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Wrestling Soap Box: I Know How To Beat Ryback

-Wrestling Soap Box: I Know How To Beat Ryback


Ryback vs. CM Punk headlines the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View event this Sunday. The WWE has booked themselves into a tight little corner because they played the Ryback card way too soon. In contemporary wrestling where wins and losses don’t matter, Ryback’s undefeated streak is everything. If he loses under any circumstance, the gimmick is dead and he is just another superstar on the roster.


In my opinion, let him win the title. He is over and as long as you don’t mess with his formula of destroying people, he will continue to be over for quite some time. While the common wisdom suggests Ryback must win, there has to be a creative way for him to be pinned without losing his momentum. I’m going to have a little fun with this and put on my booking hat and throw out an idea that could work.


Recreate the finish from the 1994 Royal Rumble where Yokozuna defeated The Undertaker in a Casket match with the help of 15 superstars. Ryback has CM Punk laid out in the middle of the ring. Just as he is about to pin Punk, one heel wrestler runs down to the ring as Paul Heyman breaks into the cage with bolt cutters. Ryback lays him out quickly and Heyman signals two more heels down to the ring. Ryback delivers a pair of meat hook clotheslines to knock them out of the equation. Heyman calls for three more wrestlers (3MB) and Ryback does his thing in devastating fashion.


Heyman, with a look of desperation on his face, stands in the middle of the aisle and gives the high sign as ten wrestlers storm the ring. These ten, along with the other six who came down before them, circle the ring like a vulture circles their prey. All sixteen enter the ring and Ryback fights them off for quite a while but eventually, the numbers overwhelm him. CM Punk gets back to his feet and delivers a GTS to an unconscious Ryback. Punk taunts the crowd as the sixteen wrestlers leave the Cell in single file as Heyman hands each of them a white envelope as payment. Ryback gets pinned and the next night on Raw, CM Punk has the audacity to command respect claiming he did whatever it took to retain the title in a match with no disqualification.


In order to sell the incident, Ryback needs to be completely out of the picture for the rest of the year. No medical updates, no “he’s coming back soon” vignettes, no speculation, no nothing. He makes his surprise return in the Royal Rumble match. Have the majority of the heels from Hell in a Cell incident in the ring as Ryback comes out at number 25 and viciously eliminates all of them while getting a measure of revenge in the process. Ryback wins the Rumble while Punk drops the title to The Rock.


Everyone is dying to know who Ryback will face at Wrestlemania, but the only words we should hear for him are “FEED ME PUNK.”  Eventually, it is revealed Ryback wants to fight CM Punk so badly that he is willing to forfeit his Wrestlemania main event if he can get his hands on CM Punk. Vince McMahon accepts these conditions and makes the match.


To want to beat up someone so badly that you give up the most coveted opportunity in the business would speak volumes as to how much of a badass Ryback is. The buildup for their match could consist of CM Punk talking about how stupid Ryback is for giving up the main event at Wrestlemania. Meanwhile, the locker room is convinced CM Punk is going to get the beating of his life because Ryback gave up the one thing they all dream of obtaining. Punk considers this the ultimate sign of disrespect and embarks on the most vile campaign ever seen on WWE television in order to take out Ryback before their match. April 7th, 2013 arrives and Ryback gets his long awaited revenge.


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9 Responses

  1. dave says:

    Kind of like my idea but you opt for 16 guys. Brock, Cesaro, Sandow and Rhodes will suffice and you have an all-championship stable with Brock as one hell of an enforcer (obviously he’ll have his sights set on Punk and other high profile scenarios)

    But I am thinking the scenario of Ryback locked in the cell with a group of handpicked Heyman guys will work a treat so I’m with you on that, I just differ on the number of guys you need to take him down and still keep the same impact.

  2. dave says:

    Also, you need both guys to come out of this strongly. So Ryback will set his sights on revenge. He could face Rhodes/Sandow/Cesaro at the Survivor Series whilst Punk resumes against Cena. At TLC, Ryback moves onto Brock in a chairs match in which Ryback is annihilated with the help of the other three. Ryback then goes away to return at the Rumble and wins that.

    Leaving Ryback off TV will kill his heat but if you make him suffer this Sunday and force him to go through his tormentors systematically before he ends up being destroyed by the numbers game again. The fans will back him all the way and the 6 week break he gets leaves enough time for him to make a hot return without leaving it too long. Then let the fun begin with the build up to Punk-Ryback at Mania.

  3. JDBJJ says:

    WWE backed themselves into a corner with this match so it’s exciting to see how creative they can get with this match

  4. Atlee Greene says:

    Thank you all for reading my column!

    @Dave: Brock would be an awesome addition to that equation but I don’t see Vince using one of Brock’s appearances for an unadvertised PPV run in. I came up with the number of 16 because the sight of so many people beating up one person would be a spectacle no one would forget.

    @JDBJJ: Agreed, which is why I’m excited for this PPV because we truly have no idea what is going to happen. This is something that hasn’t occurred in awhile.

  5. Guled says:

    i read someone’s comment about how a mystery assailant attacks ryback thus holding a bounty on him.

  6. Del says:

    Gooooooldberg! Goooooldberg! Goldberg could survive his “streak” ending because he had the legit size and strange charisma. Mini-Goldberg will be quickly forgotten when his streak ends. Unless the WWE really wants to shove him down our throats.

  7. SimpleMark says:

    I like your logic in this article but I think Ryback can be beaten with less men involved and a huge payoff..

    Take the HIAC match.. Ryback destroys Punk, but isn’t quick to pin him. He toys with him for a while. So, Heymen does what you say and sends a couple guys in to no avail.. Then he sends in two more.. That doesn’t work.. Those get back to their feet along with Punk but Ryback destroys all 5, then goes for the pin on Punk. Just as the ref is about to start the count, Lesner’s music hits.. Leaner comes to the ring and tears off the cage door.. Goes in, overpowers abs F5’s Ryback twice., Punk gets up does the GTS and gets the win..

    Next night in RAW Ryback says FEED ME BROCK but Heymen says he’s client declines the offer.. Another Punk/Ryback match gets set for Survivor Series and once again Lesner costs Ryback the win..

    Next night on RAW same thing.. Ryback wants Lesner but Heymen says no.. So Ryback brutalizes Heymen and leaves him laying.. The next week, same thing happens when Heymen says something about suing Ryback.. The next week Heymen threatens to sue the company and Vicki tells him he can choose Ryback’s opponent and stipulation for TLC if he’ll drop the lawsuit.. He agrees and then makes the match of Ryback vs. the Big Show and Mark Henry.. If Ryback loses he never gets another shot at CM Punks title.. The next week Vince shows up to say he liked Vicki’s thinking and he will accept the match Heymen made but with one added stipulation.. If Ryback wins he gets Brock at Royal Rumble.,

    Of course Ryback wins the match even though Lesner shows up to interfere.. This then starts the build to the highly anticipated Lesner/Ryback showdown at the Royal Rumble..

    Just my thoughts on how they could get away with pinning Ryback Sunday while keeping his momentum and building a bigger payoff at the RR.. Just makes sense to use the Lesner tie in since Heymen is involved with both Punk and Heymen..

  8. Jerrod says:

    I really admire your logic for HIAC, but the only thing I would do different is add Brock to the equation. With Punk on the verge of losing, unleash a number of superstars to stop Ryback, but he fights them all off. Heyman feeling he has no choice, unleash BROCK LESNAR. Ryback fights him off, but couldn’t stop him and Punk pins him.

  9. dave says:

    Feed him Brock! Right now no-one truly wants Ryback as champion but we do want to see him continue his dominance and to continue in a high profile position.

    Plus…what IF Cena costs Ryback the title this sunday? Something to do with AJ-Cena-Vince? Heyman and Brock are also in our minds. Punk is in a historic reign and while others have been playing about (AJ as GM, Cena’s been losing to Punk as his credibility wanes while Ryback soars. Brock is quiet and Heyman will do whatever to keep the strap on Punk) it’s a bit chaotic. Maybe that could make a big angle with shoot off feuds, angles, etc… Could be fun and SSeries is close and with the amount of possible scenarios we may have a monster 5 on 5 match.

    I just considered Rock helping Punk along as he wants to specifically beat Punk at the Rumble? (Or cos Ryback is scarier lol)

    I just hope WWE blindsides us this Sunday and embraces some chaos booking. Might as well. Nothings worked yet this era.

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