WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 10/27/12

Oct 27, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 10/27/12


Color commentators Josh Matthews & The Miz


-Brodus Clay vs. Epico


Epico attempts a waste lock takedown but fails miserably as Clay gyrates his hips for the hold to be released. Epico tries to hip toss Clay but no luck there and Clay delivers a big hip toss of his own and follows up with an arm drag and body slam. Epico takes a powder and consults with Primo outside the ring. Epico sneaks back in the ring while Primo distracts Clay on the apron. Primo is hip checked off the apron by Clay and Epico dives towards him but he is caught and sent on his way via a T-bone suplex. Clay bounces off the ropes and lands the big splash for the win and it is time to dance. Somebody call my mama!


Winner: Brodus Clay


-Kane’s Monster Bash: Highlighting his favorite WWE Monsters of past and present.


Boogeyman: He was a nightmare come true and don’t forget to check your closet.


Papa Shango: Used Voodo to vanquish his opponents.


The Undertaker: Punishing victims for over two decades and his legendary Wrestlemania streak.


Kane: The most dangerous monster of all time and not even anger management can stop him.



Kaitlyn shows everyone how to make a homemade Penguin Halloween costume using feathers, glue and facepaint.



-The 3rd Degree: WWE Superstars favorite Halloween costumes:


The Miz: Feels every kid should want to be The Miz for Halloween


Alicia Fox: Pocahontas


AJ: Any strong female video game character


Brodus Clay: The Horse costume that takes two people to wear.


Ted DiBiase: Cowboy (He wore this costume 4 years in a row)


R-Truth: Superman



-Antonio Cesaro vs. Derrick Bateman


Bateman came out waving an American flag and Miz, on commentary, said Bateman just has so much pride in everything American such as cheeseburgers. Bateman starts a USA chant to side track Cesaro and shoots a double leg takedown into a roll through for a pinning attempt but only gets a two count. Cesaro tries to distract Bateman but getting the crowd to start a Switzerland chant but no go as Bateman hits a backslide pin attempt. Bateman hits an arm drag and locks up the left arm until Cesaro escapes and applies a nerve hold to the trapezius area. Bateman breaks the hold and dropkicks Cesaro out of the ring as the crowd chants “USA, USA, USA.”


-Don’t Try This at Home PSA from Brodus Clay where he tells kids to stay funky and be safe.


Cesaro gains control of the contest and applies a spinning toe hold. Bateman tries to escape but Cesaro catches him and holds him up in the air before he delivers a power gut wrench suplex. Cesaro tries to apply another spinning toe hold but Bateman uses the momentum to spin out of it which sends Cesaro up and over. Bateman follows up with a hip toss, back body drop and a flap jack for a two count. Cesaro trips Bateman down, grabs a hold of his legs and spins him around and around and around and finally lets him go. Bateman is dizzy while Cesaro is perfectly fine and measures Bateman for a clothesline. Cesaro charges in but Bateman falls down while holding rope and Cesaro hit the floor. Bateman shakes out the cobwebs and connects with a tope dive and both men are down. Bateman gets up first and throws Cesaro back in the ring. Bateman misses a cross body from the top rope and Cesaro follows up with Neutralizer for the victory.


Winner: Anronio Cesaro

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