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Photo: Member of Aces and Eights revealed

photo credit: WrestlingNoticias

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  1. Alex says:

    Never in a million years would I have guessed.

  2. Paul says:

    Seems as though this whole “Devon leaves TNA” business was a ruse.

  3. craig says:

    I love it. I thought Devon was done with TNA.

  4. Dusty says:

    I had a little expectancy that he could have been in Aces and Eights. I don’t know about leader though.

  5. Fisha695 says:

    TNA with their illogical thinking again… Everybody knows Black guys aren’t allowed to be in Outlaw Biker Gangs…… l0l

  6. eddie says:

    Fish that is not totally truer

  7. Ryan says:

    A&8s next move? Kidnapping Brooke and lighting her on fire while Hulk watches.

  8. DBRude says:

    And what logical reason did Devon have to switch sides?

  9. -J- says:

    he was tired of being tv champ dammit, makes sense tna sense brother!

  10. Big Andy says:

    Next reveal : the Pope

  11. eddie says:

    The logic is probably the way TNA treated him when his contracted expired and how hogan didn’t treat him like the star he thinks he is

  12. James says:

    The Devon thing was a perfect swerve on us, you got to admit. But I highly doubt he’s the leader. One member revealed, seven to go.

  13. Wrestlings Future says:

    To me… Team 3D breaking was the worst decision known to man… But now that I see the potential for Devon to recruit Bully Ray and Team 3D can leaf Aces and 8’s together… I see amazing potential

  14. Science & Violence says:

    Lol@Thinking Black men aren’t allowed to be in biker gangs. They have some of their own biker gangs and it’s not like Blacks are clambering to join a group of unwashed meth-heads.

  15. FrischDVH says:

    What if all the Aces & Eights are Dudleys?

  16. The Kayfabe Ninja says:

    The new Clayton Bigsby, good job guys, common sense and research can go a long way. TNA- assclown university!

  17. Mattyman says:

    Honestly, its a fresh look and hopefully a decent run for Devon.

  18. cold says:

    why the police allowed the Aces & eights to kidnap and torture that Joseph Parks (Abyss’ brother) is beyond me.

    What has law enforcement come to these days

  19. Andrew Lacey says:

    I Did See Jeff Hardy Came Through The Audience On His Return To TNA And That Got Me Thinking Of Jeff Hardy Could Be A Member Off Aces & Eights Also Through He Did Attack Some TNA Rosters So Jeff Hardy Would Be Working Underneath A Mask

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