Nov 8, 2012 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers Impact Wrestling live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

A “Previously on Impact Wrestling” recap is aired and focuses on the three way match Hulk Hogan booked last week between AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and James Storm. Jeff Hardy’s announcement of his upcoming ladder match against Austin Aries, and Luke Gallows being unmasked by Joseph Park is also touched upon. We then see footage of Aces & Eights and the lead man is talking down to “Doc” (Director of Chaos, a/k/a Luke Gallows) and want him to show everyone he belongs by next week as he was unmasked. Devon suggests that they take up Hogan’s match offer and right the wrong. Doc says he is going to make things right tonight.

We head into the live Impact Zone where the pyro goes off and we are welcomed to this week’s show. The announce team hype Turning Point, which takes place this Sunday, and hype the tag team match with Aces & Eights going up against Sting & Kurt Angle. They also hype the Gut Check announcement and a 6-man tag team match with Magnus, Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels going up against Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, and Samoa Joe. James Storm’s music hits as he joins the announce team to get a closer look at the first match of the night.

Match 1: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode
The match starts as Styles and Roode go back and forth with a series of counters and reversals. Styles finally takes Roode down with a dropkick and Roode rolls out to the floor to regroup. Styles follows and sends Roode into the steel steps before rolling him back into the ring and picking up a one count. Styles then takes Roode down with a high back drop but Roode strikes Styles in the throat and knocks him down with a hard clothesline. Roode continues on the attack as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Roode hang Styles on the top rope and follows with a neckbreaker from the middle rope to pick up a near fall. Roode continues wearing Styles down with a headlock but Styles fights out and takes Roode down with an enziguri. Styles then takes Roode down with a hurricanrana off the top rope for a near fall. Styles then sets up for the Styles Clash but Roode escapes and slams Styles down with a spinebuster. Styles then counters Roodes attack and goes for the Styles Clash but Roode escapes. Roode then dodges a Pele kick and goes for a fisherman’s suplex, but Styles kicks out.

Roode then leaves the ring and grabs a chair as James Storm takes off his headset and begins to walk to the ring. The distraction allows Styles to leap off the top rope and crashes down on Roode on the floor. Styles then tells Storm to back away and the two begin jawing with each other. The momentary distraction allows Roode to recover and he knocks Styles off the top rope as he was setting up for a springboard. Roode then covers and picks up the pin fall to get the victory.

Austin Aries is walking backstage and meets up with Hulk Hogan. Aries says he is a professional wrestler and not a ladder climber. Hogan says the match is made and he will get the TNA World Championship away from Aries one way or the other tonight or he will forfeit his shot at the title on Sunday. The announce team then hype tonight’s upcoming match as we see an interesting transition between that and a commercial for Halo 4.

Kurt Angle is backstage giving Wes Brisco a pep talk as Sting walks up. Sting says Brisco will be the shadow that watches their backs tonight as the three walk away together.

Joseph Park is in the ring and says it has been a trying week for him after what happened to him last Thursday. Park says it didn’t feel good to go through a table, but it felt great to take the mask off the Aces & Eights member. Park goes on to say that he is a man and he still wants a match against Aces & Eights and begins pleading for Hulk Hogan to give him a match. Hogan’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring to join Park. Hogan says he is proud of what Park did last week, however, he was lucky last week and he should not be in the ring. Hogan begins talking about liability as Bully Ray’s music cuts him off.

Ray comes to the ring and apologizes for interrupting, but he is sticking up for Park as he has heart and guts. Ray says Park has fought him before and has a lot to prove with the Aces & Eights. Ray says he believes him and so do the fans and all of the Hulkamaniacs. The fans start a “Yes!” chant as Hogan reconsiders and tells Park he can have his match just this one time. The match will take place this Sunday at Turning Point.

Tara and Jesse are in the locker room and are gloating over the victory he picked up last week ODB. ODB walks in a says she and Eric Young are the only power couple in TNA. She then says EY is out, but she will take them both on at the same time tonight before walking away.

AJ Styles is backstage and is irate over James Storm distracting him during his match. Storm walks in and asks Styles how it’s going to look on Sunday when the face of TNA gets his face kicked in before walking away.

Match 2: ODB vs. Tara & Jesse (Handicap Match)
The match starts and ODB hods her own against Tara and Jesse as they are both in the ring at the same time. Tara and Jesse then take ODB down with double back elbows and the two begin to pick ODB apart. ODB begins the fight back and takes Tara down with a series of moves before slamming both Tara and Jesse down to the mat. ODB then takes Tara down with a drop toe hold as Tara crashes down between Jesse’s legs. She then hits a double bronco buster and then spears Tara to pick up the pin fall victory. After the match, Jesse distracts ODB as Tara nails ODB from behind with the flask. Tara then takes ODB with the Widow’s Peak before dumping the flask onto ODB, which was a bright shade of red.

After a commercial break, ODB is backstage screaming into her phone to Eric Young and telling him what just happened to her. ODB says he better be around on Sunday so they can take on the TMZ douche bag wannabes on at Turning Point. The announce team then hype a Gut Check Open Fight Night Thanksgiving before talking about Christian York and his match last week. The judges are seen talking about his match and how he has been overshadowed by his partners in the past. Taz says he looked great and Al Snow thinks tag team wrestlers can break off on their own, however, Bruce Prichard says that’s not always the case.

Match 3: Kurt Angle & Sting vs. Aces & Eights (Devon & Doc)
Angle and Sting battle with Devon and Doc on the floor before the match starts. Sting finally rolls Doc into the ring to get this match started and Sting drops him with a DDT to pick up a near fall. Doc comes back and levels Sting with a clothesline before tagging Devon into the match. Devon continues to wear down Sting and picks up another near fall. Doc is tagged back in and continues on the attack and picks up another couple near falls in the process. Devon and Doc cut off the ring and beat down Sting and get more near falls, but Sting continues to kick out. Sting finally drops Doc with a clothesline and makes the hot tag to Angle.

Devon is tagged in and Angle takes them both out with a series of power moves, including a dropkick from the middle rope and a couple of German suplexes. Angle hits Devon with an Angle Slam but Doc breaks up the pin fall. Sting comes in and drops Doc with a Scorpion Death Drop and locks him in the Scorpion Death Lock. Devon, though, comes in with a baseball bat and nails both Angle and Sting with it as the referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Aces & Eights. Devon then sends Angle shoulder first into the ring post as Bully Ray runs down and nails Devon with a clothesline.

Ray goes out to the floor and slides a table into the ring. Ray sets it up but Devon escapes from the ring and Ray chases him out the Aces & Eights entrance. Back in the ring, Sting tries to powerbomb Doc through the table, but two more members of Aces & Eights run in and nail Sting with a hammer before sending him crashing through the table. Do then hits Sting repeatedly with the hammer as Sting cries out in pain. Finally, Samoa Joe, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero run out and chase them out of the ring as referees and medical staff go out to check on Sting. Sting is then helped out of the ring as we head into a commercial break.

Mike Tenay runs down what happened with Sting before the commercial break at the hands of Aces & Eights. He then tells us that he will keep us updated with Sting’s status when it becomes available.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with the Gut Check judges and it is time to hear the fate of Christian York. York is given a moment to talk and says he put forth his best effort last week and the fans know he did, too. Taz speaks first and says he thinks York did a great job, has a great look and has the “it” factor. It is a yes for Taz. Bruce Prichard is next and wants to know what has kept him from making it to the big leagues all these years. Prichard thinks it’s because he hasn’t gotten a chance and welcomes him to Impact Wrestling. York says he has worked 16 years for this and says dreams can come true.

Austin Aries is backstage talking on the phone and he runs into Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan and the two quickly part as Ray tells Brooke that he gave her father his word.

A video package on the upcoming Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries match is aired. The ladder match for the TNA World Championship takes place this Sunday at Turning Point. The announce team then run down the Turning Point card before we see Hulk Hogan talking on the phone and wants an update on Sting’s condition. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are in Hogan’s office and Hogan says Morgan won’t be in Ryan’s corner on Sunday. Morgan gets in Hogan’s face and says he has no idea who he is dealing with. The two leave as Hogan laughs to himself and says he does know.

Match 4: Magnus/Christopher Daniels/Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe/Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez
ALl six go at it as the bell rings and Joe, Chavo and Hernandez clear the ring. Chavo then rolls Daniels into the ring as order is restored and the teams go into their corners. Chavo begins to work over Daniels for a moment before Daniels makes it to his corner to tag in Kazarian. Kazarian is quickly taken down and Hernandez is tagged in and picks up a near fall before both Magnus and Joe are tagged in. Magnus runs away from Joe and a distraction allows Magnus to get the advantage. Daniels is tagged in and continues working over Joe as the match breaks down with all six going at it. Order is again restored and Joe hits Daniels with a series of strikes.

Joe, Chavo and Hernandez cut off the ring and wear Daniels down and use quick tags to keep a fresh man in. Daniels is knocked out to the floor and a distraction allows Daniels to pull Chavo out to the floor and sends him into the guard railing. Kazarian is tagged in and picks up a near fall after taking Chavo down with a neckbreaker. Magnus is then tagged in and continues on the attack and Daniels is tagged back in and picks up another near fall. The three isolate Chavo and use quick tags to wear him down. Chavo finally counters with a head scissors takedown on Kazarian before tagging Hernandez into the ring.

Hernandez comes in and takes out his three opponents with an offensive burst and picks up Kazarian for a Border Toss but Daniels breaks it up. Hernandez then takes them both down with a suplex at the same time. Joe and Magnus are tagged in and Joe takes Magnus down with a snap slam and goes for a pin fall but Daniels breaks it up. Daniels is tossed out to the floor and Hernandez leaps over the top rope to take him out. Back in the ring, Chavo hits a bulldog on Magnus and heads to the top rope, but Kazarian stops him and Magnus nails him with a punch and knocks Chavo out to the floor. Joe then tries to hit Magnus with a Muscle Buster but Daniels and Kazarian break it up and take Joe down with a high low. Magnus then hits an elbow from the top rope to pick up the pin fall victory.

Austin Aries is backstage and is heading to the ring with the TNA World Championship over his shoulder as we head into a commercial break.

Bobby Roode is backstage and he defeated AJ Styles tonight and now he and James Storm are at each others throats. Roode says it will be his personal turning point on Sunday, when he comes one step closer to having the TNA World Championship around his waist. We then join the announce team who again recap the graphic beating of Sting from earlier tonight. Mike Tenay tells us that Sting has been taken to a local medical facility and updates on his condition will be posted on impactwrestling.com.

A ladder has been set up in the ring as Austin Aries comes out with the TNA World Championship. Aries grabs a microphone and says that he is the best wrestler in the universe and three seconds at Bound for Glory doesn’t change that. Aries says Hardy knows he can’t beat him again in a regular match and talks about Hardy’s history with ladder matches. Aries then guarantees that Hardy will finally have a great fall and he won’t be able to recover from it. Aries says he will beat Hardy at his own game and take both the real TNA World Championship and Hardy’s personal title before saying that he will have his melted down and made into a belt buckle.

Aries then says he has to give the title back and tells Hardy to come down and take it from him like a man. Hardy’s music hits as he runs down to the ring but Aries is there waiting for him as the two fight it out. The two block each others moves and Aries retreats from the ring and Hardy has both the titles back. He then puts both of the titles on hooks above the ring and poses on the ladder for the fans. Aries then comes back and pushes the ladder down and knocks Hardy down to the mat. Aries then puts the ladder over Hardy’s body and climbs up to the titles and poses with the belts as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Bobby Roode defeated AJ Styles by pin fall.
– ODB defeated Tara & Jesse by pin fall.
– Kurt Angle & Sting defeated Aces & Eights (Devon & Doc) by disqualification.
– Magnus/Christopher Daniels/Kazarian defeated Samoa Joe/Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez by pin fall.

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