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Oct 24, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Alan Wojcik

Fresh from rehab and currently a resident of a CT jail at the time of this writing, WWE Hall of Fame member Tammy “Sunny” Sytch sat down with Sean Oliver for another edition of the YouShoot series. If you read the interwebs you know this was supposed to have been conducted before the trip to rehab, instead she did an RF Video shoot that I will address later. This is a newly formatted YouShoot with intercut Sean and Tammy doing blue screen standup with the standard YouShoot games like Real or Rake, What’s in the Bag, Ho Bag, Dick Bag, F-Marry-Kill & Twitter Shots. Plus we are privy to the long running “Road Trip Wrestler Name Game” which was a favorite of Tammy, the late Chris Candido and their travel partners. All the promotions she worked with are covered over 142 minutes. Here are the chapters covered: Early Days, Sex, Drugs, Heat, the Boys, the Divas, Gossip, Rumors, Potpourri, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart & Missy Hyatt.

The early days features the world famous Jim Cornette meltdown at a Kentucky Dairy Queen which Tammy happened to witness as she and Chris were inside eating with Tom Pritchard plus how she got into wrestling at a young age as a fan. The Sex chapter reveals what was brought up by Davey Boy Smith’s daughter in recent media; Tammy’s confessing she slept with the late “British Bulldog,” plus some other superstars she has been with besides the known romance with Shawn Michaels. Also brought up (no pun intended) in the sex chapter is her sex life with then boyfriend Damien Darling and the Wrestling Vixxxens DVD she did with Missy Hyatt. Plus where else on DVD would you learn the proper way to get a breast augmentation by your doctor? The best part is Tammy killing rumors stirred by former WWE star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, former ECW stars Sandman & Sabu along with her admitting her issues stem from alcohol not other controlled substances. Thanks to Tammy I now wish to be a production contracted WWE employee after hearing her stories of working on Live Wire and other TV. During the “What A Dick” segment we are entertained by why former WCW/TNA personality Eric Bischoff ended up in the bag, 100% shoot my jaw dropped.

Unlike the RF shoot conducted before rehab, Sytch keeps her composure the entire shoot without crying. Also unlike the RF shoot, we do not get to watch Tammy do her makeup before the actual shoot began. RF kept it serious; thanks to the traditional games Sean and friends play plus a letter from 11 yr old Tammy written about Marty Janetty, this gets two thumbs up. I enjoyed this release and wish Ms. Sytch would get the help she needs to conquer whatever demons she is dealing with.

Next up on are Breaking Kayfabe with Lanny Poffo and the initial Timeline: History of WCW 1991 with Barry Windham

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