Detailed 10/10 WWE NXT Recap

Oct 15, 2012 - by staff

The WWE Intro airs before we get a closeup shot of the WWE Championship. We then see CM Punk standing in front of a camera, defining the word ‘respect’ as admiration and revered and one would think for being the WWE Champion for such a long time, he would be admired or revered but he is not. Punk says he’s treated with contempt instead and he’s watched more main events than he’s been in. Punk says he’s here to watch Seth Rollins defend his NXT Championship in the main event, the way a champion should. Punk says that he hopes everyone in the NXT locker room, Rollins especially can appreciate what a huge night it is for NXT to have the WWE Champion in attendance as a spectator. Punk concludes by saying ‘The Best in the World’ is invading NXT and everyone should be ready for a lesson in respect. Punk glances at the WWE Championship and says ‘respect’ again.

The NXT Intro airs and Byron Saxton welcomes us to the show, being joined by William Regal. Saxton hypes the main event as Seth Rollins will defend his NXT Championship for the first time against Michael McGillicutty. Saxton also hypes the fact that the WWE CM Punk will join them later tonight. Bo Dallas hits the ring for the first match of the night. Dallas sprints to the ring and Regal recounts an injury Dallas suffered, a split kidney. Regal says that would have ended anyone’s career but Dallas knows he’s destined for greatness. Johnny Curtis is out next and Curtis holds his vest open as he slowly makes his way to the ring. The two circle each other after the bell rings and lockup. Dallas applies an armbar and takes Curtis over for a quick one count. Curtis backs into a corner and locks up with Dallas again. Curtis backs Dallas into a corner and the referee calls for a break. Curtis hits chop to the chest of Dallas and goes for a right hand. Dallas blocks the shot and drills Curtis with a few clotheslines in the corner. Dallas runs off the ropes and hits a big clothesline, getting a two. Dallas comes off the ropes again but Curtis nails him with a big back elbow. Curtis stomps on Dallas and he thinks he’s in control. Dallas starts fighting back but again runs into a forearm shot and Curtis gets a quick cover. Curtis hits a snap suplex on Dallas for a two before whipping him hard into the corner. Curtis takes Dallas over and applies a sleeper. Curtis puts all of his pressure on Dallas who slowly gets to his feet. Dallas hits a few shots to the midsection and breaks free but he runs into a back body drop. Curtis quickly heads to the second rope and goes for a kneedrop but Dallas moves out of the way. Curtis limps, trying to get up as Dallas gets to his feet as well. Dallas hits a clothesline and a back elbow to Curtis. Dallas runs off the ropes and drives his forearm across the back of Curtis. Dallas goes for an Irish whip to a corner but Curtis reverses it and sends Dallas in. Curtis charges but Dallas hits him with an overhead belly to belly suplex and he measures him. Dallas comes off the ropes and hits a spear on Curtis for the three. Dallas is all smiles after the match as highlights of the concluding moments are shown. Dallas high fives the fans on the way up the ramp as Saxton hypes the main event between Seth Rollins and Michael McGillicutty with the NXT Championship on the line. Saxton then hypes CM Punk’s appearance as he will call the action with Jim Ross. Saxton also hypes the next match as Paige and Audrey Marie will face Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox after a break.

We’re back and all four Divas are in the ring for their tag match as Paige and Audrey Marie will face Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox. Marie and Kaitlyn take verbal shots at each other but it’s Paige that starts things with Kaitlyn. The two lock up and Kaitlyn pushes Paige down. The two lock up again but Paige takes Kaitlyn down this time. Kaitlyn gets back to her feet and sneaks a knee into the midsection followed by a headlock and a takeover. Paige spins out of the move and forces Kaitlyn to her corner as the tag is made to Marie. Paige whips Kaitlyn into an arm drag from Marie, who hangs on to the arm of Kaitlyn. Marie delivers a series of headlocks and armbars until Kaitlyn counters with one of her own. Kaitlyn lifts Marie onto her shoulder as Fox tags in. Marie hits a sunset flip on Kaitlyn but Fox breaks it up, hits Marie with a right hand and a pin attempt for a one. Marie trips Fox up and covers for a quick count. Fox trips Marie for a quick count and Marie tries to trip Fox again. Fox jumps up but Marie hits her with a snapmare. Fox evades Marie coming off the ropes a few times and attempts a monkey flip. Marie counters it and flips Fox, who makes a quick tag to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn runs in and takes a drop toe hold as Marie applies a reverse chinlock. Kaitlyn struggles but picks Marie up and throws her down for a two. Kaitlyn brings Marie to her corner and tags in Fox. Fox throws Marie into the top turnbuckle three times and hits a snapmare for a two. Fox applies a sleeper as Marie struggles to her feet. Fox keeps control, throwing Marie down and tagging in Kaitlyn. Fox holds Marie open and Kaitlyn kicks her in the ribs. Kaitlyn throws Marie down and gets a two. Kaitlyn applies a bodyscissors and then a full nelson with her legs. Marie leans back and gets a two as she crawls for Paige. Kaitlyn makes the stop and picks up Marie but Marie hits a jawbreaker and heads for her corner again. Paige tags in as does Fox and Paige hits a running forearm. Fox misses a clothesline and Paige throws her down. Paige hits a Thesz Press on Fox, throws a right and bounces Fox’s head off the mat. Paige lifts Fox up, looking for her suplex DDT finisher but Fox hits a knee to the midsection and hits an inside cradle for a two. Paige gets up and hits a kick to the ribs, regaining control before hitting a big dropkick off the ropes. Paige goes for the cover and Kaitlyn breaks the count. Marie steps in but Kaitlyn hits her with a boot and sends her through the ropes and to the floor. Kaitlyn heads back to her corner as Fox goes for a slam on Paige. Paige lands on her feet and runs Fox into Kaitlyn before rolling her up for the three. Paige and Marie embrace in the ring as Saxton and Regal call it a big win, beating two established WWE Divas. Fox and Kaitlyn back up the ramp as Paige and Marie celebrate in the ring.

Jake Carter is backstage talking with a woman and he says it is what it is. The woman clearly gets annoyed and walks out a door as he smiles. Trent Barreta walks through the door and asks if Carter just struck out, calling it embarrassing. Carter says he doesn’t strike out and has a team on women, so if one leaves, it’s her loss. Carter says what would be embarrassing is standing over Barreta in the ring with his hand raised. Barreta asks if Carter has heard people asking ‘Where’s Trent?” Barreta says he will be kneeing Carter in his face next week and he leaves. Carter looks back and says ‘we’ll see.’

Briley Pierce is backstage and he interviews the NXT Champion, Seth Rollins. Pierce briefly talks about the NXT Title match against Michael McGillicutty tonight and asks Rollins if he’s nervous or excited. Rollins says ever since he won the NXT Championship, all he’s thought about is his first defense. Rollins says he’s not nervous but excited may be the right word. Rollins says when Michael McGillicutty went to the ring and called him out last week, he disrespected him. Rollins looks past Pierce as CM Punk approaches him. Punk asks if Rollins wants respect and says he has a free piece of advice for him. Punk says just because he’s a Champion, he won’t get any respect. Punk says he’s been the WWE Champion for nearly a year, had a stranglehold on the business for longer, conquered everything to conquer and beaten every wrestler. Punk says he’s the Best in the World and still nobody shows him respect. Punk says that Rollins will hear from everybody that respect isn’t given, respect is earned. Punk says he earned the WWE Title just like he feels Rollins earned the NXT Title. Punk says it isn’t something to just want. Punk concludes by telling Rollins don’t look for respect from McGillicutty since he won’t give it and don’t earn his respect, but beat the respect out of him. Punk wishes Rollins good luck and walks off as Rollins stares back at him and we take a break.

We’re back and Leo Kruger is in the ring for the next match of the night. Kruger crouches in a corner as the bell rings and his opponent, Dante Dash is screaming at him to fight. Kruger smiles but jumps from the corner and hits a big right hand. Kruger stomps on Dash and throws him off the ropes, hitting a forearm shot. Kruger keeps Dash from getting to the ropes and applies a reverse chinlock, while ripping at his face. Kruger throws Dash’s face off the mat and reapplies the hold before throwing his face off the mat again. Kruger hits a short arm clothesline on Dash followed by a snap suplex. Kruger starts pulling his hair hard and Some Kruger’s hair is on the mat in the ring as highlights of the match are shown. The lights dim and Kruger talks, saying his prey don’t need to worry about a long suffering as he will extinguish the lights quickly and asks who his next trophy will be. Kruger laughs as Saxton and Regal talk about how disturbed he is and Regal says, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Saxton says the wait is over and up next, Seth Rollins will defend the NXT Championship for the first time against Michael McGillicutty and mentions that CM Punk will call the action with Jim Ross.

Briley Pierce is with Michael McGillicutty and asks him how much of the NXT Title match is about the title and how much is about respect. McGillicutty asks what is it about respect with everyone. McGillicutty says after he beats Rollins, he can have all the respect he wants but he’ll be the NXT Champion. McGillicutty says after that, he’ll go after CM Punk and take the WWE Championship from him. McGillicutty utters the word ‘respect’ with disgust as he walks off and we take a break.

We’re back and Chris Russo announces the next match for the NXT Championship. Michael McGillicutty makes his way out as JR welcomes us back to the show and is joined by William Regal. JR says that the WWE Champion CM Punk will join them in a moment before talking with Regal about how good Michael McGillicutty actually is. Seth Rollins is out next with the NXT Championship around his waist. Rollins swings his head on the stage and stomps his feet before quickly heading to ringside. Rollins high fives a few fans and steps in, putting the NXT Championship close to McGillicutty’s face as the referee keeps the two apart. CM Punk’s music hits as he is welcomed into the NXT Arena. Punk says he’s been looking forward to this so much that he came to get a closer look. Punk wishes the two good luck and heads over to the announce table, where he shakes JR’s hand and Regal’s hand. The introductions are done for both men inside the ring as McGillicutty is announced first followed by Rollins, the Champion. The bell rings and the two circle each other as the crowd gets behind Rollins. They lock up and Rollins quickly applies a wristlock and takes McGillicutty down. Punk asks Regal who he thinks will win and Regal says he can’t pick a winner, since it would do a deservice to both men. McGillicutty gets to the ropes and gets the break as Punk asks JR who he thinks will win. Rollins and McGillicutty lock up again and Rollins rolls him up quickly but he McGillicutty kicks out quickly. JR says Rollins is red hot and he will pick him to win until someone can beat him. Rollins hits back to back shoulder blocks on McGillicutty and runs off the ropes. McGillicutty ducks down and Rollins leaps over him, hitting a spin kick to the midsection. Rollins goes for the Black Out but McGillicutty moves and heads to the apron. Rollins holds his fingers up to McGillicutty saying he was that close. McGillicutty screams at him as we take a break.

We’re back and McGillicutty hits a kick to the head of Rollins and gets him in a corner. McGillicutty stomps on Rollins and goes for a whip to the opposite side. Rollins reverses it and hits a hip toss on McGillicutty followed by a headlock takeover. McGillicutty struggles a bit but breaks free, sending Rollins off the ropes and hitting a big back elbow. McGillicutty can’t keep Rollins down and he hits a headlock takeover of his own. Rollins sends McGillicutty off the ropes and hits him with a dropkick, followed by another dropkick. Rollins hits a short series of kicks and grabs McGillicutty in a headlock position. Rollins runs but McGillicutty sends him over the top and to the floor. McGillicutty takes a moment and goes after Rollins, lifting him up and dropping his face first across the ring apron. McGillicutty throws Rollins back in and cover for a two. McGillicutty gets in Rollins face and slaps him as Rollins fights back with shots to the midsection. McGillicutty cuts him off and whips Rollins into a corner. McGillicutty charges but Rollins nails him with a boot and heads to the top with his back to the ring. McGillicutty trips him up and Rollins gets caught in a Tree of Woe position. McGillicutty lifts Rollins up and hammers him across the chest with his forearms and stomps at his midsection. McGillicutty leaves the ring and wrenches back on the neck of Rollins as he breaks on the count of the referee. Rollins falls face first to the mat and McGillicutty continues the trash talk. Rollins again tries to fight back but McGillicutty whips him hard to a corner which floors Rollins. Rollins grabs the bottom rope as McGillicutty looks for a cover. McGillicutty rips his hand away and gets a one as he drives his forearm into the face of Rollins and we take our last break of the night.

Rollins is on the top rope and McGillicutty runs for him. Rollins jumps off the top and lands on his feet, taking McGillicutty down three times with three right hands. Rollins goes for a whip off the ropes but McGillicutty reverses it. Rollins ducks McGillicutty twice and hits a single leg dropkick. McGillicutty gets to a corner and Rollins measures him from the opposite side, stomping on the mat. Rollins hits a running forearm avalanche on McGillicutty and runs off the ropes. McGillicutty bounces off the ropes as well but Rollins catches him with a clothesline, sending McGillicutty over the top and to the floor. McGillicutty gets up and Rollins nails him with a suicide dive as both are down. Rollins gets up and throws McGillicutty back into the ring as he waits on him from the apron. Rollins goes for a springboard but McGillicutty catches him with a dropkick to the midsection. McGillicutty goes for the cover but only gets a two. Rollins grabs the ropes and McGillicutty grabs his feet. McGillicutty pulls Rollins off the ropes but he lands on his feet and hits an enzuguri which stunds McGillicutty. Rollins goes for the Blackout but McGillicutty moves out of the way. Rollins then goes for a big kick to the head but McGillicutty ducks and hits a Saito suplex for a two. McGillicutty can’t believe it and covers Rollins again but still gets just a two. McGillicutty lifts Rollins up and goes for the Perfect Plex but Rollins catches him with an inside cradle for a two. McGillicutty gets up and misses one clothesline but connects with another that turns Rollins inside out. McGillicutty covers and Rollins kicks out as McGillicutty screams ‘no’ and sits in a corner. McGillicutty gets up and measures Rollins before charging. McGillicutty goes for the McGillicutter and Rollins sidesteps him. Rollins hooks McGillicutty and comes off the ropes with a variation of the Slice Bread #2. Rollins hooks both legs of McGillicutty and gets the three. Rollins holds his arm but is announced as the winner and he swings the NXT Title over his head. Punk says that was a great effort by both men as highlights of the closing moments are shown. Rollins looks over at CM Punk, who stands up and claps his hands, staring back at him. Rollins stands on the ropes and stares back at Punk as JR questions if Punk is looking in the mirror. JR thanks Punk for being there and thanks the fans before saying they will see us next week as the show comes to a close.

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