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Steve Austin on Brad Armstrong

via Austin’s latest blog:

“Before I shut down for the night I want to say RIP to Brad Armstrong. I held this man in a very high regard. Smooth… One word… Smooth. That was Brad. European style, Japan style, American, Luche Libre style. Brad could do absolutely everything. Great fire. Brad was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Funny, no, scratch that. Hilarious. That’s what Brad was. Giving and unselfish. A-1 psychology. A pro’s pro. Brad could go any night, any where, with the best in the world. And he would always shine…Very well liked. And highly respected by all.”


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  1. Kerry says:

    “And that’s the bottom line…”

  2. David says:

    It is sad that Brad Armstrong never got pushed more. He was one of the more talented wrestlers of the early 90s and he really could do so many styles. He could wrestle a heavyweight or cruiser style. So sad to hear about his passing. RIP

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