Dana White on Lesnar: “He is never coming back”

Oct 24, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Dana White announced on the Dave and Mahoney show on CBS Radio that
Brock Lesnar is done with mixed martial arts and will not be coming back
to the UFC. “He called me a couple of days ago. He’s never coming back,
his body can’t take it,” White said. He added that Lesnar said he could
wrestle but can’t fight. “He was contemplating coming back,” the UFC
President added. White has left the door open for Lesnar’s return after
the former UFC Heavyweight champion called it quits after he was defeated
by Alistair Overeem last year in December. Following a new deal with WWE,
Lesnar showed up at the UFC 146 pay-per-view in Las Vegas and was shown on
camera, fueling more speculations that Lesnar was thinking of coming back.
White had a meeting with Lesnar that weekend and said that the meeting
couldn’t have gone any worse and it wasn’t good at all. Despite the
meeting, White was optimistic and often said in interviews that he would
love to have Lesnar back for one more fight. Brock has been one of the
most successful fighters in terms of pay-per-view draws and did millions
and millions of money for the UFC.

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