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WWE’s quandary over booking Ryback vs. CM Punk finish

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE is experiencing a challenge in booking the finish for the CM Punk vs. Ryback WWE championshipo match at next weekend’s Hell in a Cell PPV. Creative doesn’t want to:

– Beat Ryback
– Book a DQ finish
– Change the WWE title before Royal Rumble
– End the show with a screwjob
– End the show with Sheamus vs. Big Show

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  1. Joe B says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised is Ryback wins and eventually loses to Punk or Cena. It was stupid to even have this match.If Ryback loses now, the streak is useless, if he wins, we all know he won’t face The Rock, so he’ll lose anyway. But how about this, its out there but:

    I was thinking about this the other day. Ryback wins. Punk and Brock attempt to take over WWE with Heyman. A week or two before the Rumble, Punk uses his rematch, wins with help, loses to Rock. Cena vs Rock at Mania. HHH,Taker, and maybe HBK vs Punk,Lesner, and maybe someone else, basically Vince vs Paul, for control of WWE.

  2. Oh Word! says:

    I smell a sneak attack before the match with Brock Lesnar as the Man causing it. Or they could’ve set up the six man hell in a cell, how long has it been since that was done??????

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