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Review of CM Punk: Best in the World DVD‏

from Alan Wojcik:

If you read my reviews or listen to Kayfabe Wrestling Radio ( I only review WWE DVD’s that are the traditional retrospective career releases. It is rare to review a DVD on the career of someone I have interviewed and met several times before they arrived in WWE. So with that in mind I was interested to see the release regarding former ROH/FIP/IWA MS and other initials champion CM PUNK who I met at the 2003 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup and subsequent TNA/MLW/FIP events. In ring he is one of my favorite people to watch. So when WWE announced CM PUNK: BEST IN THE WORLD on the 2012 release list I was skeptical since the majority of his career was spent in promotions that rival WWE (TNA/ROH). I will say I was pleasantly surprised and let down.

The people interviewed on the DVD and seen in the special features are 1000% correct, Phil Brooks is an asshole and I think he proudly admits it wearing it as a badge among the several tattoos he is adorned with. He was apparently given creative control of his DVD and it shows as there is only mention of his time in Nashville during the near two hour feature. He seemed reluctant to begin the DVD in the childhood portion but when he does open up you find he is not close to his birth family and you get to meet his adopted family who appear to love him to death. The adopted family also includes Ace Steel and Colt Cabana who fans may remember sitting ringside at Money in the Bank 2011. Thanks to meeting Punk I found out sharing the “no drinking, no smoking, no drugs” philosophy classified me as being Straight Edge but I do not follow the Punk Rock lifestyle. His background of becoming Straight Edge and following the bands of the culture are covered in depth. You dust his lack of commitment to romantic relationships thanks to an ex who says he is a better friend than boyfriend. I would go into the stuff I know but I am sure it’s already out in the interwebs. The usual WWE superstars present on DVD’s are here like Punk’s on-screen manager and backstage mentor Paul Heyman (you’ll find out why Punk is a “Heyman Guy”), Daniel Bryan, admitted Punk fan Curt Hawkins who was in attendance in 2005 when Punk won the ROH World title along with former WWE superstars Lita, Joey Matthews, Cabana (Scotty Goldman during his WWE stay), Lars Fredrickson of the band Rancid & current FCW star Chris Hero.

The surprises come from WWE covering Punk’s time in IWA Mid-South where Punk & Cabana and Hero broke onto the national scene. The biggest surprise would be not only acknowledging Punk working for Ring of Honor but taking him to the ROH training dojo, putting over the significance of the promotion on the wrestling world (yes he talks about Gabe Sapolsky), covering his feuds with Raven & Samoa Joe (yeah the guy in TNA right now) and his “Summer of Punk” before he joined WWE in 2005-06. Punk’s OVW stay which the DVD portrays as a “frustration” is covered as well as his entire tenure in WWE on all three brands (yes even ECW 2.0) with the creation of the Straight Edge Society broken down in detail. Punk hides nothing in the politics and landmines he has faced in WWE right up to his infamous walk-out with the WWE World championship. The letdowns of course are the lack of matches from those promotions. Who wouldn’t want in this collection the classic Punk-Hero 2 of 3 falls, ninety minute time limit match in IWA MS or any of his series with Samoa Joe from ROH? The match selection and special features are good and you can find them listed on your favorite online retailer.

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