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WWE’s quandary over booking Ryback vs. CM Punk finish

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE is experiencing a challenge in booking the finish for the CM Punk vs. Ryback WWE championshipo match at next weekend’s Hell in a Cell PPV. Creative doesn’t want to:

– Beat Ryback
– Book a DQ finish
– Change the WWE title before Royal Rumble
– End the show with a screwjob
– End the show with Sheamus vs. Big Show

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52 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    They’re gonna botch it…

  2. Alex says:

    Since when are there DQ’s in hell in a cell?

  3. Damian says:

    Its too obvious for Ryback to lose this match to set up Punk v Rock but they can always surprise with letting Ryback win the title and keep his streak going. But i see something along the lines of Brock and Cena getting involved.

  4. jalan says:

    the hell is wrong with punk beating ryback. just make wrestling history, have a great match, make a memorable moment. earn respect & ryback will b fine. or whatever, im only here to watch daniel bryan…and when do we get a new wwe title???

  5. Mike says:

    So basically all that’s left is for somehow the match to be stopped.. Double KO or excessive blood?

  6. Ian says:

    So basically they dont want to do anything that would make any sense…hmmm, sounds like maybe they should have thought this out before giving him a title shot…and people rip on TNAs booking.

  7. MattR says:

    At this point I say let them have a nice long match, biut 35mins or so. Then Ryback does his finisher on top of the cell and then before he can pin Punk he collapses due to exhaustion and the ref deems bith men unable to finish. A little detrimental to Rybacks character but it fits around what they don’t want to do.

  8. Rob S says:

    Ref stops the match because Punk is too injured to continue the match (blood loss, limb injury, whatever). This goes on prior to the main event so fans don’t go home pissed. Who cares if they want it the main event, everybody already ordered it and bought tickets.

    The wrestling world is stunned because Ryback actually did that to a legitimate world champion begging the question of just how capable he is. Next monday he demands a rematch but somebody you want Ryback to face at WrestleMania attacks him and distracts the audience and Ryback from the world title hunt until after WrestleMania. Have whoever it is that attacks see Ryback as his “big game”, the one animal he can kill that would put him at the top, like a deer hunter searching to hit the biggest buck he could fine. He even goes as far as to put a bounty on any wrestler who defeats or physically disables Ryback.

  9. RYDER-MAN says:

    AJ Starr couldn’t be more right: “Well, here’s a thought; If you can’t book a finish, should not have booked the match!”
    Ryback should not have been put in this position in the first place. He isn’t over enough to draw enough PPV buys (So they’ll probly find a way to throw Cena in, and it is still debatable if he can have a match longer than 10min and NOT hurt someone.

    SaneAmongInsane’s comment about Monty Brown vs Jarrett was dead on. Make Punk throw everything in his bag of tricks at Ryback and still come out just barely retaining. They can’t keep Ryback undefeated forever. They should use this as a way to solidify him as a star and make the loss an epic match.

    I wish they wouldn’t try weaseling there way out of the situation. They made the match, they should deliver a real finish. Either make a horrible mistake in making Ryback the Champion OR put an end to the undefeated streak the best possible way before it loses steam. One way or the other they need to make it worth peoples money.

  10. Deathedge says:

    Have Repo Man repossess the HITC cage, and since the contract clearly stated that the match was to be HITC and a new contract can’t be drawn up in time, the match is called of until SurSer. Have a straight up match then, and have Punk get DQed in 30 seconds. Then, at Tribute to the Troops, have Ryback beat Punk clean and then have Punk win the belt back via screwjob (Interference from another “Heyman guy”, allowing Rock-Punk and Ryback-Someone else at RR.

    I bet what I just wrote would be more interesting then what WWE actually does…

  11. AsterikCade says:

    Here’s an easy finish, let CM Punk win by booking him throwing Ryback off of the top of the Hell in a Cell through the announcer table, you know kinda like the infamous Mick Foley fall from King of the Ring. Let history repeat itself.

  12. Bubba says:

    Simple, have them fight to the top of the cell, both fall through the top and go through the ring, double ko to end it. It would be lame to end in a double ko but it keeps both streaks in tact and the fans go home happy because we haven’t seen someone go through the top of the cage since no way out 2000.

  13. Steve says:

    A screw job will happen no matter what if Ryback doesn’t do the job. And that’s not good after the recent Cena/Punk finish. :(

  14. Y_set says:

    Simple. Have Ryback do something holy sh*t worthy of a moment, like collapsing the entire cell structure on top of Punk or something. That way, even though the match ended in no contest, at least the fans have witnessed something memorable moment in exchange of getting a non-decisive victory.

  15. Kid Vicious says:

    someone on here last week suggested ryback win, then loses the belt in a triple threat at survivor series when punk pins cena. punk has the belt for the rumble, ryback keeps his streak. i’d go with something like that.

  16. jim says:

    U have to beat punk to a pulp. Unable to continue.

  17. Mark says:

    I would have Ryback get busted open early on, have the announcers sell the hell out of how he’s “lost a lot of blood”, but let him kick out of maybe 3 GTS’s. Make him look like absolutely nothing will take him down, not even the best in Punk’s arsenal. Then, as Ryback looks like he might be fading, have Punk lock on the Anaconda Vice, and don’t let Ryback tap. Let Punk keep the hold until Ryback ‘passes out’. That way he’s absolutely refused to give up, he would rather pass out than submit: he looks like the toughest guy in the company. And Punk, by default, wins the match and keeps the title. Ryback didn’t lose by a pinfall, or a submission: he lost only because he refused to give up.

    Similar thing happened with Steve Austin at ‘Mania 13 against Bret Hart, and it went on to make the entire character. I’m not saying Ryback’s the next Austin, but you never know. It could end up being a major boost for his character.

  18. Shuffles says:

    Its actually a streak vs streak.. and I think Cm Punks title reign is more important.. Dolph Ziggler could play a roll if his breifcase wasn’t exclusive to Smackdown.. they both fall off the cell, the match is stopped No Contest

  19. -J- says:

    Have the cage implode…simple, ugly, unforgettable.

  20. Meh says:

    How about a Pin and submission at the same time in the CM Punk vs Ryback match? (Ala Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker) Basically Ryback taps out at the same time as Punk gets his shoulders counted down for the 3 thus making the match a draw.

    Someone please fix the “Are you going to order WWE’s Hell in a Cell?” poll as there is two blank options on it with no information on whether yes or no is winning.

  21. Science & Violence says:

    Simple. Have Ryback intimidate Punk as soon as the bell rings, Punk runs out of the ring and stalls for a few minutes, gets back in, Ryback roars as Punk scurries outside once again. After a few more time they finally lock up and Ryback overpowers Punk into the turnbuckle. Punk is frustrated and jumps up to hit Ryback, he pulls back his punch and finger pokes Ryback in the chest. Punk goes for the pin 1-2-3 as they both laugh and celebrate. Yip Yip Yip.

  22. NapierRapier says:

    Just pay Scott Hall to saunter out there with a cattle prod. Problem solved.

  23. are you serious bro? says:

    Well let’s not forget, there is still tonight’s show, they can always change around the stipulations…gotta see what happens.

  24. Todd says:


    Ryback and Punk will simultaenously pin each other, ending the match with a draw! thus Ryback’s streak still in tact and Punk retains the gold.

    which will lead into a Team Cena vs Team Punk match at Survivor Series
    Stipulation: If Punk’s team wins Cena never able to a shot at the WWE title while Punk is champion and as a reward one of his team mates will face him for the gold at TLC.

    If Cena wins he get Punk at TLC for the wwe title.

  25. Alex says:

    I actually like Todd’s idea, even though it’s rehashed stuff…

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