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We start the show off with OVW ring announcer Terry Boddie welcoming the crowd here at Davis Arena in Louisville, KY. “Let the bodies hit the floor” bouncing off the walls here at the Davis Arena.

Terry Boddie interviews General Manager Trailer Park Trash about what happened to him last week when he was jumped. He says he will find out tonight.

Southern Tag Team Championship Match.

The Best Team Ever (c). Vs. The Mascara Mafia.

Jesse from TNA is a part of the champions. He splits time between TNA and OVW. The Mafia are starting things off with some quick chain wrestling. They remind me of a less manly version of The Young Bucks, if that’s possible. The crowd is hot for a title change. Jesse is head and shoulders above the others. He has the look and the actions needed for the next level. The Mafia make a run at the champs and it looks like we might see some gold switch hands! Jesse is fed up with his team and decides to walk out. But just when the Mafia looks to capitalize Jesse comes back in to finish them off.

Winners- The Best Team Ever.

The Platoon of Wayne come out to let OVW know that they are here to stay. Their leader Jason Wayne says he know to win a war you need manpower. So he welcomes TNA superstar into the platoon. The crowd goes crazy!!!

Kidd Cash vs Elvis Pridmoore

Cash looks great and is a great addition to the OVW roster. He makes quick work of Elvis and then the platoon say the pledge of allegiance to Wayne. They are a great stable of heels.

Handicap Match

The Wildcards vs Rob Terry

The Wildcards are OVW Heavyweight Champion Crimson’s henchmen. I think Rob out weighs them. The Wildcards play the odds right and take out Rob’s left leg. They are keeping him on the ground and in pain. This works for a while, but the big man gets to his feet and in one quick power slam Rob is your winner.

Winner- Rob Terry

After the match the Wildcards pull out a lead pipe and finish off Rob’s knee. Things don’t look good for the 1# contender.

OVW Television Championship Match

Joe Coleman (c) vs Jamin Olivencia

Jamin is making his return to OVW and crowd gives him a warm welcome. As the match begins the former TV Champ Cliff Compton comes out to the announcers table and lays his claim to “his” title. In fact he has his old belt. The match is a good one with Joe getting worked over. I think he felt threatened, so he throws Jamin over the top rope for the DQ.

Winner via DQ Jamin Olivencia

As Coleman makes his way out he raises his belt, as does Cliff Compton.

OVW Women’s Championship

Heidi Lovelace (c). Vs. Taryn Terrell.
Guest Referee Taylor Hendrix

Taylor comes out to the ring with her Boy Toy Dylan Bostic. The crowd loves having Taryn here from TNA. She is crazy in the ring. She had done a great job putting up the referee shirt for the wrestling boots. These ladies are getting a bigger pop than the men. Taylor pushes the champ down when Taryn is not looking and Taryn makes the cover.

Winner- and new OVW Women’s Champion Taryn Terrell.

Out to the ring we have OVW General Manager Trailer Park Trash. He orders the locker room cleared out and to come to ringside. Once everyone is out he’s asks them all who jumped him last week. After a few guesses nobody speaks. Then TNA superstar Doug Williams grabs the mic and says it must be Johnny Spade. Spade freaks out jumps in the ring and suicide dives on to Williams. This kicks off a locker room brawl all over the arena. The place went crazy as flesh was flying!!! Out of nowhere a masked man jumped in the ring with a chair and hit Trailer Park Trash over and over leaving him a bloody mess. Insane.

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