WWE Main Event Results 10/24/12

Oct 24, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Main Event 10/24/12  Providence, RI    Color commentators are Michael Cole and The Miz


Cole opens up in the ring and introduces Miz as the former intercontinental champion. Miz replies that he should be introduced as the soon to be IC champ. They show the video packages that we have been accustom to seeing before the main event match. Ryback’s video was highlights of him destroying people while Dolph Ziggler’s video consisted of in ring highlights and various comments. Booker T said Ziggler is one of those guys that actually backs up what he says. Will Sasso (Mad TV) said Ziggler is incredible and is doing things that Shawn Michaels used to do and David Otunga he is so good at what he does.


Matt Striker interviews Ryback and asks him to respond to those who feel he hasen’t earned a WWE title shot. Ryback replies “Watch what I do to Ziggler. It’s feeding time.”


Josh Matthews interviews Dolph Ziggler and asks him for his strategy. Ziggler replies “No comment” while nervously pacing back and forth. Matthews asks for one quote and Ziggler replies in an angry tone “Get out, now” and Matthews leaves.


-Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler


The fans chant “FEED ME MORE” as Ziggler looks very intimidated. Ryback catches Ziggler trying to leave the ring and sends him flying across the ring to the opposite corner. Ziggler crawls outside to the apron and Ryback grabs him by the throat with one hand sends Ziggler up and over the hard way. Ziggler slips out to the floor and Ryback is in pursuit. Zigglers gets off two kicks to the gut and attempts a fly clothesline but Ryback catches him, sets him up for a slingshot and swings him like a baseball bat into the ringside barricade. Ryback throws Ziggler back in the ring puts him on his shoulders but Ziggler squirms out and runs back to the locker room. Ryback chases him as we go to commercial.


We are back and Ryback’s entrance music plays as Ryback carries Ziggler back to the ringside area and tosses him back in the ring for good measure. Ziggler hits two clotheslines but they have no effect and is met with a gorilla press slam off the third clothesline attempt. Ryback applies a bear hug but Ziggler elbows his way out of it and staggers to the corner. Ryback charges in shoulder first but Ziggler moves out of the way, causing Ryback to post himself. Ziggler follows up with a double ax handle off the top rope but Ryback is only slightly staggered. Ziggler lands a pin point drop kick to the head and tries to follow it up with a rocker dropper but Ryback catches him and hits him with a huge power bomb. The crowd erupts with “FEED ME MORE” chants as Ryback delivers a meat hook clothesline and Shell Shocked for the pin.


Winner: Ryback


Michael Cole and The Miz are back in the ring and interview Paul Heyman on the titan tron. Cole asks if he is concerned with what he just saw and Heyman says the question would only make sense if Dolph Ziggler was in the same league as CM Punk. Heyman said Miz took his beating from Ryback, on Raw, like a man while Ziggler constantly ran. Heyman says wrestling in a Hell in a Cell match requires intelligence that Ryback  doesn’t possess and he will be fed his first loss on Sunday.


-Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio


Del Rio opens up with kicks to the mid-section and follows up with a vertical suplex. Del Rio runs off the ropes and kicks Sin Cara in the back. Del Rio attempts a hip toss but Sin Cara’s legs bounce off the top rope, lands on his feet and hip tosses Del Rio. Sin Cara locks up Del Rio’s wrist and climbs the turnbuckles to the top and comes down with an arm drag takeover. Sin Cara attempts the spring board back elbow but Del Rio catches him and throws him shoulder first into the post. Del Rio locks up the arm and Sin Cara fights out of it. Del Rio tries to land a knee to the gut but Sin Cara rolls over and school boys Del Rio for a two count and is hit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio applies a chin lock that Sin Cara gets out but Del Rio whips him into the corner. Sin Cara floats up and over to the apron and attempts to springboard himself back in the ring but Del Rio pushes him and midair and sends Sin Cara crashing to the floor.


Del Rio applies another chin lock while trying to take Sin Cara’s mask off. Sin Cara gets to his feet and hits a sunset flip for a two count. Sin Cara staggers to the corner and Del Rio charges in but Sin Cara moves and Del Rio posts his own shoulder. Sin Cara follows up with a hurricanrana and a springboard elbow for a near fall. Sin Cara goes for the Swanton but Del Rio gets his knees up and locks on the cross arm breaker and Sin Cara is forced to tap out.


Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Del Rio grabs the microphone and says he is going to expose Randy Orton as a little girl who cries about everything, this Sunday. He says he would never cry in a place like Providence and he doesn’t need to sing songs about millions of dollars because he actually has millions of dollars. Ricardo Rodriguez mockingly does the celebratory dance of the Prime Time Players and this prompts Darren Young and Titus O’Neil to hit the ring. O’Neil says last time they checked, they never had an issue with Del Rio.


Del Rio says he doesn’t have an issue with them because he is in the major leagues. He says he is not their enemy points to a down and out Sin Cara saying that faceless peasant is their enemy. The three of them put the boots to Sin Cara attempt to take his mask off. Randy Orton storms to the ring and Del Rio bails as Orton connects with an RKO for Young and O’Neil. Orton helps Sin Cara to his feet, grabs the mic and says Rey Mysterio will be back next week and challenges the three of them to six man tag team match for next week and ends with “Trick or Treat.”

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