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Oct 17, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

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Bubba The Love Sponge Calls In. 10/17/12. 7:05am
After the break Howard came right back and asked where Bubba is. Gary told him that he’s on line 20. Howard picked up and Bubba was there doing his own show. Bubba said that they have to keep it clean. He said he gets very nervous when Howard is on the phone with him. Howard said he’s not sure why.

Bubba said that they have a little diddy about this whole thing. He played a song parody about Hulk Hogan and the sex tape. it was ”Hogan’s In Your Bedroom.”

Howard said that he doesn’t understand this whole thing. He said he thought that Bubba was kidding about his wife sleeping with his friends. Bubba said he never thought that Howard would take him up on that offer. Bubba said that he was just joking and it was an ongoing joke. He said even Howard had a whole monologue about the whole thing. Howard said he can’t believe he would want to share his wife with another guy. Howard asked what went on with Bubba because his scene seems very dark. Bubba said it’s really not. He said he’s more conservative than he thinks. Bubba said he can’t get into the whole thing about his ex-wife. He said he was kind of insecure himself.

Howard said that you can’t let your best friend sleep with your wife. Bubba said that none of this makes sense. He said it wasn’t a secret or anything and he was trying to help Hogan who was going through his divorce at the time.

Howard said this isn’t the Bubba he knows. Bubba said that the whole thing is very deep and it’s not right in any capacity. He said he’s not happy or proud of this. Howard said he has known Bubba for a long time now. Howard said after Hogan walks out of the bedroom is it business as usual or awkward. Bubba said that it was both. He said he can’t get into the ins and outs of the whole thing.

Howard asked Bubba why he was so negative toward Hogan yesterday. Bubba said the reason he’s mad at Hogan is because all of the parties knew about everything. Bubba said that they all knew what they were doing. Howard said that’s what did in Nixon with the tapes. Howard asked if Hogan knew he was being taped. Bubba said that Hogan lived with him for 3 months so he knew what was going on there.

Bubba said that he’s been there for Hogan for six years and he has stuck up for him a lot. Bubba said that he stuck up for Hogan about his son and what he went through. Bubba said that Hogan was blaming the other kid in the accident. He had some audio of Hogan talking about that. Howard said that Bubba was there defending him though. Robin said he can’t change his mind like that. Bubba said that he can when he was there for the guy and defending him and then he turns on him. Bubba said that he’d expect that Hogan wouldn’t name him in a lawsuit after he defended him. Bubba said the real thing is that they need to find out who leaked it. Bubba said that he’d like to help him or maybe Hogan could help him figure out who did leak it.

Bubba said he has never seen the tape. He said he doesn’t know who holds it. Bubba said that he’s been served a cease and desist on talking about this whole thing. Bubba said that he finds that odd after everything they’ve done together. Bubba said that he’s just recanting things that they’ve been through and now he’s got a Cease and Desist.

Bubba said he and Hogan have talked and he talked to him before he went on Howard’s show. Bubba said that Hogan has switched gears and all bets are off and all friendships are off. He said Hogan is just covering his own ass. Bubba said he won’t sit back and take it.

Howard said that he’s thinking that Hogan thinks that he has the tapes since they were from his house. Howard said he can see why he would think that they were leaked from there. Bubba said that Hogan has turned on him and at the end of the day the real victim is Heather. Howard said she does come off looking bad in this whole thing. Bubba said they’re saying there are more tapes of them but he doesn’t think there are. He said he thinks that they were cut up and made into multiple tapes.

Howard said that there is an article on Philly.com that says there are more tapes of Heather with other celebrities. Howard said Heather is the one getting hurt. Bubba said he doesn’t know of any other situations that she was involved with. He said he hasn’t been in contact with her at all about this though.

Howard said that they say that there are clips of someone using the N-word in the house but they don’t say it’s Bubba. Bubba said it’s not him.

Bubba said that he’s never even seen this tape that’s out now. He said that they all knew what was going on in that house that day. Bubba said he’s being made to look like a stupid ass chump in this whole thing. Bubba said that he would have edited himself out to make himself look less stupid. Bubba said they say that he said something at the end of the tape about how they could save the tape for a rainy day when they need the money. Bubba said that he wouldn’t leave that in the tape if he was going to release it.

Howard asked Bubba if he ever watched the tapes. Bubba said he doesn’t know the logistics of who got into what to release them. Howard asked if he thinks that Hogan could have done it himself. Bubba said he doesn’t want to speculate. Howard said that Hogan seems to be very upset about the whole thing. Bubba said that Hogan is just trying to protect himself.

Gary said that in the tape they were talking about how they could retire if they sold that tape. Bubba said that if he put that tape out he would have cut that out so he wouldn’t look stupid. Howard said he wants to have Bubba and Hogan in there to take a lie detector test. Bubba said he’d be willing to do that. Bubba said he thinks that some people are in this to protect themselves and they should be working together to figure out what’s going on. Bubba said he can’t be part of this legal thing after doing all of Hogan’s dirty work over the past 6 years.

Robin asked why they haven’t hired a private detective to figure this out. Bubba said he’s trying to protect his family and one of these people is only trying to protect himself.

Howard said Bubba is hurt because Hogan doesn’t believe that he wasn’t really part of this. Bubba said he thinks that Hogan’s P.R. machine is part of that. He said that this David Houston guy is churning Hogan and getting him worked up. Howard said that this is going to cost Bubba a lot of money because he has to lawyer up now. Bubba said that if Hogan had just shut up about this and tried to figure out what happened they could have kept it quiet. He said that Hogan is the one making it worse.

Bubba said that Hogan is known for acting like this. He had some examples of what he had done in the past and said that his friends had warned him about this. He said Hogan is a friend and he put up with it over the years. Howard said he thinks that he’s going to reach out to Hogan and Bubba and he thinks that he could get Hogan to drop the lawsuit. Robin said that Hogan claims he didn’t know he was being taped. Howard said everyone he knows knew that they were being taped at Bubba’s house. Howard said that’s why he never wanted to go to Bubba’s house. Howard said he was afraid there would be a Howard Stern masturbation tape. Bubba said that would never happen.

Gary said that he was reading about what was going on with the tapes and they’re saying there are multiple tapes and Bubba has brought them into work to show people. Bubba said that’s just not true. Bubba said that RadardOnline.com will print anything that people tell them. Bubba said he never even saw this tape himself. He said he has never seen it and if he had then he would have cut himself out so he wouldn’t’ look like a dumb ass laughing stock. Howard said he thinks that Bubba would have shown it to him because he knows that he would have been tickled pink.

Gary asked if there are any other tapes. Bubba said he thinks that someone has taken this tape and they’ve cut it up. That’s his only speculation on this. Howard said Bubba doesn’t know any other celebrities.

Howard said Bubba’s wife was very hot and he doesn’t get the whole thing with sharing her. Bubba said he has no explanation for that. Bubba said he might be able to do that privately but he can’t throw that out there. Howard asked if he’s able to perform sexually. Bubba said he can. Robin said he has that ”rattler” so of course he can.

Howard asked Bubba about his ex-wife and what went on there sexually. Bubba said he really can’t talk about that stuff. He said he can’t get into that like Howard can’t get into it about his ex-wife. Howard said he’s talking about Bubba though. He said he’s not talking about Heather.

Bubba said that this isn’t fair that he and Heather have to take all of the responsibility for something that all three of them knew about. He said that they all knew what they were doing. He said this lawsuit thing was a blind side to him. He said he didn’t do anything wrong so he’s not nervous about this. Howard said no one likes litigation though. He said he must be upset about that.

Bubba said that he has a child and he’s embarrassed by that. He said for a week and a half he sat there and got called names for doing this thing that he didn’t do.

Howard asked if Bubba is upset about blasting Hogan’s son and daughter. Bubba said that all bets are off at this point. He said he had Hogan’s back for all those years and he delivered all of those messages of hate for him and then he sues him. Bubba said that he told Hogan that this will all go away and he asked him to take him and Heather out of his lawsuit. Bubba said he texted him that and Hogan told him that he can’t do that. Bubba said that he thinks that there might be other tapes that make him look bad. He said he really doesn’t know if there are more tapes from his home because he hasn’t seen what these people are saying they have.

Howard asked Brent what he thinks. Brent said he thinks that Hogan is a scumbag. Bubba said that Hogan screwed Brent out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Brent told Howard about this lawsuit he helped Hogan with and Hogan told Brent that he’d give him 10 points. When the suit was settled Brent didn’t get anything.

Howard said he thinks that Bubba is up to this stuff more than they know. Bubba said he can talk to Howard privately about where he was at mentally at that point. Howard said there is no place that he’d want his wife making love to anyone else. Howard said he would be too jealous. Howard said Brent has said he loved his wife being with other men. Howard said maybe Bubba got caught up in that.

Bubba said he is not a rat or a flip flopper. He said he didn’t break the man code. He was trying to help out a friend in and overly friendly way. He said there were no secrets. He said if someone would just shut up about this thing it would go away. He said the guy had to push it and file a law suit. He said he should be concentrating on where Gawker got the tape from. Bubba said this is a bitch fight and Hogan isn’t the only victim here. He said that there’s a woman who is a mom and a public figure that’s a father and they were doing a private thing that got out.

Howard asked Bubba if he talked to his wife about the sex thing. Bubba said he never saw the tape and he never talked to her about it. Howard asked what he was doing while she was doing Hogan. Bubba said he was probably ordering race car parts or something on the computer. Howard thought he was joking but Bubba said he’s serious.

Howard said Bubba has to come in there and he’s going to pump him with truth serum. Howard said he wants to know what’s going on there. Howard said he thinks if he gets Hogan and Bubba in there they’ll be able to settle this. Robin said she thinks Howard is out of his mind. She said that they may never see Hogan in there again. Bubba said he’s not afraid of anything and he’s willing to talk about anything. Bubba said that he would appear there with Hulk Hogan and he’s not afraid of that. Howard said he wants to get them out of this lawsuit. Howard said he thinks he can end this suit. Brent said that would be great. Bubba said that Hogan is sending him Cease and Desist messages telling him he can’t even talk about this.

Bubba told Howard that if Hogan had shut up after he was on Howard’s show this all would have gone away. He said Hogan went out and kept talking about it and that made it worse. Howard said maybe he wants to stop the tape from coming out and maybe he’s ashamed. Howard said to get people to shake in their boots he’s showing that he will litigate. Bubba said that he’s throwing his friend to the wolves though. Howard said Bubba has always been vocal about the taping in his house and you know you’re being exposed when you’re being taped.

Howard asked if Hogan ever asked him to get rid of the tape. Bubba said no one even ever saw that tape. Howard asked if the tape erases after a certain amount of time. Bubba said he doesn’t know because his equipment has changed over the years. Howard said someone must have gotten in there and taken it right off. Bubba said he has never seen the tape. Howard said maybe there were more people in on knowing about the tape if there were people who could see the security system.

Howard was trying to figure out who could have released the tape. Bubba said he’s never seen it but if he could then maybe he could figure it out. He said that Hogan has made a living about hyping things up over the years and that would be crazy to do. He said he wouldn’t want that as his worst nightmare.

Bubba said he has a DJ suing him there in Tampa too. Howard said he didn’t know that was still going on. Bubba’s sister, Tara, was there so Howard asked what she thinks about this. Tara said that she’s equally embarrassed and ashamed. Howard asked Tara if she put the tape out. She said she had no idea it existed. She said that her brother never told her anything about it.

Howard said Bubba is a freak and he’s really into a crazy scene. Howard said he’s sorry he’s hurting and he knows that he adored that guy. Bubba said that he was a good friend and he double crossed him. Bubba said he’s going to come out and defend himself. He said he didn’t break man code and he didn’t set this up to destroy him. He said he took care of the guy for years and he’s not going to let him do this to him. He said that the Love Sponge name has been tainted now. Bubba said that he may just go by Bubba Clem from now on. Bubba said that he’s been told he can’t even talk about this stuff anymore. Howard said he has to get the two of them in the studio to talk about this.

Bubba told Howard he has never lied to Howard. He knows that Hogan has lied to Howard because he claimed that he never had sex with Heather when he was asked that on the air.

Howard asked Bubba if he had taken him up on his offer to sleep with Heather would he have been taped. Bubba said no. Howard said he’s so happy he didn’t stay at his house. Bubba said he’s glad he didn’t stay there too. Bubba said that most of his rooms aren’t taped. He said his bathrooms and guest rooms are not taped.

Bubba asked Fred what he thinks about this. Fred said there were only two people in Bubba’s corner from the start and it was only him and Howard. Robin said that she was on Bubba’s side too. Bubba said he knows that Robin is never on his side. He said that he’s heard snide comments from her over the years. Robin said she talks about other people like that too. Bubba said that he has the biggest crush on Howard… He meant to say Robin.

Howard said he’s going to come over and have sex with Bubba and they’re going to release that tape. Howard said you have to be careful when you wife swap. Howard asked if he’s going to be alright. Bubba said that he’s been on the verge of breaking down a few times. He said his sister will testify to that. He said he had to have her come over and comfort him. Bubba said he’s been to see a therapist. Howard asked if he’s feeling suicidal. Bubba said he’s not because he didn’t do anything wrong. Bubba said that his show is therapeutic and he doesn’t have to sit there and take it. He said he wasn’t going to say anything until Hogan filed the lawsuit on him. Bubba said he gets why he has to do some of this stuff but not a $100 million lawsuit. He said he has to come out with guns a blazin’ when that happens.

Howard asked Bubba if he would consent to the release of the tape if he was going to get a big pay day. Bubba said no way. He said Heather is the one who needs to be taken care of. He said she’s a mom and she didn’t sign up for any of this stuff. Bubba said that she’s moved on and he’s moved on now too. He said heather is a great mom and they have to think about what she’s going through. Bubba said that his attorneys have reached out to her’s. He said that he doesn’t see that they’d ever get back together though. Howard said he can’t imagine that with his ex-wife. Bubba said he thinks that they can be friendly toward one another.

Howard said he hasn’t called Bubba because he didn’t want to seem like he was prying. Howard said he sent him a note saying that he hopes that he’s okay. Bubba said he wrote back that his only thing is that he hasn’t lost his and Beth’s friendship. Howard said he won’t dump him but he can’t say that about Beth.

Howard said that Beth wants to be with Iron Sheik so he’s wondering if he should do it. Bubba said he can do that but just don’t tape it. Howard said he’d have to tape it.

Bubba asked Howard to get him back on his channel. Howard said he wants him back. Bubba said they’re willing to work almost for free. Bubba said that he needs some more bread. Howard said he can come back if he continues to release tapes every week. Howard said he thinks that Bubba and Heather would end up back together before that would happen. Bubba said they could roll them back into afternoon drive. Howard said he knows that no one is listening to him there.

Bubba asked if he’s going to sign back up for AGT next season. Howard said he’s thinking about it. He said that he’s in talks and he’s thinking about it. He said he has to decide in the next week or two. Howard said NBC is being very patient with him. Howard said he’s old and he has to work his schedule out. Howard said that’s the hang up right now. Bubba said that Howard seems so happy doing that job. He said that the early morning radio thing sucks and the TV thing seems to be good for Howard.

Howard said he loves Bubba and his crew and he hopes that he can bring him and Hogan together to figure this whole thing out. Bubba said he knows Howard just wants a good show. Howard said if that’s what he thinks then he won’t do it. Howard said he thinks that he get Hogan to release Bubba from the lawsuit. Brent said that would be amazing. Howard told Bubba to just relax and they’ll see what happens.

Howard asked Bubba to please get better cameras in his house. Bubba said if he was going to release a tape for real he would have better cameras. Howard said he should do it in color next time. Bubba said he’ll have fluff girls and all of that next time. Bubba said he’ll make sure he cuts himself out of it next time.

Howard said he would like to bring Bubba and Hogan into the room and that’s it. He doesn’t want anyone else in there. Howard said that he will get Hogan and Bubba together and they’ll work things out. He said he thinks that they could do that. Bubba said that maybe Hogan will ride the Sybian. Howard let Bubba and the guys go a short time later.

Robin said it’s so much fun to talk to them. She said it’s too bad it’s for such a horrible situation. Howard said that those are their hillbilly cousins. Howard said everyone has those cousins and you usually try to keep them quiet. Howard said they love talking to them though.

Howard said that was an exclusive because Bubba isn’t talking to any other media outlets. Howard said they have Valerie Bertinelli coming in next. He went to break after that.

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