Impact spoilers for Thanksgiving night

Nov 13, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

The story of the show is all the Gut Check winners that then disappeared were brought back. It was also Open Fight Night.

Wes Brisco b Garett Bischoff in Gut Check. Kurt Angle was watching. This was the first time the guy in Gut Check won the match.

Joey Ryan did an interview saying he and Matt Morgan were going to be the next tag team champions. But he first challenged Chavo Guerrero Jr. to a match.

Chavo Jr. b Ryan via DQ when Morgan interfered and choke slammed Chavo. Hernandez ran in for the save.

Sam Shaw came out and said that he’s calling out the first Gut Check winner, Alex Silva

San Shaw b Alex Silva

ODB and Eric Young met with Hulk Hogan. Eric Young wanted to bring back the Thanksgiving turkey suit challenge. Hogan agreed to it but also told Young and ODB to watch out for Aces and 8s.

Christian York said he was calling out Jeff Hardy. It was a babyface match as York said how much he admired Hardy.

Hardy b York in a match where Hardy sold a lot to make York look good. The two shook hands after when Bobby Roode hit the ring and jumped and laid out both guys, spearing Hardy and giving York a spinebuster.

Eric Young and ODB were backstage and had an altercation with Tara & Jessie as well as the two Robbies. This led to him challenging Jessie and Robbie E for the Turkey suit challenge.

Taelor Hendrix came out and challenged Tara.

Tara b Taelor Hendrix with the Widow’s peak.

Eric Young won the Turkey Suit match over Robbie E and Jessie. Young pinned Jessie, so Jessie had to wear the Turkey suit.

After the match, when Young and ODB were celebrating, Aces and 8s came out. They handcuffed ODB to the corner and destroyed Young with both a baseball bat and a hammer. Young did a stretcher job. This may be writing him out of the promotion.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came out. Daniels said that he and A.J. Styles would meet one last time at Final Resolution on 12/9. Daniels said that Styles proved everything he’s always said about him and that he was a failure. Kazarian then challenged Styles.

Styles b Kazarian

Austin Aries did a promo. He said that the deck has been stacked against him and the person who is doing this to him is Hogan. So he called out Hogan, but instead called out Brooke Hogan. Aries talked about how he’s sick of the Hogan name. He then started calling her Mrs. Bully Ray and talked about how Hulk will never let her give up being a Hogan so she’ll be Mrs. Bully Ray Hogan. Aries then hit on her. Hulk Hogan went to come out but Bully Ray ran past him and Aries ran off laughing. Hulk gave Bully Ray a dirty look.


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