WWE Superstars Spoilers

Nov 5, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Darren Gutteridge and prowrestling.net

Dark Match
1. Tyson Kidd defeated Michael McGillicutty. Kidd went over in five minutes. The crowd is hot.

WWE Superstars
1. Jimmy Uso defeated Jinder Mahal in 7:30. Mahal dominated until a superkick and Superfly Splash from Jimmy. Only Slater came out with Mahal and drew a much bigger pop than The Uso’s, who came out without their usual dance.

2. Justin Gabriel defeated Tensai in 7:45. They used the same story as the first match with Tensai dominating until he missed a corner splash. Gabriel rolled him up for a three count. The crowd was dead, but I suspect this is in buildup for Raw, which is up next.

A Tout video was booed. They introduced the announcers for Raw.

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