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5 ways to make a memorable 2012 Survivor Series

by Tom G

With just a bit more than two weeks to go until the Survivor Series, this time I take a look at 5 ways to make sure this event is memorable.

As a long time fan I have watched each and every Survivor Series live, be it Thanksgiving night or a random November Sunday. There is some great history with this event, but at a time when many people consider WWE stagnant at best, I offer 5 ways to make a great event and a more fun WWE.

1. Add some survival to the series.

We know of two matches already, but how about WWE up the ante with a true match of survival: get eliminated and get fired. Storyline firing likely, but a good way to get someone off TV for a rest or a repackaging. Let’s, for hypothetical sake, say WWE signs Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Santino Marella, Zach Ryder and Ted DiBiase vs. Prime Time Players & 3MB. You can add the stipulation that only the losing team’s losers lose their jobs, so throughout the match you see the excitement of wondering if Santino keeps his job or Darren Young goes away for good. (Again, hypothetical, just using random guys, don’t get too worked up yet.) With the right teams, this stipulation could add quite a bit of drama and story to the match. Five guys could be gone? A bit extreme, but a bit different!

2. Add a cool stipulation to the World Title Match.

The Big Show/Sheamus rivalry has actually been more entertaining than I would have guessed. Marry this with the fact that Survivor Series has traditionally featured a variety of stipulation matches and you have a win-win scenario for an epic rematch. There are a lot of ways this one could go, but I would suggest something that allows for these two to show off their more brutal sides. Some are already suggesting a last man standing bout, but I would prefer a chain match. Let’s tie these two together and let them swing that chain. And as a nod to a former Thanksgiving tradition, maybe Roddy Piper comes in as special referee?

3. Reboot the diva’s division.

Each week it seems like another diva has headed to the WWE exit. With a larger developmental system, perhaps it is time to bite the bullet and bring some of the girls up to the main roster. Let’s have Layla and Kaitlyn co-captain a team against Eve and Aksana. A quick storyline needs to be whipped up explaining why each team is searching the country, heck the world, to find the ultimate divas team. We’ll have six new divas, and if even half of them click, we’re doing a little better than we are now.

4. Make something big happen without having to wait for a Monday pay-off.

One thing I miss about old ppv’s is the idea that any kind of surprise could happen. If I could bring anything back, it would be that idea. So, let’s do it. Let’s assume John Cena and Dolph Ziggler are going to captain opposing teams at this year’s event (though a singles match would do). Cena will team with Brodus Clay, R-Truth, Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel against Ziggler’s team of Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett, Tensai and David Otunga. The match comes down to Cena and Kidd against Ziggler, Cesaro and Otunga. Cena gets worked over and Kidd drops from the ring refusing to make a tag. Ziggler pins Cena and begins to celebrate as a “Whoooooo” comes over the sound system. Ric Flair makes his way to the ring to celebrate with the new Four Horseman: Ziggler, Kidd, Cesaro and Otunga. This new feud keeps Cena busy until Wrestlemania and his likely Rock rematch. Fans get a new Four Horseman, which is probably way past its time, as ‘80s nostalgia is always in!

5. Have a NXT match.

The Survivor Series has featured NWA, Smoky Mountain and WCW matches in the past, so why not NXT? I would be excited to see some new talent, and heck, NXT shouldn’t be some secret online. The main roster is a bit thin right now, so let’s mix things up a little. Maybe another stipulation here: the survivors get WWE contracts?

It would be a lot to expect all of these things to take place, but even one or two could add a bit of a spark to the event. The seeds of Wrestlemania are typically planted at the Survivor Series. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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8 Responses

  1. art123guy says:

    Do we really need any more firings in this country right now? But seriously, TNA did something like this when they ‘borrowed’ the briefcase gimmick from WWE in the Feast or Fired Match. Plus the ‘Fired’ storyline is run it’s course in wrestling (along with evil CEO’s, GMs, etc). BUT I like the idea of someone being off TV for a awhile to be repackaged. Maybe instead of firing the losing team, they should be told that they will be kept off tv for 6 months. This way the stipulation means something. If you fire them and bring them back a year later, they weren’t really fired in the first place.

  2. Cam says:

    Wow. The overall ideas are good, and I would have thought you would’ve caught with one of the five, but these are all horribly executed. How about this…

    1) Combine ideas 1 and 3. AJ and Vickie each captain a team, and the losing captain gets fired. If you really want to include some new divas, add the stipulation that each team gets one diva from NXT and the winning team gets a Diva’s contract. That division needs a lot more than some new faces though. Like some actual storylines. (AJ has a great storyline going on right now, but there’s really nothing outside of that)

    2) A chain match? Really? How does is that relevant to either Sheamus or Big Show?? Although I did like the idea of a Last Man Standing match, I think it’s a bit too soon for that. No stipulation this time, just a simple one-fall match. Instead, let it go to TLC and have title defended in the same match where Sheamus won his first title…a Tables match. Then you could set up a good “Can Sheamus put Big Show through a table” kind of ending which would benefit either guy.

    3) Better idea for Flair/Ziggler: Either do the singles match or have Ziggler and Cena as the remaining members of the team, WHOOOOOO, Flair comes out and interferes on behalf of Ziggler, aligning himself as Ziggler’s new manager.

    4) No. Just no. Bringing up guys from NXT will not bulk up the roster, it’ll just thin out the roster even more (unless you’re gonna bring up Seth Rollins and Kassius Ohno). Build up some of the guys you have. Dolph Ziggler will be a regular main eventer soon. Kofi should be there soon. The Miz should be there now, instead of back in mid-card.

  3. ManWhale says:

    Those were some of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard for spicing up a pay-per-view. Bring back 2 people, only 2 and have them in the back and start a fued with the 3 man band. you get returns, new talent, old talent, and an extra match. of course, it’s all in how it’s delivered on wheter it works smoothly or not. that’s all you need to get people talking

  4. FrischDVH says:

    Have the Main Event become WARGAMES: THE MATCH BEYOND. I’d buy that PPV for a dollar!

  5. MC Live says:

    I think to make this memorable they should have started at Hell in a Cell. I think if you had Brock come in and cost Ryback the match it could have led to great things. You could have Vince pissed at at Heyman for ruining his main event. Then Paul says instead of ruining the WWE he’s here to save it, from Vince McMahon himself. Then set up a survivor series match, the Paul Heyman guys vs. the Vince McMahon guys, winner controls WWE. I would say have Punk, Brock, and Big show, with the Miz an Dolph Ziggler as add ons. Then on Vince’s side you could have Cena, Sheamus, Ryback, bring back Triple H, and Randy Orton (maybe Kofi Kingston). And in that match, the sole survivor- Ryback. I think that would be the biggest survivor series match ever, and imagine the type of star power Ryback would get from being the sole survivor. And as far as everyone else, I think we should have an all tag teams survivor series match. Either 4 on 4 or 6 on 6 just to build the tag division a bit. They could still do that tag idea

  6. DBRude says:

    I like the NXT idea, but they don’t HAVE to get contracts. They could just say that they’re trying to give those guys some exposure, and make their match the opening/cool-down match. If the match is any good, NXT could gain more viewers as a result.

  7. vince says:

    Not watch it and do something memorable 😛

  8. Prince Dann says:

    Tyson Kidd needs to be face forever!

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