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Update on WWE ref Brad Maddox

WWE texted:

Maddox Found: Suspended WWE ref Brad Maddox, who disappeared following HIAC, has resurfaced. Tune in to Main Event on ION, Wed. at 8/7CT for further news.

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10 Responses

  1. Francisco661 says:

    Lame.. Smells like Nick Patrick WCW rehash

  2. Helio says:

    @Francisco – or “Dangerous” Danny Davis

  3. Boogeyman says:

    ^except Maddox is an actual wrestler!

  4. Fisha695 says:

    Rouge Ref is one of the oldest gimmicks in Pro-Wrestling History.

  5. Mr. Black says:

    I hope they actually use him as a wrestler after this. He’s really good with the whole weasel heel gimmick.

  6. ItalianoFBI says:

    Sylvan Grenier.

    You’re welcome.

  7. JD Storm says:

    @Boogeyman, so was Danny Davis. he used to wrestle under a mask as Mr. X, as well as “Dangerous” Danny Davis. don’t think he gained many high level wins. i believe he lost more often then not.

  8. What? says:

    Francisco: Funny, I was thinking WCW too, but more like Charles “Li’l Naitch” Robinson.

  9. ironFNmaiden says:

    I hope he gets a good introduction as a heel because of this. Last thing I want to see is for them to introduce him, play around with him, and then drop him; Maddox is a very talented heel player.

  10. Coolness1 says:

    Nick Patrick was a wrestler too, long before his days as a WCW referee. His dad was the legendary Assassin.

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