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Roddy Piper reacts to Linda McMahon losing her election

Roddy Piper via Twitter:

“Can spend 90 million on losing election but won’t give the people that earned that money for them medical or retirement help of any kind.”

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  1. JD Storm says:

    so, what’s new?

  2. dave says:

    *slow clap*

    In all seriousness, an extremely good point. The argument is that they are independently contracted performers who became WWE contracted performers who were paid well enough and their contracts were and are such that WWE can terminate at any given time with no legality issues, so you take the principle that only a few workers work there long enough to make a name (and earn WWE money) and those said guys are often capable of making their own money independent of WWE (Hulk, Rock, SCSA, Taker, etc) however there are plenty of guys who helped make WWE what it is but without the celebrity status, guys like Kane, Road Dogg, HTM, etc and these guys are/were long term WWE employees who probably couldn’t make the same money independently so things like a pension and medical aid would be a great help.

    The argument then is WWE officials and Vince apparently do actively encourage performers to invest their money or save it for a rainy day, so is it relevant what Roddy said?

    If I was getting the salary of say Ziggler and I had no qualifications or skills to support myself outside of pro wrestling then I’d be using my salary to help further my chances of standard employment or entrepreneurship.

    But having said all that and weighed up the facts, I would say if they can plough 100m into two, frankly embarrassing, campaigns then surely they can set up a retirement fund for long term employees and provide post-career medical aid for problems encountered later in life caused directly by performing for WWE – and by being a long term ex WWE employee chances are they were caused whilst in WWE.

    They offer rehab but that is offered by default and is only in their interests to correct mistakes caused by an environment Vince and Linda helped cultivate. They accept responsibility for former employees when it comes to that because I’m sure it keeps the feds happy enough.

    Could we see a day where wrestlers are unionized whether they work for WWE or TNA or any other promotion?

    Or is it simply unrealistic to expect the WWE to care for EVERY performer who passed through their doors? Or can we argue that its up to ex performers to NOT piss away the money they get paid? And let’s not be naïve, they get paid enough to live comfortably at the lower end of the roster, the main eventers and long term performers getting paid more obviously.

    In 15 years time I don’t want to see Glen Jacobs whining for support after good career earnings he pissed away or wasn’t smart with.

    Maybe at least WWE could treat each ex wrestler individually and calculate what, if anything they can give to support them based on: time with company and injuries sustained whilst with the company, on an individual basis.

    Anyway ramble over, I hope that made sense.

  3. dave says:

    And I’m not disagreeing with Piper or missing his point. Guys like himself who helped WWE make money and take the company to the heights it reached deserve help because its been long enough that they may not be financially as strong and with medical bills, they could do with the help and that I completely agree with. His tweet just made me think of a bigger picture.

  4. Chris James says:

    He’s right. Granted, as Mick Foley has even stated, they are ‘big boys and girls’ they are in charge of their own lives and they sign the contracts. I do think though that guys like Kane, Show, Edge, etc.. The workhorses. THEY deserve retirement plans or at least different contracts once they retire (if that makes ANY sense) that grants them money without having to do much. Either way, Linda spent a LOT. And it’s on others’ blood and sweat.

  5. Chris James says:

    It’s really screwed up that guys like Eddie and Benoit had to die before the company thinks about drug testing and rehab and helping their talent beyond telling them where the arena is.

  6. Antonio Feliciano says:

    Money. Goes to mony

  7. Scott says:

    Dave makes a good point, and it does kinda bug me when anybody (wrestler, sports star, actor, etc.) pisses away the money they made, then cry for help, but at the same time, there are others who could use the help legitimately.

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