Video: Raven announces that he will be at Extreme Rising 11/17 Golden Dome

Nov 7, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

filed to GERWECK.NET:

Raven, a man who many revered as a mad scientist of wrestling

psychology debuted at Extreme Reunion in Philly to overwhelming fan

fare, but the fans did not get what they wanted and instead

received an ear lashing of verbal abuse as Raven depicted the sold

out audience in Philly as the ultimate bunch of losers. You can

actually watch this in its entirety on our youtube page here.

Many feel Raven mailed it in 4/28. Many feel he crapped on the

spirit of the promotion that gave him the career he was afforded to

still make money in the wrestling business. Raven claims “he sat

out of the June events”, but in reality ownership had zero

interests in his return as many fans claimed Raven robbed them of

their hard earned money they paid in tickets for the Extreme


Now, 7 months later Raven disappointed that his personal sabotage

against Extreme Rising seemed to not fulfill his prophecy of

extreme wrestling to go away once and for all –for the fans of

extreme to find a life. Raven has vowed to return and finish what

he started. Time will soon tell what his exact motives are, or will

he just piss on the crowd that made him?

Saturday, November 17th 2012 live from the CCBC GOLDEN DOME in

Monaca, PA (near Pittsburgh) is where Extreme Rising debuts and

return to action. You can buy tickets now online and get more

information on our website AND IF YOU CAN NOT BE THERE IN PERSON!!!

Watch this event LIVE as it happens from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD with

the iPPV starting at 8pm (eastern) You can get more info at


**LAST DAY FOR TICKETS SHIPPING for 11/17 Golden Dome Monaca, PA event is Tuesday, November 20th 4pm (eastern). Order tickets here

***For more information please go to

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