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Jerry Jarrett on watching on Raw last night: “I turned the television off”

Jerry Jarrett via Facebook

I watched WWE last night. Jerry Lawler was returning after surviving a life threatening heart attack. I sat watching the television with a feeling of pride that they were honoring the return of such a great wrestler. I sat thinking, “now this is real class”. Just when I was appreciating the class WWE was showing, it ended suddendly with a juvenile cheap heat angle. I turned the television off and starting thinking about Linda McMahon’s hard work and great expense running for the Senate. It is exactly this kind of programming that prevented her from becoming a Senator. Wrestling should have some limits and boundaries. If you offend great portions of the audience, it is a bad angle.

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  1. -J- says:

    It was a bad move but Vince likes distasteful angles…as long as it isn’t during Linda’s election run.

  2. Chris James says:

    No No No. People keep saying back in the day this back in the day that. BACK IN THE DAY they didn’t have to get thrown off cells to gain legendary status and they certainly didn’t have to fake real life events on tv to stay heel. You know nothing of how wrestling was ‘back in the day’ if you think last night was reminiscent. It was hot garbage.

  3. raven12516 says:

    He’s not the only one.

  4. Del says:

    WWE is a joke. And they wonder why fans are tuning out. It is basically written for 12 year olds, but even they won’t watch this garbage.

  5. Scott says:

    Disagree Chris James. Maybe the WWF didn’t do that type of thing back then, but I bet you, as long as the guy ended up alive after a situation, there would be promotions that would use it to build heat or an angle.

  6. HA! says:

    Yes, yes… This must be why WWE will never be as successful as TNA……………………………………………………

  7. theman says:

    I didn’t care for the angle. Yet I don’t think it says anything about the state of the WWE. I’ve seen more distasteful angles run in TNA. Seems like there is always some gang warfare going on in TNA. And WWE is always faking something. Yet if the booking was more logical in both companies the angles would be easier to stomach.

  8. QouteTheRaven,Nevermore. says:

    …Y’know, WWE probably had Jery Lawlers permission to do this, right? F*ck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was his idea.

  9. Diamond Dan says:

    Jerry call me

  10. ManWhale says:

    So that means he left it on for about an hour and a half then? that’s pretty good.figuring since men his age are asleep at 5

  11. B-Rad says:

    I think the worst part of RAW was the fat jokes towards Vickie by AJ. With WWE being a part of the anti-bullying campaign, they sure have a horrible way of showing it.

  12. Jau says:

    The WWE is desperate. They don’t know what they want & there’s no direction at all.

  13. T says:

    If Lawler approved it I doubt he had a choice. Yes it was cheap heat and I thought Punk was better than that. Nothing to be outraged over as it just shows creative is not all that creative.

  14. rebel says:

    Two words: Ox Baker. Look it up.

  15. Nolo King says:

    Maybe this will teach Jerry Lawler to do the job, lawls!

  16. jim says:

    Jerry jarret dummies

  17. theDude says:

    wait… people are surprsied by this? this coming from the same company that gave us a “brother-sister” incest angle with Paul Birchill and whoever the chick was? the same company that gave us the Katie Vick angle? the same company that had the Big Boss Man feed Al Snow his own dog pepper? the same company that did a death angle with Torrie Wilson’s father? the same company that had Vinny Mac told Cena to, “Keep it up my ni_ _ _!” seriously, folks stop being surprised by the “shock value” angles or stop watching, one or the other, because the only thing more annoying is you people constantly complaining about how “bad” the company is you people acting like you’re still surprised by the things they do.

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