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Oct 18, 2012 - by Kris Zellner

AAA announced yesterday that their next big show Guerra de Titanes will take place on 12/2 at Auditorio Benito Juarez de Zapopan.

Mr. Aguila worked an indy show teaming with La Familia de Tijuana that featured AAA talent which is usually a no-no among the EMLL guys even if they have a special deal like Aguila who can work more freely than others. Aguila is booked for Arena Mexico tomorrow night so if he gets pulled then we know he has been punished.

Jesus Zuniga who announces the AAA shows on Televisa tweeted yesterday that he fully expects Konnan would be returning to the ring full-time in January which his return had been rumored for a while with Konnan himself talking about on his podcast with Court Bauer but this is the first time that a specific timetable has been set. Konnan said he would like to work an 18-month run which if he started in January would put his endgame for Triplemania XXII in 2014.

New Japan President Naoki Sugabayashi and foreign booker Tiger Hattori met with EMLL President Paco Alonso yesterday to discuss their future cross promotion in 2013 and more of the same talent will be going back and forth as everyone has been highly pleased with who has worked the promotions. NJPW promised to send one of their top rudos over to show Mexico how their rudos are and that rudo is likely to be Kazuchida Okada.

Rayo de Jalisco Jr. tried to defend himself in this week’s Box y Lucha magazine regarding his no-showing a big Monterrey show a few weeks ago saying that he never got his plane ticket which prompted the Llaves y Canados promoters to send copies of said ticket and the deposit slip which they had at the show to the local media in Monterrey to prove him wrong.

Ricky Marvin said that he is excited to be defending the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Titles with Super Crazy against Daga & Halloween on the AAA FUSION taping at Arena Lopez Mateos on Sunday as he hopes it leads to more bookings in AAA. Ricky said that he hasn’t worked regularly in Mexico for the last four years but he has kept up with what’s going on scouting challengers such as Daga & Halloween who he is impressed with especially Daga. Ricky thinks though that his experience in Japan has made him a much stronger wrestler which he plans on showcasing at the taping to get future bookings.

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