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Ric Flair turns down TNA invitation for HOF reports that the Word is that TNA reached out to WWE hall of famer Ric Flair to appear at the Hall of Fame ceremony as a speaker, but he turned them down.

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  1. Kerry says:


  2. echo says:

    It might have to do with the lawsuit than his personal opinion of the company. Wasn’t Christian supposed to be there too?

  3. lucky says:

    What a piece of s***! I understand the lawsuit. Business is business. But couldn’t you put that aside to speak about a friend that you’ve known for 20+ years? Flair, in my personal opinion is just down right disgusting.

  4. Kerry says:

    Well, I assume there would have been money involved in him showing up. I can’t imagine him turning that down any other time.

  5. Joan B. in S. C. says:

    I thought this showed good judgement on Naitch’s part. It seems he is actually thinking long term looking forward to when he can return to WWE for a much bigger payday.

  6. -J- says:

    Sting still thanked him during the induction, wooooooooooooo!

  7. nathan says:

    Shows how much he respects Sting.

  8. Shane Daly says:

    When Sting gets inducted in to a real hall of fame (such as WWE’s), I’m certain the Nature Boy will be there.

  9. Denis says:

    The WWE Hall of Fame is anything but a “real one”

  10. Chris James says:

    Good for Naitch… I think it’s like an unsaid mutual agreement between the legends over at TNA that it’s not TNA who everyone needs to respect it’s them. It’s each other. TNA itself can shove it.

  11. Chris James says:

    They just work there because Vince is such a control freak. Not because they actually believe TNA will become the top dog or even a threat. It’s a joke. production value alone is on the cement.

  12. Chris James says:

    And sting has never been the insecure little baby to complain that flair didn’t show up to his deal… C’mon, you guys..

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