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Marty Jannetty not happy with Shawn Michaels

Jannetty via Facebook:

hey thanx for all of you expressing wonder and concern over them ugly looking ankles I got..maybe I shouldnt say too much right now for.. certain reasons.. but just know, they still work..and some days they dont really hurt that took a ton of hard work, training the ass off so that I could make it to the level where yall all know me at all..unlike Shawn, I wasnt a natural gifted athlete.. which is one of the reasons I tend to lean towards my students at the wrestling schools, who work the hardest, over those who may be a lil bit better but are naturals…oh, speaking of our Golden Boy Shawn..some of yall may have seen a lil while back where I said a couple of negative things about him, and..take it for what it is..I recently texted him about it..saying I wanted to apologize for things said in moments of extreme pain.. well, the Golden Boy yall love so much returned text saying, “I told you Marty, Im out of touch with the internet so I dont know what youre talking about”(the dude tweets more than anyone I know)..then he send a 2nd text saying, “are you still in high school?”….

hmm, for apologizing ?? no one made me do that, I just felt it in my heart, and the lil bitch comes back with that?..I guess thats something the spoiled rich kid didnt learn about in high school or other wise…this is the same brat, who recently in an LA Rockers Reunion show, when I showed him an old wrestling program and said to him, “bruh, isnt this sad, look at all our fallen brothers just off this one card (it was about 8 of the 16 guys on the card had died, all fairly young..Curt hennig, Big Boss Man, Rick Rude Road Warrior Hawk, etc) and his response was..”Marty, I dont really keep up with that kind of stuff, I just got other things to do, like ride my tractor”…well, anyway, I said all that to say>> when he saw my f”ed up ankles, he had the same reaction Bret Hart did when he saw them..a Ron Simmons moment, they both said>>>”DAMN!!”…difference being, Bret, who was never a tag team partner, nor best friend at one time..took action..told me what we can do to get it fixed or burn the people who should but wont fix it..Shawn on the other hand, never did more than say DAMN!..well, moving on..for all of you sports peeps out there and you in particular Donut, yall all know that when you have one injury or ailing part, you focus on it during the next event trying to protect it..which Donut, yep, thats how I broke the collar bone last night in a match(Hedges, you were a pleasure to work with, wasnt anything you did and I think our match was GREAT!!)..bumping is an art, a must, and a thing you have to protect yourself with when doing…bumped a bit different last night, got a new injury that will heal..but Im tired or this sh%t..Im tired of being in such pain daily, when it could all be fixed..or should I go out and snort Peru and drink up Russia b4 the ones who I served, serve me???? and only need serving in a just way..aint wanting SH&T for free..this is OWED!!..but…this post was just to say THANK YOU!! to all those who expressed concern on the ya all..we’ll be fine!! and back again!!

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  1. Rob S says:

    Janetty comes off bad here. Being needy will hold you back in any business. Shawn Michaels legitimately DOES have bigger things than worrying about his ankle for him.

    I mean no disrespect to Mr. Janetty but pain is something you just push through. That’s what makes you a man. That’s what makes you better. It isn’t handed to you and I don’t have sympathy for people who think it is.

  2. Rory says:

    This is all a work for the build up of Marty vs. Shawn: the Rematch at Wrestlemania 29.

  3. Kid Vicious says:

    Marty Janetty could’ve written this at any point over the last 20 years. For his own physical and mental health he really should let it go. I’m no fan of Shawn Michaels, but I can totally understand him not wanting to associate himself with the village weirdo.

  4. Em says:

    Maybe Shawn’s high school comment was towards Jannetty’s grammar skills. Still, it would not surprise me if Michaels did say those things. Born again or not, there’s probably still a bit of a dick in him. Those personality quirks never completely go away.

  5. Kerry says:

    I wonder if Marty was high when he wrote this?

  6. theman says:

    After Shawn went solo and even before then he was an out of control d bag. Then he turned to God. Seems like to me and I’ve felt this way when watching Shawn come back the few times he has. That Shawn is living out life in his own little weird reality. Where his past as a d bag doesn’t matter because he found God and apologized yet I am sure there are plenty of people he failed to reconcile with and plenty of people who still can’t stand him.

  7. jim says:

    Stop wrestling dude

  8. Matthew Burns says:

    WOW! I am shocked by most everyone’s comments about Marty. The “marks” always take Shawn’s side because they are fed to believe he is a nice guy from WWE TV. You would be surprised. I wrestled The Rockers a dozen times in the 80’s and early 90’s. I was around Marty and Shawn in the AWA days as well as the WWF days. Marty was always the nice one of the pair. Shawn was and still is only interested in himself. Marty taught Shawn a lot about the business. Then Shawn turned his back on Marty and cut his throat to Vince. Marty deserves a bit of human compassion. Shawn professes to be a Christian, I hope God is not watching and listening too closely to Shawn’s turning his back on Marty!

  9. Kid Vicious says:

    Matthew Burns, of the 9 posts preceding yours, 5 have some sort of negative connotation towards Shawn Michaels. Only 2 of the remaining 3 reference the OP. Did you read the comments or did you just want let us know you’re part of some esoteric inner circle of wrestling fans that considers anyone with an opinion different to themselves a mark?

  10. Nolo King says:

    I have a feeling he did not finish High School, lawls!

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