Who does Mick Foley see as the next breakout star?

Oct 17, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

ESPN.com posted an interview with Mick Foley promoting THQ’s “WWE 13.” In the interview, Foley is asked, “who do you see as the next breakout star?”

Foley replied, Carrying the company is something people don’t realize how hard it is to do until they get there. Take CM Punk. Even when he was giving great promos and having great matches, was he carrying the company? Up until a year ago, I would’ve said he’s too different and he’s going to only have that niche market. But then he gave that incredible promo and he changed the business. I’m not sure who has that type of promo in them. I really can’t give you an answer, but there are a lot of guys who are going to be vying for that spot. Daniel Bryan is going to come out of his tag team eventually with an even bigger head of steam as a singles wrestler. Then you have guys like Antonio Cesaro who can do it all and he’s finding his way as a character, so I think there’s no shortage of candidates.

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