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Breaking: WWE title change in Memphis

WWE tweeted:

BREAKING: @TrueKofi wins Intercontinental Title for fourth time, defeating @MikeTheMiz. #MainEvent #KofiWins

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11 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Isn’t this suppose to air Wednesday. Why would they break it on twitter?

  2. Paul says:

    Good for you, Kofi! Boom! Boom! Boom!

  3. Common Cents says:

    uhm…and what was the point to change the titles off of camera? I mean it’s somewhat historically authentic seeing as how there is no recorded video of Patt Patterson winning the Intercontinental belt in Rio…right?

  4. Kystud says:

    Hell, after that kick to Miz head last night I’m stunned the belt was just not handed over to Kofi. That was one of the stiffest kick ive seen in yrs.

  5. loo s says:

    I thought it literally was the WWE TITLE that changed hands…

  6. TL says:

    Great news! :) Common Cents, it’s wasn’t off-camera. The match happened during the Main Event taping, which will air tomorrow.

  7. Phil says:

    Forget this BS , Miz is much better!

  8. Joey says:

    Tweet: IC title changed, find out how it happened on Main Event.

    They really want Main Event to succeed or at least start the show’s history with big names doing big things(i.e. champion v. champion on episode 1)

  9. Vendetta says:

    @loo s: i also thought it was the wwe championship lol

  10. Big Andy says:

    I’m okay with this, only if they keep it on him and give the belt some credibility (which honestly they’ve been doing with other belts lately). I’d like a Cody/Kofi feud.

  11. -J- says:

    somebody gots the crazy eyes! O.O

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