Gail Kim on TNA: “I just enjoy it more here”

Nov 11, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Greg Oliver posted an interview with TNA knockout Gail Kim. Here a few exerts:

“(TNA) has really focused on women’s wrestling in a different manner than WWE, and I just enjoy it more here. I’ve experienced both major promotions twice now, and I can honestly say that TNA is a better fit for me.”

“A lot of people ask me what are some of my favourite moments of my career. And of course, nights like winning the first Knockouts Championship is one of them. But if you think about the whole picture, the thing that makes me most proud is fighting for that women’s division and it actually happening. It wasn’t overnight, it took a lot of begging and pleading to wrestle. For that to happen, and for it to become successful, that was a dream come true.”

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