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CZW alum Marvin “Brain Damage” Lambert passes away

Reported by Jason Namako of

According to PWInsider, former Combat Zone Wrestling & IWA Mid-South performer Marvin Lambert, better known to fans as Brian Damage, passed away within the last day at the age of 34.

It is unknown at this time the cause of death, although it is said that it may have been self-inflicted.

Lambert’s last match was in October of 2011, defeating Matt Tremont at CZW Cerebral.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Is it me or is everyone from CZW a lowlife, a druggie, a loser and ends up either in jail or dead

  2. Nick says:

    Jeff, it’s just you. CZW does have a list of wrestlers that have passed away or committed violent crimes. So does ECW, WWE & WCW.

    I will say that wrestlers willing to regularly work extreme, hardcore matches may already have a self-destructive nature.

  3. perfect one says:

    I am a wrestler/promoter. I have friends in the business, who say Marvin was a great guy, but one very troubled with depression and drugs. Do not judge till you have walked in the shoes of those who have had demons to fight. Not everyone is that lucky. I hope Marvin finds the peace he deserves now.

  4. Kiddicted says:

    I am a family member of Marvin.. Please be respectfull.. if you didnt kno him please dont judge him.. if you did kno him then you knew he was a great guy.

  5. AsterikCade says:

    Maybe his cause of death was….BRAIN DAMAGE!!!!

  6. Jeff says:

    Yeah no thanks. People said the same thing when that druggie lowlife Nick Gage robbed the bank. This guy was just another pill and meth head.

  7. 29d says:

    Lol at the Internet tough guys making jokes.

  8. Jeff says:

    Lol at losers defending their own.

  9. Aimee says:

    Marvin Lambert was a great guy, I worked with him over the past year. Wrestling can really put a toll on a persons body, however Marvin was not a meth – head. He had several injuries to his head and would never be the same. These injuries can change how you think and I know he was sad that he had to end his career but his body could not take it anymore, no one knows exactly what went through Marvins thoughts Wednesday morning, but he was a GOOD person and many people will miss him greatly. Please dont speak ill of someone especially when his friends and loved ones could read this.

  10. wtf says:

    well Aimee given how we can freely express ourselves especially on the internet I must say that Suicide in any form is a cowardly way to go about solving your personal troubles. Regardless of what you may feel for this guy personally..from the outside looking in and judging purely on what we see from videos and pics he looks like he was a drug addict and probably that was a deciding factor in him taking his own life… the only people I feel sorry for are his family members he probably didnt screw over…but other than that I wont be losing any sleep over the lose of this guy..

  11. Hush says:

    I am very sorry for the loss of Marvin. I was in attendance at the Tournament of Death IV in New Castle and was very amped and impressed in his tables match with Beef Wellington and had genuine work ethic like hardcore was meant to be.

    @Jeff, wtf,
    Yes you are free to express your opinion in anyway shape or form. It’s a damn shame to see how much let the internet to enable you to be such cowards. I guarantee you two don’t have the stones to say that to Kiddicteds face who graciously asked just be have some respect which is what you too clearly don’t have

  12. Jeff says:

    Yeah im not afraid of some out of shape loser that cuts themselves

  13. wtf says:

    @hush god bless the internet sir 😀 allows people like you to retort to people like me in ways you wouldnt dare do in a public face to face forum.

  14. Fisha695 says:

    Ya ever notice whenever somebody dies (or wins the lottery) people randomly start crawling out of the wood-work claiming to be friends or family?

  15. Hush says:

    How could you be so sure of that?

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