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PAC gets new WWE name

On the official WWE NXT website, they have added a new profile of recent WWE signee PAC, who wrestled in Dragon Gate USA & Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, as well as in Europe & Japan. PAC’s WWE ring name is hereby known as Adrian Neville .

You can view his profile by clicking here.

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17 Responses

  1. Rex Anderson says:

    Sad, just damn sad

  2. WWE says:

    Great name….. -_-

  3. SaneAmongInsane says:

    Not the worst name creative came up with… hell I’m surprised “Dolph Ziggler” lasted with that name.

    I’m assuming his indy name was pronounced “POCK” like X-PAC, which is kinda the point…. Vince has to many PAC’s running around here.

  4. Robert Barron says:

    It is sad. Whatever happened to names like Test, Edge, Christian, Kane, Albert (or A-Train), the Godfather, Road Dogg, X-PAC, etc. Oh, wait, they died with the Attitude Era…

    Where are the gimmicks now-a-days? Wrestling was so much more enjoyable when it was corny with vampires, cults, pimps, freaks, etc.

  5. Robert Barron says:

    Might as well jet use his real name, Ben Satterly. It’s no worse than Adrian Neville. How many Brits do you know named Adrian? And Neville sounds nerdy (see iCarly and Harry Potter). If you’re gonna name him Adrian Neville, please do a nerd gimmick. That would make it a little better.

  6. Later Marks says:

    Creative didn’t come up with that name. All these guys come up with their own names.

  7. Robert Barron says:

    @Later Marks There’s no way in h*** that Chris Hero, Tyler Black, or PAC or anyone on the WWE roster chose the names they have. They give their opinion on the name, but eventually the last say belongs to the McMahon family.

  8. philip says:

    Hate to break it to you but chris hero came up w/ kassius ohno by himself. Wwe was supposedly impressed he thought it through, so he’s running with it.

  9. Jon says:

    listened to several interviews in the past with guys like tyler black(why is that such a good name and seth rollins isnt?? they both arent his real name,colby lopez is) chris hero,daniel bryan and the sorts andt they all said they chose the names. Why do people make a big deal out of what their names are anyways..Hunter Hearst Helmsley became HHH, hero chose his name due to his gimmick which is he KNOCKSOUT people aka..KO’s them..aka Kassius Ohno.

  10. Later Marks says:

    I know a lot of stuff that goes on in the WWE. I’m friends with one of the wrestlers. Vince pretty much doesn’t know what’s going on in NXT.

  11. Honest Man says:

    I can’t believe you people think WWE names suck.

    I fear for your own kids if you hate WWE names

    There is nothing wrong with this name

  12. Meh says:

    So PAC goes from Ben Sacilly to Adrian Neville.

  13. Santos says:

    Nothing will ever beat colin delaney

  14. Dusty Rhodes says:

    Bastion Booger beats Colin Delany!

  15. Mr. Black says:

    Nobody should care about his name. We all hated “dolph ziggler”, but look how little we care about that now. They could name him anything and the guy could get over, he’s one of the best aerialists in the game.

  16. Hipnosis says:

    Better than “KASSIUS….. OHNO!!!!”

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