WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 11/10/12

Nov 11, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 11/10/12  Commentators: Josh Matthews & Dolph Ziggler


-The Prime Time Players vs. The Usos

Jey Uso and Darren Young start things off but Young is not taking his opponent seriously and pick his hair until Jey steals the pick and plays keep away. Young attempts a cheap shot but Jey catches him and messes up his hair which sends a distressed Young out of the ring. Young gets back in the ring and to his corner. He is literally crying over his hair being messed up and takes off his wrist band to wipe the tears away as he tags in Titus O’Neil. O’Neil does his “millions of dollars” dance and the Usos mock him with their version of the dance. O’Neil charges in and gets a double back body drop for his troubles. Jimmy Uso tags in and O’Neil tags Young back in. Jimmy levels Young with a shoulder tackle and follows it up with body slam and Young rolls outside to take a breather.


-Don’t Try This at Home PSA from AJ Lee


Young takes control with a belly to back suplex on to Jey Uso. O’Neil tags in and applies a waist lock bear hug. Jey breaks free and makes dives to make the tag but O’Neil catches him and knocks him down with a clothesline. O’Neil applies the waist lock bear hug again and brings Jey to the corner and tags in Young. The Players hit Jey with double shoulder tackle and Young covers him for a two count and applies a body scissors. Jey almost breaks free but Young rolls him towards his corner and lands an elbow drop to the back of Jey’s head. O’Neil tags in and hits a vertical suplex on Jey and gets in a three point stance for shoulder block but misses and Jey makes the tag to Jimmy. Jimmy hits Young with a cross body off the top rope and follows up with a Bubba Bomb and covers him only for O’Neil to break up the pin. O’Neil charges after Jey on the apron but Jey pulls the rope down and O’Neil is out of the ring. Jimmy hits Young with a Samoan drop and tags in Jey for the frog splash off the top rope the win.


Winners: The Usos


– John Cena thanks all veterans in the spirit of Veterans Day.



-Video Vault: Giants of Past & Present

The Great Khali

The Big Show

Andre The Giant



-The Great Khali vs. Primo

They lock up and Khali shoves down a very enthusiastic Primo. Primo runs off the ropes and ducks a couple of clotheslines and gets nailed with a shoulder block that sends him out of the ring. Epico checks on Primo and suggests that Primo challenge Khali for a test of strength. Primo makes the challenge and Khali accepts. They lock knuckles and Primo climbs to the top rope in order to have a height advantage but Khali throws him to the floor. Epico gets on the apron to distract Khali. Primo tries for the sneak attack but Khali turns around just in time and Primo begs for forgiveness. Khali misses a chop and Primo dropkicks him in the back and follows up with a waist lock. Khali grabs his wrists and powers out of the hold and Primo can’t believe this is happening. Primo attempts to body slam Khali but can’t hold him and  gets squashed for the 1-2-3.


Winner: The Great Khali

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