Wrestling By The Numbers: Robert ‘Brad Armstrong’ James

Nov 11, 2012 - by staff

The professional wrestling world has been morning the sudden passing of wrestler Robert ‘Brad Armstrong’ James. The 50-year-old Marietta Georgia native is a member of the legendary Armstrong wrestling family and had competed under numerous names throughout his career including Brad Armstrong, Badstreet, Arachnaman, B.A., Buzzkill, Candyman, Dos Hombres, Fantasia, Freedom Fighter and Mr. R.. James was found deceased in his home in Kennesaw Georgia on November 1st, his cause of death has not been released but it was announced he had recently been seeing a physician about an undisclosed medical issue. James’ father is the legendary Bob Armstrong and his wrestling brothers include Steve Armstrong, WWE Referee Scott Armstrong and WWE Producer / Road Agent The Road Dogg Jesse James. Brad Armstrong was very well respected from within the wrestling business for being one of the most underrated versatile in-ring performers of his time. His 32-year career started back in July of 1980 after having been trained by his father The Bullet.

Brad Armstrong started his career in the early 1980’s competing in Southeastern Championship Wrestling, Georgia Championship Wrestling and the Mid-South Wrestling organizations. In 1986 he spent a year with Jim Crockett Promotions where he feuded with the likes of Jimmy Garvin and The Four Horsemen. He then competed in the Universal Wrestling Federation in 1987 before rejoining Jim Crockett Promotions / World Championship Wrestling where he would become a regular for the next 7-years. It was during this run that he debuted Badstreet who became a member of The Fabulous Freebirds. In 1995 he wrestled for both Smokey Mountain Wrestling in Knoxville and the United States Wrestling Association in Memphis before rejoining WCW in 1996. He would remain with the company for the next 5-years until his contract expired in 2001. After returning to wrestling on the independent scene in 2003 he signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2006 and became apart of the Extreme Championship Wrestling brand. He started out working as an in-ring performer, trainer and commentator on the show. He had most recently been working for the company as a producer / road agent.

Below we look at the professional wrestling career of Robert ‘Brad Armstrong’ James by the numbers…

World Championship Wrestling:

* 11 Matches on WCW Pay-Per-View.

* 1 Main Event Match on WCW Pay-Per-View.

* 7 Matches on JCP/WCW Clash Of The Champions.

* 19 Matches on WCW Monday Nitro.

* 97 Matches on JCP/WCW Saturday Night.

* 12 Main Event Matches on JCP/WCW Saturday Night.

* 22 Match on JCP/WCW Power Hour.

* 8 Main Event Match on JCP/WCW Power Hour.

* 19 Matches on WCW Main Event.

* 9 Main Event Match on WCW Main Event.

* 13 Matches on WCW Thunder.

* 33 Matches on JCP/WCW Worldwide.

* 7 Main Event Match on JCP/WCW Worldwide

* 2 Matches on JCP Sunday Edition.

World Wrestling Entertainment:

* 1 Match on WWE Heat.

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