WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 10/13/12

Oct 14, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 10/13/12


Color commentators: Josh Matthews & Santino Marella


-Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Justin Gabriel (non-title)


The Miz opens up with a hip toss on Gabriel and follows up with an arm drag and calls for the approval of the crowd. Miz delivers a huge body slam and shows boats some more. Gabriel comes back and lands a hip toss, arm drag and body slam and covers him for a two count. Gabriel attempts a crucifix pin but only gets a two count. Gabriel attempts an Irish whip but Miz reverses it and Gabriel hits the corner buckle hard. Miz takes control with a vertical suplex and covers Gabriel for a two count. Miz lands a belly to back suplex but still, only gets a two count. Miz attempts the running kick to the head but Gabriel ducks and rolls up Miz for a two count and follows up with a flying shoulder tackle off the ropes. Gabriel attempts a springboard moonsault off the top rope but comes up empty. Miz quickly hits the Skull Crushing Finale to seal the deal.


Winner: The Miz



-The 3rd Degree: Who has the greatest entrance music of all time?


Kofi Kingston: The Ultimate Warrior


Daniel Bryan: The Ultimate Warrior (He said it’s the greatest thing in WWE history)


Beth Phoenix: Kane


Layla: Lay Cool


Kaitlin: Brodus Clay


Dolph Ziggler: Stone Cold Steve Austin


John Cena: His own entrance music



– Behind the music with WWE entrance theme composer Jim Johnston.


Johnston says it’s his job to create a song that perfectly fits with the wrestler and their personality. His personal favorite entrance themes are Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Big Show, D-Generation X, HHH and performs some guitar riffs of these themes. Johnston’s advice to aspiring musicians is to practice as much as possible and don’t pre decide what you want to do in music. Get as good as you can possibly get and when an opportunity is presented, follow it all the way.


-Jinder Mahal vs. Sin Cara


The fancy Sin Cara lighting blankets the arena and we are under way as the two combatants lock up and Mahal shoves Sin Cara down to the canvas. Mahal body slams Sin Cara but the masked luchador comes back with a drop kick to the lower back that sends Mahal into the ropes and he gets rolled up but kicks out at two. Mahal is yelling at Sin Cara out of embarrassment. They lock up again and Sin Cara locks up Mahal’s arm runs up the ropes and hits a deep arm drag that sends Mahal to the floor and we to commercial.



– We are treated to a don’t try this at home PSA with Justin Gabriel


Back from the break and Mahal has taken control of the match. He whips Sin Cara into the corner and Sin Cara hits the buckle hard. Mahal covers for a one count. Mahal applies a surfboard submission but Sin Cara is able to roll with it and cover Mahal but only gets a two count. Mahl cuts off Sin Cara and follows up with a double under hook suplex and taunts the crowd. Mahal nails Sin Cara with a side walk slam for a two count and applies a bear hug. Sin Cara is able to break free but Mahal catches him running off the ropes and hits him in the gut. Sin Cara is able to come back with the back handspring elbow and dumps Mahal over the top rope and on to the floor. Sin Cara nails Mahal with a beautiful corkscrew plancha and throws Mahal back in the ring. Sin Cara lands another corkscrew plancha off the apron and gets a close near fall. Sin Cara picks up Mahal but is cut off and nailed with a power bomb. Mahal goes for a second power bomb but Sin Cara rolls through and face plants Mahal. He follows it up with a swanton bomb for the 1-2-3.


Winner: Sin Cara

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