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OVW TV Taping-In Person Report 11/07/12

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Tonight’s crowd was pretty hot, being that there were only about 110 people in attendance.  The show started out with a tag team match that had one of the most over groups in OVW, The Mobile Homers!!!  These two guys come out with fellow Mobile Homer, Brittney Devore. She carries what they say is moonshine in a mason jar, and it always comes into play.

The Mobile Homers  vs.  The Wild Bunch

This match was a quick one to start the crowd up.  The entrances took longer than the actual match.  2 minutes of action with the Mobile Homers getting a quick roll up for the victory.


After this match we were quickly brought back to the ring for some more in ring action….


Jeramiah Lopez vs. Elvis Pridemoore

Elvis is way over with this crowd.  He actually looks like he stepped out of the crowd.  Elvis looks like a poor man’s Eminem.  Again about a 1 minute match with Elvis getting the pin.


Winner-Elvis Pridemoore.


I believe they are trying to get the crowd excited to keep the night going.   We are back to the ring for another match.


VIP Joe Wilson  vs.  Ryan Howe

Ryan is the Ryan Howe from Tough Enough with Stone Cold a couple of years ago.  He looks like he has improved in the ring.  His persona on tough enough was so timid, he is now playing a Van Hammer kind of character.  The crowd really loves him, and the ladies all scream.  About a 4 minute match with Ryan getting the win.


Winner-Ryan Howe

After a few hugs for all the girls, and one guy victorious Ryan leaves the ringside area.


Ace Hawkins and Raphael Constantine  vs.  Sam Shaw and Alex Silva

This is team Gut Check from TNA.  Both Shaw and Silva have been on TNA’s gut check.  And boy do they bring it up quite often.  Silva to me is regressing.  Every Time I see him in the ring he seems to lose something.  Show on the other hand has remained consistent, but still not exciting.  I do love the Gut Check Idea.  It works on so many levels.  After about 7 minute match Shaw lands a top rope leg drop for the win.


Winners- Sam Shaw and Alex Silva

After the match Silva asked Rob Terry to come out to the ring.  They said they wanted to give up their number 4 ranking  for the world title to him, Rob Terry. He happily agreed.  Hit Ryan Howe’s music.  Howe comes out and give Terry his 3 spot.  Out comes the OVW World Heavyweight Champion Crimson.  Crimson is telling Rob Terry that he does not deserve a shot, but if he is 3 that is still too far away to get to Crimson.  Hit Johnny Spade’s music.  Spade tells Terry that although he wants a title shot, he can have his spot.  So now only the #1 contender stands between a Terry and Crimson rematch.  Hot #1 contender Jack Black’s music.  Black says there is not way in hell he is giving Rob Terry his spot.  So GM Frank Miller makes a match tonight for the #1 contender spot,  Jack Black vs. Rob Terry.

After all of this Johnny Spade stayed in the ring and called out Doug Williams, who allegedly beat him up in the parking lot on Saturday.  Doug comes out for a match with Johnny, but before he can get to the ring he is jumped by Spade.  Both men battle outside the ring in what seem like an eternatiy.  They are seperated and taken to the back.


Television Title Match


Moose vs. Joe Coleman

The crowd is heavily behind Moose.  I know I was, but it was too late for Moose.  He did not have it tonight.  Joe Coleman did.  Your new Television Champion Joe Coleman.

Winner and New Television Champion Joe Coleman.

Main Event

1# Contender Match

Jack Black vs. Rob Terry

Both of these men a large athletes, so I don’t expect to see a lot of high flying.  Black is someone who will be a staple in OVW for years to come.  Some wrestlers never move up, and Jack is one of those wrestlers.  Crimson come to ringside and does all that he can to help Black, but it is to no avail.  Rob Terry and Crimson are on a mission.


Winner and New #1 Contender Rob Terry.


See You Next Week!!!



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  1. WrestlingInsider says:

    Jack Black will never move up? He was on RAW before you know…

  2. Brian Jaso says:

    But do you see him moving up ever again. Good worker, but at his ceiling

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