WWE Main Event Results 10/17/12

Oct 18, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Main Event 10/17/12 – Memphis, Tennessee.


Color commentators are Michael Cole and JBL


The Miz comes out and has a cut over his right eye form the Trouble in Paradise kick he received on Monday. He says he took a kick that would have ended most people’s career but he is here tonight. He says is more than awesome because for the first time in years the IC title means something. He calls himself an all-time great and to look at the facts if you don’t believe him and a video package shown. Christian sums up Miz the best by saying he could recite the alphabet and people will hate him.


-Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston


Miz hits a headlock takeover but Kofi reverses it into a hammer lock and Miz gets to the ropes. Miz drills Kofi with a shoulder block and Kofi comes back with one of his own and follows up with monkey flip. Kofi clotheslines Miz out of the ring and hits a somersault plancha over the top rope. Miz crawls back in the ring but Kofi nails him with a springboard clothesline. Kofi bounces off the ropes but gets cut off with a vicious back elbow from Miz. Miz attempts a camel clutch but Kofi gets out of it and they exchange roll ups until Kofi goes the trouble in paradise and Miz escapes out of fear and we go to break.


We are back from the break and Kofi is working over Miz in the corner with kicks and goes for the ten punches until he gets a power bomb for his troubles. Miz connects with a high knee but only gets a two count. Miz hits the running clothesline in the corner and follows up with a double ax handle off the top rope. Miz applies another camel clutch and Kofi tries to fight out of it but he is cut off with belly to back suplex. Miz tries another belly to back suplex but Kofi rolls through and body slams Miz. Kofi goes a splash but Miz gets his knees up. Kofi fights back and attempts a spring board moonsault from the top rope but Miz pushes him off and Kofi hits the floor.


Miz lands another knee and follows up with kick to the head. Miz lands two consecutive running kicks to the head but only gets a two count. He goes for a third kick but Kofi ducks and rolls up Miz for a two count. Kofi land an atomic drop the two exchange yeah/boo punches and Kofi back drops Miz out of the ring. Kofi goes for the baseball slide and Miz cuts him off. Miz whips Kofi into the steel steps but Kofi somersaults over the steps and proceeds to jump off the stairs and drops Miz with a clothesline. This was an amazing sight to see.


Kofi gets Miz back in the ring and connects with a cross body from the top rope but Miz rolls through and gets a near fall. Kofi drops Miz with a clothesline and hits the boom drop for a two count. He attempts trouble in paradise but Miz moves and attempts the skull crushing finale but Kofi rolls him up for a pinning combination but Miz reverses it while holding the tights but Kofi kicks out.


Kofi connects with the S.O.S. but Miz gets his foot on the rope. Miz rolls to the floor, takes the title and tries to leave but Kofi cuts him off with a dive over the top rope. Miz is thrown back in the ring but he cuts off Kofi with a DDT. Miz looks for the SCF but Kofi counters but Miz reverses the roll up and puts his feet on the ropes but the referee see it and admonishes Miz. They continue to argue and Kofi tries to roll him up but Miz rolls through and gets hit with trouble in paradise for the win.


Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston



Kofi was interview by Matt Striker and Kofi says he told everyone it was time to let out the beast. Kofi says this win was for the WWE universe to prove you can still have fun and win. The crowd joins Kofi in a special “Boom, Boom, Boom” for Miz.


Josh Matthews interviews Miz and the former champion says the title is his and losing it is like losing an organ. He says this is a nightmare and wants a rematch and will reclaim what is rightfully his.


-Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ryder hip tosses Ziggler out of the lock up but is met with an elbow by Ziggler for his troubles. They exchange shoulder tackled and Ryder comes up with a flapjack. Ryder feels the momentum going his way until he runs into the corner and gets a boot in the face. Ziggler lands the jumping elbow drop but only gets a two count. Ziggler locks on a rear chin lock and Ryder tries to elbow his way out but Ziggler cuts him off with a standing dropkick. Ziggler looks like he is going for a DDT but is cut off with a clothesline from Ryder. Ryder follows up with a drop kick form the top rope and a flying forearm. Ryder connects with the Broski Boot and gets a nearfall. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder, but Ziggler sends him up and over in midair and Ryder head crashes into the top turnbuckle. Ziggler connects with the Zig Zag and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Post Match: Vickie says everyone should be talking about her client, Dolph Ziggler. She mentions how he might cash in the MITB brief case at Hell in a Cell. Dolph says he deserves better than Zack Ryder and calls himself the main event. He challenges any superstar for next week’s main event and “FEED ME MORE” hits the air waves as Ryback comes out to the ramp and that’s our show.


Final Thoughts: We already knew the results of the IC title match going in but that didn’t hamper my enjoyment one bit. Miz/Kingston was really good bell to bell. I felt Kofi had to win after Miz’s promo on Monday otherwise everything Miz said would have been true. I hope they continue to push Kofi in the right direction and see what he can truly bring to the table. As for the Miz, he’ll be back.

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