10/31 OVW TV Taping Results

Nov 1, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

From Trent Vandrisse:

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping results and notes for October 31st, 2012, with an air date of November 3rd in Louisville. OVW announced on Facebook the usual Thursday release of the show online this week could be delayed because Blip TV is based in NYC, and they are having post Hurricane Sandy issues.

This was the “go home” show for the November 3rd Saturday Night Special, that will feature Crimson defending the OVW Heavyweight title against Rob Terry, but like last month, this was again more of a “stay home” show. This was even much worse than last months SNS “go home” TV taping. This won’t be a full report, just results and some notes, and rest assured, a full report of this taping wouldn’t have been kind from me. This taping was dreadful, with booking direct from the shithouse. Little to no thought went into it. Almost nothing was advanced for the SNS show, it was all stand pat. This taping was just to fill time for this episode.

I’m taking an extended hiatus from doing OVW TV reports. I’m moving soon, and have some other life changing stuff going on as well, so it’s time. I’m still going to follow OVW, and attend some shows, and I will still report when noteworthy stuff occurs, just not do weekly reports. Thanks to anyone who ever read any of my stuff.

Gilbert Corsey & Michael Titus were the TV announcers tonight. Terry Boddie was the ring announcer. The attendance was around 70, and that’s being generous.

There were no backstage segments shown on the screens tonight, but some could be inserted into the released TV show, though I don’t think many, if any, will be this week.

Since this was Halloween many performers appeared in costumes, some of them were good. The refs were dressed in light blue shirts and bow ties.

In an interesting note from last week, King Mo was never mentioned on OVW TV while Spike TV was there filming him, clearly by design, so Mo doesn’t exist as far as OVW TV is concerned. I’m thinking he may well never appear on OVW TV, but will probably do a dark match at some point.

1. The Wildcards(Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta) beat “The Body guy” Max Von Wolfgang & Stephon Smith AKA SWAG

Dark Match. Stephon Smith was dressed up as Urkel. The Wildcards won quickly by hitting Smith with a crutch, which was a nod to their bossman Crimson, who is the king of the fake knee injury angle.

2. Epiphany vs Jessie Belle was ruled a draw

Dark match. Epiphany was dressed as “Big Red Riding Hood”, Jessie Belle was dressed as “I dream of Jeannie”. The finish was a double pin, so referee Joe Wheeler ruled the match a draw. Huh???

3. Jason Wayne, Joe Coleman & Jack Black beat Ryan Howe, Chris Silvio w/Mo Green, & Elvis Pridemoore w/Cinnamon Twist & Bobbie Bardot

Dark match. This marked Chris Silvio’s return to OVW after a few week absence. Cinnamon Twist & Bobbie Bardot wore gold outfits with a large capes attached that spread out to look like wings. Jason Wayne hit Elvis Pridemoore with his bullet vest, which allowed Joe Coleman to pin Pridemoore.

4. Alex Silva & Saw Shaw beat Jeremiah Plunkett & “VIP” Joe Rosa w/Jose Del Barrio

This was the start of the TV taping. Gut Check winners Alex Silva & Sam Shaw are now a team here. Shaw pinned VIP after a top rope leg drop.

Rob Terry came to the ring and said he would beat Crimson and regain the OVW title this Saturday because he knows Crimson as well as he knows himself. Speaking of Crimson, he was just one of many regulars that did not appear tonight. Instead OVW TV champion Cliff Compton came out and insulted Terry. Terry said he won a match at a recent house show in E-Town to earn a shot at the OVW TV title, and he was just going to let that go, but since Compton was out here being a jerk, he was going to cash that title shot in tonight. So Rob Terry is going for the TV title on this show, and the heavyweight title this Saturday. Don’t ask me to make sense of it.

OVW Women’s champion Heidi Lovelace, Josette Bynum, & Taeler Hendrix spilled out to the floor arguing. Lovelace was dressed like a Playboy Bunny, Bynum like a cave woman, and Hendrix was going green I guess. These gals have a three way dance for the Women’s title this Saturday, but Lovelace said if Bynum & Hendrix can win singles matches in under 3 minutes right now, they can become the sole #1 contender to her title. Huh?? They’ve been doing this same crap for weeks. Anyhow, this led to…

5. Taeler Hendrix beat December in 1:30

December was dressed as a cute cop. Hendrix won with a round house kick to the head, it wiffed actually, despite Joestte Bynum trying to distract things.

6. Joesette Bynum beat Scarlett Bordeaux in 2:12

Scarlett was dressed as an Irish Lass, well she wore a green hat anyhow. Bynum won with a death valley driver, despite Taeler Hendrix trying to distract things.

Lovelace, Bynum, and Hendrix got into another huge argument, and eventually a fight, after the match. But they were in the exact same spot at the finish of this as they were at the start, a three way dance for the ladies title this Saturday, so what was accomplished here? It filled time on this episode is what it accomplished pally! All three ladies showed good fire here, but the crowd was dead.

7. “Smooth” Johnny Spade beat Tony Gunn

Spade and Gunn had a long angle here months ago involving Gunn stalking Spade, that was never really fully paid off, and now they finally meet in a singles match, and the angle isn’t even a slight afterthought. Not even a nod to it. Jeez. Brilliant!….Not. Why should a fan invest in the stories? Gunn hit Spade a back suplex, and then tried to “make nice”, but Spade won with a superkick, which sent Gunn’s “Happy pills” flying all over the ring. After the match, and not for TV, referee Chris Sharpe was hilariously putting the happy pills in his mouth as he picked them up from off the mat.

Spade cut a promo after the match on his opponent for this Saturday, Doug Williams.

8. Eddie Diamond w/Timmy Danger & Dylan Bostic were the last two left in a battle royal, but were never declared the winners

Let’s see, a battle royal with no prize on the line, and no winner. That says all you need to know about this show kids. “Mobile Homer” Adam Revolver was hilariously dressed up as Brittany DeVore. It was a very brief battle royal, quickly coming down to new tag team partners Dylan Bostic & Eddie Diamond, who were wearing the trunks belong to “The Best Team Ever”. The real “Best Team Ever”(Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade) came out to the floor, with Godderz cutting a promo on Bostic & Diamond. Timmy Danger & Eddie Diamond then did a live in ring version of “The Suckah of the week” naming BTE as “co Suckah’s of the week”, with Danger noting that Rudy Switchblade has had more tag team partners than Taeler Hendrix. BTE hit the ring, but Bostic & Diamond cleaned house on them quickly. BTE defends the OVW Southern tag team titles against Bostic & Diamond this Saturday.

9. Rob Terry beat Cliff Compton by DQ, but Compton retains the OVW TV title

TV main event time. Terry gave Compton two very long delayed vertical suplexes. Compton later came back and made good use of a sleeper hold. The Wildcards finally ran in and attacked Terry for a highly predictable, and cheap, DQ finish. Alex Silva & Sam Shaw ran out and attacked the Wildcards, so these teams will meet soon no doubt, but not sure if it will be this Saturday or not. Compton vs Terry was fun as a stand alone match, it clicked pretty well, but the match was totally pointless, and then just ended with a DQ. So again, just pure filler to get thru this episode with. At least it was entertaining though.

Well despite the fun enough, albeit pointless, TV main event here, this was an easy thumbs down show. This one would have needed Flair vs Steamboat to save it. OVW isn’t exactly on a roll these days, despite having enough good talent to do good shows. The focus just doesn’t seem to be there. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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