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Oct 18, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Trent Vandrisse

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for episode#687, that was taped on October 17th, 2012, with an air date of October 20th in Louisville. This episode is already available online at www.ovwrestling.com

A lot went on in this very noteworthy show including cast members and film crew from the UK “reality”(?) show ” British Boot Camp” appearing, an 8 man tag, a surprise retirement, surprise returns, and a new OVW TV champion crowned all in the same hour, so let’s get to it.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, & Michael Titus were the TV announcers for this episode. Terry Boddie was the ring announcer.

1. Crimson, Doug Williams & The Wildcards(Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta) beat Rob Terry, “Smooth” Johnny Spade, Sam Shaw & Alex Silva in an 8 man tag

The OVW Director of wrestling operations, Trailer Park Trash, made this match as the show went off the air last week, after Crimson cheated to beat Rob Terry to retain the OVW heavyweight title. I figured this would be the main event this week, but no, it was the opener, which surprised me. The 4th member for the babyface team here was a mystery man, who turned out to be OVW TV champion Alex Silva. Silva and Sam Shaw were on the same side here, but Silva beat Shaw to retain the TV title on a recent house show in a battle of TNA Gut Check winners.

This match opened with everyone brawling. By the way, Doug Williams injured his arm/elbow in a recent OVW TV match, and noted online that he can just now barely straighten out his arm. Once the match settled down, Johnny Spade was in the ring for a long time for the good guys side, while the heels tagged in and out a lot. Alex Silva finally tagged in and hit his “Silva Surfer” finisher on Shiloh Jonze, which caused the match to again break down to a big brawl. During the fray Crimson set it up to make it look like Silva hit Spade, so Spade superkicked his own partner, Alex Silva, and then left the ring in anger, but returned shortly thereafter. The heels are messing with Spade’s head big time. Rob Terry and Crimson ended up brawling out of the side door and into the parking lot. Terry interestingly wasn’t a real factor in this match. Once the dust cleared yet again it looked like Silva was going to finish off Jonze, but Cliff Compton attacked Silva from behind, which allowed Jonze to pin Silva in a fairly wild opener.

Alex Silva took the mic after the match and complained about Cliff Compton’s interference, and called Compton to come out now. Compton came out and denied it, calling it a case of “mistaken identity”. Compton said he was a former WWE Superstar, Silva said he was the first TNA Gut Check winner. This all led to Silva again defending the OVW TV title against Compton later tonight. Silva beat Compton in a TV title match here last week.

2. Elvis Pridemore w/Bobbie Bordot & The Joker beat Jeremiah Plunkett

This was the OVW TV debut for middle Tennessee Indy worker Jeremiah Plunkett, but Plunkett has been appearing in dark matches here for a few months. Plunkett on the attack from the get go in this one, but Pridemore came back and won it with a Stunner.

Jason Wayne came out, with Brandon Espinosa’s “friend” Chris in tow. Chris’ gender has never been revealed here, and Wayne said he was determined to find out what it is right now. Espinosa wasn’t here tonight, so Wayne made Chris do some push ups, then made him/her uh…whatever, shine and kiss his boots. Paredyse then made his surprise return to OVW to make the save for Chris. Paredyse was a “partner”, of the tag team variety we think, of Espinosa’s before leaving to appear “On Broadway” far as the OVW storylines were concerned. In reality, Paredyse went to Washington DC to appear in “The elaborate entrance of Chad Deity” play about pro wrestling.

Backstage in his office, Trailer Park Trash welcomed “British Boot Camp” cast members, Marty Scrull & Rockstar Spud, to OVW. TPT’s assistant Josette Bynum barged in with some of TPT’s favorite mystery bathroom coffee. Bynum reminded TPT that she is the #1 contender to the OVW Women’s title, which is currently held by Heidi Lovelace. Taeler Hendrix then barged in and said she was the #1 contender. TPT told them both to pipe down, and added that this is why he isn’t married. TPT said it will be a triple threat match for the OVW Women’s title at the November 3rd Saturday Night Special. But then said that Bynum & Hendrix have to team up tonight(huh??), and if one of them scores the pin, they will become the sole #1 contender.

Bynum then went into the hall, got on her cell, and told the mystery person on the other end to get here sooner than they had planned.

Next came “The Suckah of the week” video from Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger. The “winner” this week was Alex Silva, because he defended the TV title against Cliff Compton last week only days after Compton jumped off a “100 feet high” steel cage. They also added that Silva was both French and Canadian, so they double hate him. Late in the video Diamond & Danger “accidentally” were exposed as having a Justin Bieber poster on their wall. More funny stuff from Diamond & Danger here.

3. The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) beat Josette Bynum & Taeler Hendrix w/Dylan Bostic

The Blossom Twins also returned to OVW tonight after almost a 1 year absence. They too were here as cast members of the “British Boot Camp” show. There’s nothing faker than reality TV. I mean if TNA wanted to sign the Blossom’s, they could have done it long ago, instead they put them on a phony “reality” show in England where the winner gets a TNA contract. To that I say “BS”, and I don’t mean Bolin Services. Anyhow, it was great to see them again here. Bynum & Hendrix predictably couldn’t get along at all as a tag team here, eventually leading to the Blossom’s winning after hitting Bynum with their double team splash off the other twins shoulder finisher.

The “Best Team Ever”(Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade), who miraculously are still the OVW Southern tag team champions, were again arguing backstage. Godderz was on his cell with his “girlfriend”, who we now know is Tara from TNA. Godderz made his televised TNA debut at the Bound For Glory PPV a few days ago. Switchblade wanted Godderz to wear different colored trunks than he had on tonight, to match his. Dylan Bostic came into the room and said he could get a partner and beat Godderz & Switchblade. Godderz said get you one, and we’ll face you next week.

One legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes came to the ring in street clothes, as did his tag team partner James “Moose” Thomas. Hayes thanked Moose for being his partner. Hayes said the explosion that took his leg gave him a second chance, but that his body hasn’t held up to the rigors of pro wrestling as well as he hoped it would. Hayes said the scar tissue on the back of his knee has broken open, and he’s meeting with a surgeon soon. Hayes said he doesn’t know when or if he’ll be able to wrestle again. The crowd gave Hayes a long and emotional standing ovation, with different pro Hayes chants breaking out, and very deserved too I might add. This guy was a very inspirational story here. Too bad his career had to end, at least for now, this way, but maybe it’s for the best too. Time will tell. Huge kudos to you Michael Hayes for accomplishing what you did.

4. Cliff Compton beat Alex Silva to win the OVW TV title

TV main event time. Silva came out firing here, but Compton grabbed the advantage pretty quickly. Silva came back and went for his “Silva Surfer” running knee finisher, but Compton met him coming in with an “international object” in his hand, giving Compton the tainted win, and the OVW TV title. This allowed Compton to accomplish his goal of being an OVW heavyweight champion, a tag team champion, and now, for the first time, the OVW TV champion.

Hell of a show this week. Like I said a whole lot went on, tons of surprises, and it all clicked pretty well. The TV title main event match was rushed cuz they didn’t have much time left by that point. Easy thumbs up show though. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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