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Report: WWE issues casting for new WWE Divas

Reported by Adam Martin of reports that WWE issued a “casting breakdown” seeing women to apply to become WWE Divas. The breakdown stated that WWE was looking for women aged 18-30 with “charismatic personalities, beautiful faces and great bodies.” No in-ring requirements were mentioned and a description for the position noted that WWE Divas gain a huge fan base, travel the world and appear on television in 600 million homes worldwide.

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  1. James says:

    Huge fan base huh?

  2. -J- says:

    because that method has worked out so well in the past. -_-

  3. dave says:

    American and British culture (recently) is shallow and materialistic in the main. Fact 1: most male fans (IWC excluded) will respond to Kelly Kelly more than they would a less attractive but more talented female. So-called ‘smart’ fans of wrestling who have a good memory of the industry, who enjoy indie shows and performers are the vocal minority. If it were to the contrary then RoH would sell out MSG with ease.

    My point is, if a female wrestler working the indys is talented enough they can succeed but as bad as it is: WWE will actively seek beautiful women like any other entertainment company does. Deal with it, if not, go support your local female wrestlers instead of pretending to be noble.

  4. dave says:

    I’m just pre-empting the barrage of nice sentiment comments about vanity, etc. I’m not being an ass for the fun of it.

    On a side note: who can name good female wrestlers who doesn’t fit the description outlined by the WWE in the OP?

    I guess the definition or embodiment of beauty differs from one person to the next.

  5. Prince Dann says:

    This makes me rage.

    As a huge huge fan of women’s wrestling, (i even intend to write a monthly article on it for this very site), it saddens me to see things like this. It tramples the legacy of WWE female greats.. Lita, Victoria, Melina, Jazz, Molly etc.

    Thank god we have shimmer.. WSU and TNA.

    Would anyone actually read a monthly women’s wrestling column?

  6. Kerry says:

    So basically, they’re looking for an actress or a model.

  7. Fisha695 says:

    Ms Elizabeth, Sable, Sunny, Trish Stratus, Tori, & Terri Runnels were some of the most popular/loved women in the sport and they were all pretty much “Model Types” with no prior wrestling experience when they got started.

  8. Captain Ass says:

    @James – So over 12 million people isn’t a large fan base? What in your tiny mind would be a large fan base?

  9. WWE just can’t look on the Indies?

  10. Drew says:

    “No in-ring requirements were mentioned”
    Iron Sheik would say that is ****in’ bull****

  11. Snow says:

    So they are looking for a bimbo basically? One who can “entertain” with her looks instead of actually being able to wrestle.

  12. Steve says:

    It seems like they are just looking for another Kelly Kelly replacement.

  13. Jamie says:

    A nice way to bring “heat” on those women who are not real wrestlers.

  14. thelooper says:

    Don’t they do this with men wrestlers too? There a lot of famous male wrestlers who were sought out because of their physical attriubutes. I don’t see the big deal. They are still signing women from indies. They are looking for fresh meat not talented wrestlers. This doesn’t mean they won’t sign other women to developmental or wwe contracts.

  15. TL says:

    Interesting how they had to add in gaining a huge fan base. So a lot of women that respond to the call will just be looking for fame and couldn’t care less about wrestling.

  16. James says:

    Sure, 12 million people going to the bathroom to take a piss while they’re on television.

  17. Mr Beard says:

    @Dave, I’m not sure how good they are, but at least the following are in the Indys:

    Lizzy Valentine is pretty hot
    Allison Danger isn’t too bad
    Mia Yim has her cute moments

    If they sign from the independents, then others will join and could pave the way. There have been some hot ones that were in, but I’m not sure if they are still around, like Jade Chung and Alere Little Feather.

  18. KiLLewskitt says:

    They never pay attn. to Shimmer, Sparkle, Shine, WSU, WXW, ACW, etc..?? Damn shame. Hell.. with “requirements” they’re looking for, they might as well hire porn stars. At least they would have the “acting” & “looks” taken care of. smh, oh the humanity. What REAL women’s wrestling fans have to endure as syndicated televised pro wrestling.

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