Chase Stevens: “I’m sick of watching my sport ran into the ground”

Oct 30, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Chase Stevens via Facebook:

Followed exactly how I have been taught for 16yrs as a professional wrestler. Always made a decent living at what I do. Always tried to excel over and over to show I’m the best. Proved to so many throughout the world how true I am. Took many yrs of mastering a art. Even helped build known companies from the ground up. You would think a guy wrestling for a LIVING for 16 yrs traveling the roads would have a little more respect in the offices he has helped over the yrs. Shows that we as wrestlers have really let our own sport down and let the people that have no idea about the true art take over and run what we love into the ground. I sit here watching today’s wrestling and shake my head in shame. Can I do better?? I dare you to let me. Don’t hold me back let me excel at what I do. I wake up Chase Stevens and I go to bed as Chase Stevens. I don’t need a written script to tell me who I am. I’m sure this post won’t change a thing but its my web page and I’m sick of watching my sport ran into the ground while real talent sits the side lines struggling to change what all has been messed up over the yrs.

I am a Natural

Welcome to my world

Chase Stevens

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