls Kingston for a bit before Kingston gets on the offensive and Sandown ducks to the outside. Kingston chases him around, but Sandown stomps on him when they get back into the ring. Kingston comes back with some kicks to the chest and then tosses Sandow to the outside again. Kingston connects with a suicide dive through the second rope and stands tall over Sandow as we go to a commercial.
We’re back and Kingston is stomping away on Sandow in the corner. Kingston charges Sandow, but he blocks it and takes control Kingston and plants him for a two count. Sandow rubs Kingston’s face in the mat and takes a bow, and then connects with a side-Russian leg sweep and drops the Elbow of Disdain for the two count. Kingston fights back and takes Sandow down with a couple of chops and a dropkick. Sandown gets taken down with a flying clothesline and Kingston connects with the Boom Drop. Kingston sets up for Trouble in Paradise, but Sandown backs into the corner. Kingston drops him with a flying cross-body for a two count. Kingston hits a back-body drop, but Sandow takes out his knee and rolls him up for the three count.
Winner: Damien Sandow.

We go backstage and see Sheamus still waiting on The Big Show to arrive as we go to a commercial.

We go back to Monday Night Raw and revisit Vickie Guerrero revealing the voice mails that A.J. Lee left for John Cena and the aftermath.

Match #2: Six-Diva Tag Team Match: Aksana, Alicia Fox, and Eve Torres vs. Layla, Kaitlyn, and Natalya
Aksana and Natalya start the match and Natalya gets a quick one count. Natalya tags in Layla, who smacks Aksana on the posterior. Layla keeps control and drops Aksana for a two count. Aksana gets free and tags in Alicia Fox. She drops Layla and gets a two count. Alicia takes Layla down with a suplex and gets a two count. Alicia tags in Eve, who slams Layla down and flips onto her for a two count. Eve chokes Layla over the middle rope and then gets another two count. Eve kicks Layla and goes for another cover, but Layla kicks out again. Eve tags in Alicia, who kicks Layla in the midsection. Layla gets free and tags in Kaitlyn. She takes Alicia down and connects with a flapjack. Kaitlyn goes for the cover, but Aksana breaks it up and Natalya takes Aksana to the outside. Kaitlyn dropkicks Alicia into Eve and then slams her down for the pin fall.
Winners: Kaitlyn, Layla, and Natalya.

We see that the tag team match between Randy Orton and The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler is next as we go to a commercial break.

We’re back and we see Sheamus standing in the parking lot when Booker T walks up. Booker says he needs Sheamus to leave the parking lot and keep his cool. Sheamus tells Booker that if he sees The Big Show, he needs to tell him to meet him in the ring and that he can’t promise anything. Booker says there will be consequences, and Sheamus says he is right and walks away.

Match #3: Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Randy Orton and The Miz
The Miz and Ziggler start the match with a tie up. Ziggler wrenches The Miz’s arm and gets him in a headlock. The Miz shoots him off the ropes, but Ziggler takes him down with a shoulder block. Ziggler runs the ropes, but The Miz takes him down with a flapjack. The Miz comes off the ropes, but Ziggler side steps and tosses him to the floor. Del Rio takes advantage and takes Orton down as well as we go to a commercial.
We’re back and Ziggler has Orton in a headlock, but Orton fights out before Ziggler takes him down again. Ziggler drops an elbow and gets a two count. Ziggler tags in Del Rio, who stomps away on Orton in the corner. Orton fights back and stomps away on Del Rio in the other corner, but Del Rio comes back and takes Orton down. Del Rio tags in Ziggler, who stomps Orton and stands on his chest. Orton fights back and drops Ziggler with a face buster. Orton tags The Miz, who pounds away on Ziggler in the corner. The Miz hits a clothesline in the corner and goes up top and takes Ziggler down with a forearm shot. The Miz kicks Ziggler in the face and goes up top again, but Del Rio shoves him down to the floor. Ziggler tags in Del Rio, who chops The Miz and kicks him in the corner. Ziggler gets a cheap shot and Del Rio kicks The Miz again and gets a two count. Del Rio works over The Miz’s arm, but he fights out for a bit before Del Rio takes him to the corner. Del Rio charges, but The Miz elevates him over the top rope to the floor. The Miz crawls to his corner and tags in Orton, who takes Del Rio and Ziggler down with power slams. Orton delivers his second-rope DDT on Del Rio and sets up for the RKO before The Miz tags himself in. The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Del Rio for the pin fall.
Winners: The Miz and Randy Orton.
After the match, The Miz celebrates before Randy Orton drops him with an RKO.

We’re back and Sheamus makes his way to the ring. He grabs a mic and says The Big Show showed everyone he is nothing but a big bully when he attacked William Regal. Sheamus says he is tired of waiting. He doesn’t want to wait until Sunday. Sheamus says it’s time to fight right now. The Big Show’s music hits and he comes to the stage. Show says nothing is going to happen, except maybe Regal getting knocked out again. Show says he is scared of Sheamus. Show says he isn’t scared of what Sheamus will do to him; he is scared of what he will do to Sheamus. Show tells Sheamus that he needs to thank him. Sheamus says he will personally go up the stage and thank Show right now. Booker runs out and stops Sheamus. Booker says this is his show and tells Sheamus to leave the building. Sheamus says no and he is going to kick Show’s ass. Booker keeps him at bay and tells him to leave again. We go to a commercial.

We’re back and Show is saying how much he appreciates what Booker did. Booker says Show needs to cut the act and says Show is in the main event tonight. He tells Show to remember that no one is bigger than the Show and walks away.

Match #4: Kane vs. Wade Barrett
Barrett takes Kane down very quickly with a slam, but gets nothing on the cover. Kane comes back and clotheslines Barrett over the top rope to the floor and goes out after him. Kane tosses Barrett back into the ring and sets up for the choke slam, but Team Ziggler comes out and attacks Kane, causing the disqualification.
Winner by disqualification: Kane.
After the match, Team Foley, minus The Miz, come out and even the odds. Orton lays Sandow and Ziggler out with RKOs. After the brawl, The Miz makes his way out to the stage and stares at his teammates.

We see that we will go back to Monday Night Raw and revisit the altercation between CM Punk, John Cena, and Ryback.

We’re back and we see a rundown of the events leading up to the Triple Threat Match this Sunday, starting from Hell in a Cell and ending at this past Monday’s Raw.

R-Truth’s music hits and he will join the commentary booth for the next match.

Match #5: Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara
They tie up and Cesaro slams Sin Cara to the mat. Sin Cara comes back and arm drags Cesaro and takes him down again with a head scissors. Cesaro comes right back and connects with a back breaker and kicks Sin Cara. Cesaro slams Sin Cara down and connects with an uppercut. Sin Cara comes back and takes Cesaro down with another arm drag and a head scissors. Sin Cara kicks Cesaro in the head and goes up top and takes Cesaro down for a two count. Cesaro catches Sin Cara and tosses him in the air and connects with the uppercut. Cesaro connects with the Equalizer for the pin fall.
Winner: Antonio Cesaro.
After that match, R-Truth leads the crowd in a “USA! USA!” chant and gets into the ring. Cesaro backs away and leaves the ring, holding the United States Championship high over his head.

Match #6: The Big Show vs. The Great Khali
They tie up and Khali shoves Show into the corner. Show kicks Khali in the midsection and delivers a headbutt. Show goes to chop Khali in the corner, but Khali reverses and chops Show. Khali chops him again and then clubs him in the head. Khali elbow Show in the head and clubs him in the back to send him to one knee. Khali headbutts Show and chokes him over the middle rope. Show comes back and delivers some rights and lefts to Khali’s midsection and delivers a Spear, taking Khali down for a two count. Show sets up for the chokeslam, but Khali counters and delivers the Khali Chop for a two count. Khali sets up for the Punjabi Plunge, but Show fights out and hits the KO Punch for the pin fall.
Winner: The Big Show.
After the match, Sheamus’ music hits, but he doesn’t come out. We see The Big Show walking backstage after a review of the match, and he opens the door to his bus and Sheamus hops out and attacks him. Sheamus tosses Show onto a rental car and beats him down. Show tosses Sheamus onto a different car and walks away. Sheamus gets up and shoves Show into another car and slams his head onto the hood. Sheamus stomps away on Show and delivers some right hands on the floor. Referees and Booker finally pull Sheamus off, as Show is left laying as Smackdown comes to a close.

Quick Results:
1. Damien Sandow def. Kofi Kingston
2. Kaitlyn, Layla, & Natalya def. Aksana, Alicia Fox, and Eve Torres
3. The Miz & Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler
4. Kane def. Wade Barrett via disqualification
5. Antonio Cesaro def. Sin Cara
6. The Big Show def. The Great Khali

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