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WWE’s deal with SyFy for Smackdown expiring soon

Arda Ocal:

Vince McMahon said WWE’s deal with SyFy (Smackdown) will be expiring soon, move in programming could happen.

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  1. lll says:

    That channel needs all the help it can get to stay afloat.

  2. mackdeezy says:

    Move smackdown back to local cable. I mean i have cable now but still, at east it was nice back then knowing i could at least watch SD on local TV.

  3. Fisha695 says:

    Beings that Smackdown is like the #1 rated show on the network & one of the top rated shows on NBC Cable Channels I doubt it’ll be going anywhere unless WWE gets greedy.

  4. dave says:

    Coming soon: WWE Friday Night Playhouse on Nickelodeon.

  5. -J- says:

    put it on right after raw or before raw so fan get moooooooooooooore of that sweet wwe pie.

  6. steve jones says:

    let Smakckdown stay on Syfy

  7. Snow says:

    Keep it on SyFy. The CW has nothing but teenybopper girl shows on it now, the channel just needs to go under.

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