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Kelly Kelly posts pix in her Halloween costume

source: Barbie Blank’s Twitter

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  1. Al says:

    Wow, actually pretty badass costume.

  2. heehee says:

    Yikes! She looks as awful as her wrestling skills. She could use some fashion advice…

  3. Antonio Feliciano says:

    She cannot. Walk away. Loves. The lime light

  4. Silent J says:

    ^ He cannot type or use proper punctuality.

  5. Pieman says:

    Nice Berzerker outfit!

  6. bumbolee says:

    ^ WTH is punctuality? I think he meant punctuation.

  7. Doc Emmett Brown says:

    This pic just screams:”Look at me!!! I’m an attention whore!!!”

  8. DBRude says:

    I know that was a happy Halloween for SOMEBODY. Damn! On another note; this is the second time, since changed her look, that I didn’t recognize her in a pic.

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