10/20 “Rock of Jericho” with Shannon Larkin recap

Oct 25, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

from Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only
wanna read the Shannon Larkin segments,
they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:03 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says Shannon Larkin: http://twitter.com/godsmack_music of Godsmack will be on later. He says Shannon’s 1 of the most entertaining & prolific drummers you’ll ever see in your lives, says for the last 6 weeks he’s been with him on Uproar to where he’s got a whole new respect for him & says he’ll be on later.

Jericho says Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover will be on next week, says he’ll kick it off with the 1st couple of Drover songs you’ve ever heard from the CD “United Abominations”: http://tinyurl.com/8uotvcf & says it’s the 1-2 punch with
“Sleepwalker”. He says the rock starts now
& says to crank it up.

2.Plays Megadeth’s “Sleepwalker” &
“Washington Is Next”.

3.Jericho says “Washington Is Next” has the ever political lyrics of Dave Mustaine that’s from “United Abominations”, says it’s the 1st CD that Drover ever played on & again says he’ll be on the show next week & calls him a fellow Canadian. He says in the last couple of days he discovered that Shawn’s a
complete & crazy metal nerd who knows more about Canadian metal & all metal, says that both will have a great
conversation next week & again says Shannon will be on later to where both will also have a great conversation. He says Mustaine’s political lyrics is always getting into hot water due to him claiming that Obama set up the [7/20 Aurora] Colorado theater Batman [“The Dark Knight Rises”] shootings: http://tinyurl.com/clen4ad as a way to get gun control into Congress.

Jericho says he himself ain’t much of a political guy but feels that’s ridiculous & says that Dave’s always outspoken to where
he’ll sometimes “shoot himself” in the foot with his statements. He says the 1 thing you
can assure of is that he makes amazing music to where he’s an unbelievable guitarist, says there’ll probably be a new Megadeth CD in the works soon & again says Shannon will be on later. He says to stick around because the rock starts now, says he’ll return with some Tremonti & Van Halen [VH] & then takes a break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show, says that before the break he said he’ll play some Tremonti & asks on what kind of Tremonti that’ll be. He says
Mark Tremonti’s a prolific player from Alter
Bridge & Creed, says that Mark just released his solo CD [“All I Was”]:
http://tinyurl.com/99rq284 that was a big hit which was the top 30 on the charts & says the interesting thing about that, is that
Mark’s touring with Slash. He says that both share singers with regarding to Myles
Kennedy being in Slash & Alter Bridge, again says both Mark & Slash are touring
their solo projects together & wonders if
they’re sharing a girlfriend.

Jericho asks if Mark gets jealous when Slash
treats Myles better or if Slash has control
issues when Mark’s around to where he
wants Myles sitting in his side of the room.
He says the funny thing about this is that
the bassist in Mark’s band is Wolfgang Van
Halen, says that Eddie’s son is now in Mark’s band & feels the reason’s that they’re friends. He says he remembers reading reports to where “A Different Kind Of Truth” CD: http://tinyurl.com/9fvb35b was being circulated before being released
with [David Lee] Roth on vocals, is when
Mark was the 1 that made lots of comments & says it’s because Mark & Wolfgang are friends.

Jericho says that VH’s in a state of limbo,
asks if their either on or off & if we’re ever
gonna see them again & says he don’t know. He says he hasn’t heard much about
it because after they toured, they cancelled
the last couple of months of the tour & says
he hasn’t heard anything about it since. He
says now Wolfgang instead of sitting around & letting the grass grow, has now
joined Mark’s band to where it’s cool & says
he’d like to see on how Wolfgang plays those songs since he was an amazing edition to VH. He says he thought that
Wolfgang’s bass playing was great to where
his groove & pocket was killer & says he’ll see on how he is in Mark’s band.

Jericho says until we see Wolfgang in Mark’s band he’ll now play something by
Mark & Wolfgang with “Leave It Alone” &
from “A Different Kind Of Truth”, he’ll play
“Blood & Fire”.

4.Plays Tremonti’s “Leave It Alone”, Van
Halen’s “Blood & Fire” & Foxy Shazam’s
“Welcome To The Church Of Rock & Roll”.

5.Jericho says he’s your pastor of disaster,
says that term wasn’t bad because he came
up with it on the spot to where it was cool & says all those years at the “growlings”
paid off. He then stumbles on saying Foxy
Shazam until he says it properly, then asks to say that name 3 times fast & he himself
does say it 3 times fast. He says they’re the
band that did “Welcome To The Church Of Rock & Roll”, then again stumbles by saying Foxy Shazam to where he says he’ll never say it right & says to imagine him saying it
when he’s drunk. He says that Foxy Shazam
was a character in “Austin Powers” played by Beyonce [NOTE FROM JEFF:the character’s called Foxxy Cleopatra & it’s in the movie “Austin Powers In Goldmember”]:
http://tinyurl.com/8cqjjlc .

Anyhow Jericho says there’s no girls in Foxy, then says he’ll call the band Foxy for
now on & calls them a cool band that opens
for Slash. He says that’s what brought them
to his attention which had him wanted to
play something by them, says that “Blood &
Fire” is by VH that had Wolfgang on bass to
where he again says is in Mark’s band & says as usual, everything always ties together on the show. He says the show’s self-sufficient in regards to making sense, then says except for himself because he never makes sense & says what does make
sense is your requests to where he says
“excellent segway”. He then accidently says
to send them at xmrockofjericho.

Jericho then corrects himself by saying to send them at
http://twitter.com/rockofjerichoxm , then
says he’ll check to clarify it because it’s early
in the morning when taping the show & says he’ll now go on his iPhone to where he
says to send it on rockofjerichoxm. He says
he’s got 3 Twitter accounts to where he says not to get on his s**t if he gets them
wrong sometimes, again plugs his Twitter to send requests to where he’ll play them &
mentions http://twitter.com/f6 , to where he says he’s starting to get to know lots of
them because they send requests all the time. He says he either has argent fans who
send weekly requests or there’s really 5 of
these fans out there.

Jericho says F6’s from Australia wanted to
hear Fear Factory with Burton C. Bell & Dino Cazares having the crazy new CD “The Industrialist”: http://tinyurl.com/9kocmux ,
says he’s not sure if F6’s either a he or she
wanted to hear “New Messiah” & says he’ll
play it now.

6.Plays Fear Factory’s “New Messiah”, Fozzy
& M. Shadows’ “Sandpaper”.

7.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/sarah5962 wanted to hear “Sandpaper” that has M. Shadows who’s from Avenged Sevenfold [AS], says the band’s new song’s called “Carry On” & says he’s got a request to play it later. He says it’s very high on the charts to where it
reminds him of Helloween, says that anyone
who knows anything on him & Shadows’
friendship knows that it was struck & says it’s because both found out that they were
huge Helloween fans. He says they’re a German power metal band to the point that
both got matching Helloween pumpkin
tattoos & admits their “bromance” has started.

Jericho says the “Sandpaper” video’s on Youtube, says to Google “Sandpaper” & Fozzy [or just go on here to see it]:
http://tinyurl.com/8sk5z9d & says if you like
the movie “Evil Dead”: http://tinyurl.com/9mr7v5g , you’ll love
“Sandpaper” to where it’s a direct homage
to the amazing movie. He says it’s at the
point of having the same effects of being
attacked & killed by the weeds, says the
camera point of view running to the forest
to where it’s well done stuff & says Shadows’ in it. He says if you’re in a watching mode to go view the video now,
says he’ll wait & asks if you’ve gone to watch it.

Jericho then says to see it later after the show because he don’t want you to miss
anything, says he don’t want to miss this
break & says he’ll play more requests to
where he again says Shannon will be on later.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, says that he earlier
mentioned “Carry On” to where he missed the next page that he’s seeing now & says http://twitter.com/mizfitkrista to where he spells it as the wrestler, The Miz: http://tinyurl.com/cs2bf37 , wanted to hear
some AS. He says a couple of weeks ago Fozzy played at LA’s The Roxy to where
Shadows & Miz was there, says that
everything ties in to where it’s organic with
lots of kismet & happenstance occuring on
the show & says “Carry On” is a song that AS did for “Call Of Doody”. He then sees that he said “doody” & says it’s in the new
“Call Of Duty” video game [“Black Ops II”]:
http://tinyurl.com/956na9n .

Jericho says if you remember when
Synyster Gates was on the show:
http://tinyurl.com/9gqc3bc he mentioned that 1 of his favorite solos was on the song
they just did, which he didn’t wanna mentioned & says he had Jericho & his crack
producer, Steven, go back thru the interview to see that nothing was mentioned. He says he don’t think Synyster
said anything but felt that he kept it under
wraps, says this was the song he was talking
about for those of you that remembered &
again says it’s “Carry On” to where he again
says it’s from the videogame. He says it’s a
bridge for their next CD that they’re writing
now. He says until that comes out he’ll now
play the song that mizfitkrista requested.

8.Plays Avenged Sevenfold’s “Carry On” &
Axewound’s “Vultures”.

9.Jericho says
http://twitter.com/ryanthedrummer is
another frequent customer, says he should give out customer request cards to where
ryanthedrummer would be a “gold” member & says he wanted to hear
“Vultures”. He says to guest on who it has on there, says it’s Synyster on guitar who’s
also on “Carry On” & says if you remember
Matt Tuck was on the show:
http://tinyurl.com/bqg63y7 , he debuted
Axewound on his show. He says that’s the
type of coverage & clout that the show has,
says that people are coming to him to play
their songs & calls Axewound an amazing &
super heavy band.

Jericho says if you like that style you should
check out “Vultures” on iTunes:
http://tinyurl.com/9ozb58a as well as
“Carry On”: http://tinyurl.com/9gj9lhq , says
if you like both of them you should buy them & says not to download them, or he’ll
come over & beat you up with no mercy
above the face & upper torso. He again plugs his Twitter, then plugs
http://twitter.com/fozzyrock &
http://twitter.com/iamjericho & says to just
send requests at rockofjerichoxm. He says
he’s starting a new feature this week because sometimes when putting together a showlist, there’s lots of news & other things occuring.

Jericho says that sometimes there’s not a lot occuring in regards to ideas on what to
play, says he likes playing things for a
reason & says he started his “Jericho’s iPod Feature” segment. He says he’s written a jingle for it to where he makes musical noises & ends with “Jericho’s iPod”, says in
this feature he’ll hit shuffle on his iPod & press play & says whatever comes up, that’s
what he’ll play. He says unless it’s something weird like Nicki Minaj, says he
does have some of her stuff on there that’s
catchy & says he’s on his iPod that shows
Quiet Riot’s “Don’t Wanna Let You Go” that’s from “Metal Health”: http://tinyurl.com/9aaykel .

Jericho says it’s an obscure track from it,
says it’s got bassist Rudy Sarzo who’s a ROJ alumni: http://tinyurl.com/7pns34x to where he’s an amazing person & guy & says after that song, he’ll play Damn Yankees’ “15 Minutes Of Fame” that has the
famous Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw & Jack
Blades combo from the early 90s. He says he
wishes they would’ve put out a 3rd CD, says
there has always been talks about it but hasn’t seen it yet & says until then, he’ll now play “Don’t Wanna Let You Go” from

10.Plays Quiet Riot’s “Don’t Wanna Let You
Go”, Damn Yankees’ “15 Minutes Of Fame” & Helloween’s “Where The Sinners Go”.

11.Jericho says “Where The Sinners Go” is
from the “7 Sinners” CD:
http://tinyurl.com/8ufdkn8 , says he’s talked
lots about Helloween to where he’s got their pumpkin on his forearm for the rest of
time & says it means something to him. He
says to you it’s just a pumpkin but to him it’s Helloween, says it’s the 3rd song on his
iPod & asks on what did you think. He says
he’ll continue doing his “Jericho’s iPod”
segment from time to time if for no other
reason, just to hear the jingle to where he
again makes musical noises & says
“Jericho’s iPod”. He says he’ll return with more of the show to where he’ll talk about
Metal Blade’s 30th anniversary & again says
Shannon will be on later to where he takes
another break.

After the break Jericho says his show’s on XM 164 Sixx Sense radio, says kudos to Nikki Sixx for being on last weeks 1 year anniversary show & asks on how cool was
that. He says this weeks show’s #53 to where it’s hard believing that he’s been with you for a year, thanks fans for this &
again plugs his Twitter for more requests. He says another early guest was Brian Slagel who was on the show & is the head
of Metal Blade Records, calls him 1 of the
heavy metal pioneers that’s sent him an
invitation last week to see if he’ll appear at
their 30th annivesary & says he won’t be able to make it due to being with Fozzy in Europe.

Jericho says he’ll be with Metal Blade in spirit, says he asked on who’ll be playing there & says he’s not sure if he can say who’s playing at the show, but says that Brian told him on who they are. He says 1 of
the bands that may or may not be playing’s Armored Saint who’s an early favorite of his, says if you either ask Brian, Lars [Ulrich]
or James [Hetfield] that in the early 80s they all thought that Armored Saint was gonna be the band that would be huge & says it wasn’t Metallica or Megadeth. He says as fate can do sometimes things didn’t work out to where guitarist Dave Prichard died in ’89 & says John [Bush] joined Anthrax to where the rest is metal history.

Jericho says they’ve reunited now that John’s returned to Armored Saint & says if they do play at the 30th anniversary, it’ll be 11/30 at W.Hollywood, CA’s House Of Blues. He says to Google & buy tickets for it: http://tinyurl.com/98eabxy , says he’s sure
they’ll be some cool & special guests & again says Armored Saint may or may not
be there. He says if they are there they’ll
probably play this song which’s the title
track to their ’90 “Opus” [NOTE FROM JEFF:
I think he meant to say their ’91 “Symbol Of
Salvation”]: http://tinyurl.com/9lrwzoz .

12.Plays Armored Saint’s “Symbol Of
Salvation” & Lizzy Borden’s “Psychopath”.

13.Jericho says Lizzy Borden’s the name of the band & guy who’s the lead singer on
“Psychopath”, calls the song amazing & says
he used to dig him to where in the mid 80s they were almost overlooked. He says they were too heavy to be pop & too pop to be heavy, says they’ve made lots of great CDs & says “Psychopath” is from “Love You To Pieces”: http://tinyurl.com/9clmc9x . He says
it had an awesome cover of a real hot chick in a bed & wearing the typical early 80s metal “regailia” of a bustier & garder belt, says behind the cracked mirror you see her standing with an ax & says the Lizzy Borden name came from a early 1900s/late 1800s woman [Lizzie Borden] :
http://tinyurl.com/qf5jr .

Jericho says she was a daughter that murdered her family with an ax & says
there’s a bit of a nursery rhyme that goes like:

“Lizzie Borden took an axe & gave her mother 40 whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father 41”.

Jericho says that’s something you can teach your kids to where it’s fun for the whole family, says that he’s been flirting to have Lizzy on the show for almost 1 year & says 1
of these days he’ll be on to where they’ll talk about stories from that time frame. He calls Lizzy an amazing singer & good songwriter, says an amazing drummer
who’s 1 of his favorites & is a huge fan of his & says Shannon’s coming up next to where he takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome back to the show, says on the phone is 1 of the best live drummers you’ll ever see in your lives & says for the last 6 weeks he’s been him while watching him nightly & being amazed at his playing technique. He says it’s Shannon to where he asks him on how he’s doing, Shannon says he’s doing great & says thanks for the kind words & letting him be on the show. Jericho says it’s really cool, says the 1 thing that he’s heard the whole time from others before he did Uproar, was that “ah man Godsmack, you gotta see Shannon, you gotta see Shannon”
& says he’s had Whitfield Crane on the show: http://tinyurl.com/8m7paxd .

Jericho says that Whitfield said “oh, tell Shannon I said hi, he’s so cool, he’s so rad”. He says you go into it with a good attitude to where he actually met & watched Shannon, says that everything he’s heard was true & says it was cool meeting him while hanging out too. Shannon says it was cool seeing Fozzy because he had no idea on what to expect, says he was surprised with the radness & Jericho says it was the radness of the whole thing to where it was cool. He says it was a great tour that went by fast, says he’s sure that Godsmack’s done
tours like that & says for Fozzy, it was to where everyone jelled so well & it was drama free.

Jericho asked Shannon on how Uproar was for him, Shannon says they’ve done tours like that & agrees that the recent 1 was extra drama free & special. He says there wasn’t any attitudes at all, says that all the bands he met were cool & says it was something special to them. He says they talked about it before doing the tour, Jericho says it was a cool vibe to where he likes seeing those type of tours & says he knows Godsmack’s done UK festivals like Fozzy. He says it was cool seeing the UK vibe
in the States to where fans came early, says that 1/2 of the fans would be there at 1 PM & says all day long, they checked out all the bands.

Jericho says it’s why he loves Uproar & Mayhem because you’re getting a chance of
having a festival vibe to where the States is missing that before Uproar & Mayhem came along, says it’s a different world there
besides going into an arena & seeing 2 or 3 bands & Shannon agrees. He says the thing about Europe’s that they’ve done these festivals for years to where it’s down to an art, says they’re not traveling festivals but stationary festivals to where fans travel to come to & says it’s more different in America then having a traveling 1. He says the best thing about Uproar & Mayhem festivals is that they’re rock festivals & says he likes the kinds that Europe & others that mixes genres.

Shannon calls Mayhem a metal festival that he loves, Jericho says Mayhem’s the metal festival & Uproar’s like the active rock radio
festival, says that every band on Uproar had
a song on the charts which’s cool & says you
get the greatness from both of them to where Shannon agrees. He says while he was doing press for Uproar by saying that the fans were getting their moneys worth with hits being played by hit after hit, then says “getting left, right, left til your toothless” & says you’ll say “damn, they were ruthless”. Jericho says the thing about
this that was interesting is that Godsmack did something different that caught his eye to where he loved it.

Jericho says in the middle of all the hits they do which’s much like Shinedown is that there was either 3 or 4 top 10 or 20 songs that they couldn’t fit onto the set & says it’s because they only had 45 minutes to 1 hour of doing so. He says they had a real cool part towards the end of the show to where Shannon & Sully [Erna] who’s usually the singer were doing kind of a drum off, asked on what was the mindset on doing that while knowing they had a short bit of time to play & Shannon says they always considered the drum solo as the highlight of their set. He says Sully’s played drums for 30 years by the time he met him.

Shannon says that Sully started younger then he was & says that Sully’s a drummer
at heart to where he’s played at lots of
bands. He says Sully opened for Shannon’s 1st band, Wrathchild to where that’s how they met & says that band would play at clubs up & down the east coast to where
Sully used to play for the band Lexx Luthor in the Carolinas. He says Lexx Luthor got to open for Wrathchild in The Attic or somewhere like that, says after he & Sully
met they clicked & says fast forward 30 years later to when Shannon joined Godsmack, Sully had his drum kit set up in the rehearsal room. He says it’s when he himself got the gig & flew his drum set in.

Shannon says there’s now 2 drummers with
2 drum sets set up in the middle of the room & wondered on what’ll happen. He says both of them would jam against each other like the way it is, says that he laid down that groove to where it’s a tripy, hypnotic kind of beat that he repeats & says
Sully was soloing over it. He says the idea of
the exploded foam to where it’s stayed the same for years but with minor differences, says they still love it to this day & says they
look forward to it nightly. He says Jericho knows that you’d get into this thing to where you’re nightly playing the same songs, especially with the show’s programs & lights to where you can’t go off the mark during the show.

Shannon says the drum solo gives them an opportunity to be different nightly. He says they never play the same way twice, says it’s
why they love it so much because it gives them something & Jericho says it’s cool. He says it’s not just the drum soloing to where the others like Tony [Rombola] & Robbie [Merrill] play along, says they do their solos
to where they trade back & forth & says they do a greatest hits with “Back In Black”,
“Walk This Way” & “Creeping Death” is in it.
He says it gets fans involved because Shannon knows that there’re fans that’s been drinking all day & have been in the sun, says it soon becomes dark to where it’s
like “oh, I know that song dude, that’s ‘Back
In Black'”.

Jericho says it gives fans a bit of an extra energy jilt too which’s always good. Shannon says it gives the band some
energy too, Jericho agrees & Shannon says they put it at the end of the set. He says for those that haven’t seen them they’re all business for the 1st 6 songs, says that Sully don’t say anything to fans & says they go
“BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG”. He says it’ll be
7 songs during the set before Sully does
talk to fans, says after that they lighten the show up because they’re a heavy metal hard drive band & says they have what they
feel is tough, sounding music. He says by the time this happens they’re smiling to where them & the fans become friendly.

Jericho says it’s when they open up a bit & says Shannon mentions all the energy &
stuff like that. He says that their playing style’s so entertaining to where they’re fun to watch as a drummer, asks on where did it come from as far as how he developed
the style & says it’s not just as a great audio
drummer, but a visual drummer too.
Shannon says visually when he started playing all of his idols were singers & lead
guitarists, says his ears were drawn to the
drums & says the 1st CD his older sister
gave him was Rush’s “Hemispheres”:
http://tinyurl.com/9bajlwf to where the drums spoke to him.

Shannon says after he wore that CD out his
sister gave him “Led Zepplin II”:
http://tinyurl.com/9mesz4m , says the drums didn’t speak to him but just punched
him in the mouth as if it says “now I’m gonna play drums” & says his favorite artist
is Angus Young. He says at the time Phil
Rudd who was 1 of the best drummers of all
time, says that drummers pretty much sat &
played to where they were more to be heard then seen & says his whole thing was
that “well I wanna be like Angus Young on
the drums”. He says that was where the
visual idea started & says when he played
basketball at 8, he broke his collar bone to
where at the time you were put in a body

Shannon says his wrist still stuck out to where he can still use it & play drums, says
after he got the cast off is when if you wanna play with the cast on, he had to lower his “snear” & then corrects himself by
saying he had to raise his “snear” & lower
his high hat while putting his left hand over
his right. He says he knows this’ll sound so
technical to fans, says when getting the cast
off he was used to playing his left hand over
his right & says by playing for many years in
the natural way of doing it, is with your right hand over your left. He says to return
from the the left over the right to the right
over the left, he had to cross his arms due to not missing a beat on the high hat.

Shannon says he had to get from over &
under to under & over without missing a
beat on the high hat, says to do this he had to swing his arm kinda wildly to where he
thought “wow, that looks cool” & says by the time he did his “swinging arms”
procedure, he looked like “Animal” from The Muppets: http://tinyurl.com/yvs32j .
Jericho says lots of drummers don’t do that,
says that you’d get a select few & says by
watching him do that off the bat is where he couldn’t take his eyes off the drummer.
He says by looking at the other band members such as Tony to where they move
but not a lot & says Shannon takes up the
slack of it.

Jericho says Shannon becomes 1 of the
centerpieces of the band to where it’s cool,
Shannon says he loves it & says to this day
it’s his best thing. He says when fans
compliment him by saying “God, I love
watching you play drums” is where he replys by saying he still loves hitting them,
says it seems like it’s getting easier for him
due to him getting older & says he can pick
his moments. He says you wanna come out
far but don’t wanna blow your load into the
1st song, says he’s feeling on picking his
moments to where it helps him as he ages & Jericho asks him on what’s his favorite
songs to play live today. Shannon says his
favorite’s “Forever Shamed”.

Shannon says they didn’t do it on this tour,
says they did it on Mayhem due to it being a heavier metal tour & says this was the rock radio tour to where they did rock radio hits. He says the song’s got a 1/2 time
tempo in the verse that he loves, says he’s
got double bass parts in it & says it’s his fun
song to play. He says he can chill off a lot
during the instrumental part on it which they did play on Mayhem, says it was the 7
minute instrumental & says he can go on
that 1 too because he loves playing it. He says “Cryin’ Like A Bitch” is still fun to play
to where it’s got a great groove to it, says it
makes him bob his head up & down & Jericho says he’ll play “Forever Shamed”.

Jericho says Shannon didn’t play it on
Uproar, says he hasn’t heard it in a while &
says he’ll now play the song.

14.Plays Godsmack’s “Forever Shamed”.

15.Jericho says “Forever Shamed” is a heavy
tune, says he sees Shannon having fun with
it & Shannon says he loves it. He says the
band does too, says it’s hard for Sully to sing to where there’s not much time to breathe in it & Jericho calls it a good 1. He
says Shannon’s been in Godsmack for 10
years to where his career’s very prolific from before it, says that he’s been lots of
great bands to where they didn’t get the
credit they deserved & says 1 of the biggest
ones was Wrathchild/Wrathchild America/Souls At Zero. He asks on why
Wrathchild changed their name to Wrathchild America & Shannon says they cut their teeth up & down California for 7 years in a van.

Shannon says they had a killer Dodge van
called “The Skowl” to where it had lots of
history, says he wishes he could’ve bronzed
it & put it on his house’s roof & says they
made their name in clubs. He says they’d sell out from Hammerjacks to L’amour’s in
Brooklyn, New York, says by the time they
got signed by Atlantic Records’ Jason Flom
the company wouldn’t go to war vs a UK
indy band called Wrathchild & says they were on Cheeseburger Records to where he
asked Atlantic “dudes, go bury these guys”.
He says they were not only a band that had
their name but they were glam too to where they wore Kiss boots & Jericho says he remembers their CD “Stakk Attakk”: http://tinyurl.com/8b4pxne .

Shannon says they were the opposite of who his band because he & his band wore
tshirts, long hair & headbangs, says they were forced to change the name to
Wrathchild America & says Wrathchild UK’s
lawyers said that the “A” in America has to
be as big as the “W” in Wrathchild. He says
they hated this from day 1 but was stuck with it because they were on a major label,
says they did 2 CD’s as Wrathchild America
& says as they were dropped from Atlantic,
they had the same 4 guys for 12 years. He says it was his 1st band ever when meeting
guitarist Terry [Carter] when he was young,
says they stuck together & says they signed
a deal with Energy Records’ Eric Masters.

Shannon says that’s an indy company but
they had worldwide distribution, says it had
the same 4 guys in the band & says they did
a few CDs on that label. He says it didn’t happen for them for whatever the reason,
says he still listens to the CDs to where they’re heavy & loves them & says it didn’t
happen. He says 1 night he met Whitfield to
where Souls At Zero was touring, says they
moved up from “The Skowl” to an RV & says
they opened for Jake E. Lee in Bail, Colorado. He says there was 6 feet of snow
in a little ski town in that area & again says they opened for Jake who didn’t even meet
them or say hi because he was a “rock star”

Shannon says the club owner came to them
& said “yeah you know, Whitfield Crane from Ugly Kid Joe’s [UKJ] here & wants to sing a song with you guys, do you know AC/DC?”. He says their response was “yeah, tell him to name any AC/DC song”, says they
came to the city & says as Jake walked on stage he again says Jake didn’t meet them before the show. He says it wasn’t even the encore of the last song on the set due to opening for Jake, says that “yeah we’re going bring up Whitfield Crane from UKJ & says Whitfield walks on stage & back to Shannon on drums. At this point Shannon’s
phone reception has static but says after the show, they’re on the RV & “tripping balls”.

Shannon says on the way home from the
show which was the last show on the tour,
he told the band “yeah guys, I think I’m gonna go & audition for Ugly Kid Joe” & says to keep in mind that at this point
they’ve been together for 12 to 13 years. He
says the band took it OK, Jericho asks on what CD was that for with UKJ & Shannon says they did “Menace To Sobriety”: http://tinyurl.com/8ux3xqz . He says they had a stigma to where they wrote the song
“Everything About You” just to make fun of LA’s Pretty Boy Floyd, says that the UKJ name came from them & says they wrote the glammy sounding song to where the Murphy’s Laws of life or whatever.

Shannon says that’s the song that went to
make themselves do “Everything About You”, says by the time he joined the band
Whitfield refused to sing the song because
he hated it to where Whitfield’s response was “it turned our band into a joke” & says
when they made “Menace To Sobriety”, they went in & said “let’s make this heavy,
killer metal record & “F” everybody”. He
says the next CD was “Motel California”:
http://tinyurl.com/9ko3epm that he still loves too, says they reunited after 17 years
last year to where they released “Stairway To Hell” that’s a 6 song EP & says it’s on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/9l8eofq . He says he just returned last night from LA after doing the video for it.

Shannon says to go on Youtube to see the
“Devil’s Paradise” video:
http://tinyurl.com/994bkdj which was the
1st 1 they made, says the famous Hatchet
Brothers in Lake Tahoe used to film snow
boarders & says they made the 1st snow
board film that showed all these guys
jumping from helicopters:
www.standardfilms.com . He says in the
snow board world they made “Devil’s
Paradise for them, says last night they did a
new song called “I’m Alright” & says that’s
on “Stairway To Hell”. He thanks Jericho for
letting him plug the CD because he loves the band because they’re his brothers &
Jericho agrees.

Jericho asks Shannon if he’s still technically
in UKJ when he’s not with Godsmack & if he’s doing double duty, Shannon says yes &
Jericho says that’s cool. Shannon says if he can’t tour then they have fill-in drummers, says they just did 17 countries in Europe & says Godsmack was in Europe at the time to
where they had shows together. He says unfortunately their singer in a rare thing to
where Sully lost his voice after a couple of shows, says they had to return home to where he thought “damn, I could’ve been out” & says they finished that tour with another drummer. He says they’ll return to tour with Alice Cooper in the UK.

Shannon says there’s probably a different
drummer playing for them, says that all the
drummers know that he’s the drummer in
UKJ & says when he can’t do it, someone’s gotta fill in his shoes. Jericho says he don’t know if Shannon knows this funny story but
says the 1st gig they did in 17 years was when Fozzy played with them in London’s Underworld. He says Fozzy was there to where he saw that show, Shannon says
“rad” & Jericho says it was Fozzy & UKJ at the Underworld. He says he was looking & asks “is Shannon here?”, says there was a girl playing drums at the time who was from Israel & says he was told they had someone else after that.

Jericho says it was cool seeing that after all this time, Shannon says it’s fun with great
musicianship & says they’ve got Sonny Mayo who filled for Dave Fortman. He says
Sonny’s played with Amen, Snot & Sevendust, calls Sonny the man that can play anything & calls him an energy ball on
stage. He says it’s unbelievable to where he
can’t wait to see the video, says that Dave
couldn’t do it & calls Dave the original
guitarist in the band who later went to fame as a record producer. With some phone static Shannon said something about
Dave having on the 1st couple of CDs to where it put him on the map & says Dave did Slipknot & Godsmack’s last album.

Shannon says it’s why Dave’s not in the band now due to having a day job like
Shannon does, Jericho says it’s cool & says
it’s great seeing UKJ back again. He says he’ll play “I’m Alright” from “Stairway To
Hell” that’s on iTunes & says he’s got a copy

16.Plays Ugly Kid Joe’s “I’m Alright”.

17.Jericho says “I’m Alright” had a great riff,
says to where it was a cool show seeing them & asks Shannon if he’s played gigs with them since they reunited. Shannon says yes to where he did shows with them in Brazil, says he flew back from Sao Paulo to where he returned to Miami at 6:30 AM
& says he sat at the airport till 10:30 AM to
where his connecting flight was to Kansas
City the day before Uproar. Jericho says
Shannon went straight from there to Uproar, Shannon says he did it with no sleep & says he had to do rehearsal that
night. He says he went from Sao Paulo in the morning & says at that night, he rehearsed on stage in Kansas City.

Jericho says the reason why he mentioned it was that Fozzy played with them at Underworld & Download, says the thing that blew him away was when they did
“Cats In The Cradle” the fans sang the whole song by themselves & says it was only
the crowd that sang it. He says it was a cool
moment to where even though it was a cover song, the fans still connected with it &
sang the whole song to where it was cool.
Shannon says it was a big hit, says the lyric’s sung from the heart to where the son
& dad had a weird relationship & says it’s
not his place to explain, but feels that it’s
enough. He says as the guy sings the song he does it so well.

Shannon says the guy has a beautiful voice
too, says he’ll now show his wimpy side to
where Brazilians are like that to where they
sing along too & says sometimes fans sings
the whole song to where you’ll hear it over
the PA & it’s amazing. He says they only played 1,000 seats or whatever, says that
every time they do “Cats In The Cradle”
there’s a line in it to where he forgets what
it says & says he gets tears in his eyes on
stage to where it’s weird. Jericho says there’s a story about the 1 night that
Shannon was Black Sabbath’s drummer,
asks him to talk about it because it’s cool &
Shannon says it was cool to where Whitfield
was involved.

Shannon says it’s because Whitfield dragged Robert Trujillo out when at the time was Ozzy’s [Osbourne] bassist, says it’s
when he just joined Ozzy & says he brought
him out to see this rockabilly band that was
in LA’s LA Gators. He says they were tearing
around to where their singer ended up dying, says he plays rockabilly too & says the rockabilly’s not even like what speciality
it is with all of his metal s**t or whatever. He says Robert loved on what he played
enough to where it came time when Faith No More’s [Mike] Bordin was playing in the
Ozzy/Sabbath tour & says there’s always 1 or 2 situations on the tour to where Ozzy
will blow his voice out & will reschedule.

Shannon says they had to do reschedule quickly because in Columbus, Ohio is where Ozzy’s voice blew out, says it was like 1 hour
before he was gonna be on stage & says that Ozzy said “I can’t sing”. He says fans started rioting & lighting s**t on fire, says that the announcement had to be made immediately & says when they did that, Mike Bordin said “well I gotta back out with
Faith No More, I can’t do it”. He says that’s how he himself got in due to Robert called Sharon [Osbourne] to say “this kid can do it”, says there’s a couple of funny stories about this which’s that when Tony Iommi sees Shannon is where he himself for sure has the Ozzy gig.

Shannon says when Tony saw him, he feels that he looks so young to where Tony said
“he can’t do it, call Bobby Rondinelli & get him”. He says Trujillo came to him & said
“dude, he thinks you’re too young & you’re not experienced & he’s gonna try to get Bobby”, says that he’s got nothing against
Bobby but says he wanted this Sabbath thing more then the Ozzy thing & says Trujillo told him “go up there & say something to him, tell him you’re the man, you can do it”. He says he told him that he ain’t gonna talk to Tony, says at this point he’s scared to death & says Trujillo bashed him behind his neck while pushing him fast to Tony.

Shannon says that’s where Trujillo said
“Tony, he’s got something to say to you”, says he himself’s like “hey man, I can do this
man, I can do this, I’ll audition for you” & says they set it up on the main stage in Phoenix. He says it was at the place they just played, Jericho says it was the Amphitheater & Shannon says it was outdoors. He says the dude from Fear Factory named Ray [Raymond Herrera] let him use his drums, says that Tony & Geezer Butler came up on stage to ask what songs he wanted to play & says his response was
“Black Sabbath”. He says it was funny seeing all the bands at Ozzfest like Pantera & Marilyn Manson to where they’re all his friends.

Shannon says they’re all standing on the side of the stage & seeing him audition for Sabbath & Jericho says that’s amazing. Shannon says he got the gig, Jericho says that’s cool & Shannon says there’s another funny story about it is that he’s never been on a Learjet before. He says he was put in a hotel because for 1 week he had to go out on the Ozzfest tour & sit behind Bordin, says it’s because when it comes time for him
to actually play you’re out there, going & walking to the stage & all that crap & says as he did that for a week, he didn’t hang with anyone outside of the band. He says the night before the show is where he’s at a LA hotel.

Shannon says the next morning he comes down to where the car’s gonna be waiting for him in the lobby at “such & such” time &
says as he comes down, his car’s there. He says it’s where someone gets out from it, opens the door & finds Tony in there & says
he shares a limo ride with him to the airport. He says he hasn’t met him no more
then “hey man, I can play in your band, I can
do this”, says it was cool & interesting that Tony’s a sharp, smart & somewhat funny guy to where he’s cool & says as they arrive,
they get on the Learjet & says he sees Ozzy, Tony, Geezer, Ozzy guitarist Joe Holmes, Trujillo & Sharon. He says he’s at a window seat to where the Learjet looks like a tour bus with leather seats.

Shannon says it’s really nice because it’s a plane & tells Jericho he’s sure he’s been on them to where Jericho says yes. Shannon
says it’s an unbelievably nice plane, says as they’re flying he’s thinking “here I am, I’m here, I’m flying to this show” & says as he looks out, it starts getting real hot to where
Ozzy jumps up & says “it’s F’N hot in there man”. He says Ozzy didn’t say “F’N” because
he’s not sure if he can curse on the show, Jericho says to keep it as “F’N” to where it’s
cool & Shannon says smoke’s starting to come from the air conditioning vents. He says he can see people’s faces to where Ozzy’s standing up & yelling “SHARON” & says he’s like “oh my God”.

Shannon says he just looked out the window & said “man, it’s all right, if I go down in this plane, I’ll be remembered for the rest of musical history as the dude that went down with Black Sabbath”. Jericho says as Sabbath’s drummer for sure, Shannon says they had to turn around & fly
back to LA, then landed & says there was another jet that looked like the 1 they were
on to where they switched over. He says they made it to the show & the rest’s history, Jericho says that’s so cool & says what a great experience to have for the fact
that Shannon almost died with Sabbath. He
says talking about immortalizing in rock history for sure.

Jericho says the 1 band that wasn’t immortalized is where he wanted to play a Wrathchild America song & says it’s because they didn’t get a chance to talk due
to talking about UKJ. He asked Shannon if he had to pick a Wrathchild America song that represents them, which song would he pick for fans to hear & Shannon says “3-D Man” from their 2nd CD [“3-D”]: http://tinyurl.com/csc9hjk . Jericho says that’s cool, Shannon says to him it showed every dude in the band to where at times there were changes that had a nice
uptempo & says he loved the lyrics. He says it’s a great representation of their sound, Jericho calls Wrathchild America an underated band & then plays the song.

18.Plays Wrathchild America’s “3-D Man”.

19.Jericho says he wanted to give some love
to Wrathchild America, says he had both of their CD’s to where he thought they were great & says the 1 thing that’s cool, is that Shannon persevered to where he’s not only
in 1 great band, but in 2. He says it’s cool that he’s been so prolific thruout the years, says it’s been great having him on the show
& says it’s cool to meet & talk to him. Shannon thanks him for having him on the show, tells him to call him anytime & says it’s been a pleasure to meet & tour with him. He says he loves talking music with him & says he loves the fact that Jericho’s part of the old school to where he knows everything on all things rock.

Shannon says he loves him for it, again says
thanks for having him on the show, again tells him to call him anytime & Jericho thanks him to where he appreciates it. He wishes Shannon good luck to where he hopes to see him again soon, tells him he’ll talk later & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome back to the show, again thanks Shannon & calls him a cool guy that’s soft spoken & humble who’s fun to be around & to watch. He says if you get a chance to see Godsmack
live: www.godsmack.com/events then watch
Shannon play to where he’s a madman on drums, says he earlier spoke about Metal Blade’s 30th anniversary & says that another amazing Metal Blade band that didn’t get their due was Trouble. He says when Slagel was on the show they spoke about how underated they were, says that 1
of the only conversations he’s ever had with
Dave Grohl was about Trouble & feels that they were ahead of their time.

Jericho says they had 3 great CDs which were “Psalm 9”: http://tinyurl.com/99g4oad , “The Skull”: http://tinyurl.com/9n9lvtr & “Run To The Light”: http://tinyurl.com/9rjj236 , says he liked “The Skull” the best & called Trouble a
christian band that were heavy. He says they were almost a Sabbath/Doom type thing, says if you’re in the right mood you can get into it & says as a 14 or 15 year old kid, they struck a cord with himself. He says the title track “The Skull” which was about Jesus caring the cross on Golgotha which’s also known as “The Skull”, says it was a mountain in that region that had a face of a
skull on it & says that was a history, bibical & metal lesson.

Jericho says this is the last song on this weeks show, says to check it out & crank it up & says it starts slow, but ends fast & then
plays the song.

20.Plays Trouble’s “The Skull”.

21.Jericho asks on what did you think of
“The Skull”, calls it very haunting to where if you can describe Trouble you’d think
“very haunting” & says they haunt him in his dreams at night. He says that was a great tune for a great show this week, again thanks Shannon for being on the show & thanks fans for listening. He again plugs his Twitter for you to send requests, again says Shawn Drover will be on next weeks show & says it’s the 1st time that a Megadeth member will be on the show. He says he’s excited about it, says he’s excited for you to join him again next week & says to stay hard, heavy & hungry. He says thanks, God bless you all, good night & says
he loves you to where the show ends at 7:13

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