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The Coming of Age of Dylan Bostic By Brian Jaso


If you look up the word persistent in the dictionary you will see this definition:

persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc.; persevering: a most annoyingly persistent young man
This is Dylan Bostic, defined.  He is perfecting his craft right now in OVW, but it began a few years ago at the ripe old age of 16.  He has been chasing this dream of professional wrestling for years and it is coming true right before our eyes.  I really think so many of today’s wrestlers do not want to put the work in to get somewhere.  But with Dylan you can see the work he’s put in every night he performs.
From the early days the knock on Dylan I always heard was that he was too small and young looking.  Well with much time served in the gym you can see a change in him.  Although just turning 21, Dylan performs in the ring like a veteran.  He spent time in smaller promotions such of NEW in Indiana, FEW, EWF,IPWA, and Hoosier Pro Wrestling just to name a few.  Every time I would turn around I would see Dylan’s name on a card, sometimes on the top, sometimes  in the middle, and sometimes just a mention.  But none the less, on the card, working.  Working whenever he could to get better.  To be better than the last match.  I read an interview with Sami Callihan a few years ago, and they asked him what he was doing to get better.  His answer was simple.  Wrestling wherever and whenever he could.  Anyone, anytime, anywhere.  He said it was the best way to get better and get known.  Well we can see Sami’s work has paid off, and so has Dylan’s.
I saw Dylan wrestle in person for the first time at a HPW show a few years back.  He was in the middle of the card buried with a not so good opponent who will remain nameless.  I watched this teenager put together a match with nothing to work with but a warm body and a dead crowd.  But he had that connection with the crowd.  He had the ability to make them want to see what was next.  To stay in their seats and let him tell them a story with his art.  I knew that night that he would continue on up the ladder.  That brings me to last night.  Dylan was in the first match last night on the OVW card.  Now some would think that the first match is a bad spot to be in on the card.  That the higher up the card you are the better.  That is true for every spot but the first.  The first match is played to a dead and cold crowd.  It’s like starting your old car on a cold Kentucky morning.  It takes everything you have to get it to start.  But once it does it runs great the rest of the day.  The first match can make or break a show.  Last night Dylan Bostic and Tony Gunn had the honors of the first match.  And Dylan made the most of it.  The OVW crowd loves to hate Dylan.  The come from everywhere to answer Dylan’s question.  “Who suck now?” “You do!!!” screams everyone.  And i mean everyone.  When that match was over, which was a loss by Dylan, the crowd was running great.  The show was hot all night thanks to the crowd, the wrestlers, the vibe in the arena, and thanks to the persistence of Dylan Bostic.  Don’t miss out on this star in the making.  You can check him out in person at Ohio Valley Wrestling, or online at

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  1. Brian Jaso says:

    Thank you.

  2. brookside raider says:

    Well written. I think Dylan could be an asset to TNA’s x-division. More talented wrestlers never hurt.

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