WWE Main Event Results 10/10/12

Oct 11, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Main Event 10/10/12        San Jose, California


The Miz and Michael Cole kicks things off in the ring and hype up Randy Orton vs. Big Show match. It is mentioned that 28 championships have been won between the two of them and 12 of those titles have been the WWE or World Heavyweight Championships.


We are treated to two video packages just like last week. The Big Show’s video talked about him being “Fat and fed up.” Show says being liked and loved is simply empty garbage and he is a giant of devastation.


Big Show is interviewed by Josh Matthews and calls the WWE Universe fickle and no longer cares what they think. He grabs Matthews by the neck and holds up his fist and says after he re introduces it to Orton’s head, no one will think his victory on Smackdown over Orton was a fluke.


A video package on Randy Orton highlighting the beginning of his career with various wrestlers such as Arn Anderson talking about how gifted he is. It was mentioned how people saw him as the future of sports entertainment and Orton said the business made him a better man and husband.


Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton and mentions him being attacked by Alberto Del Rio. Orton says he will see Del Rio down the road and he is not ashamed of losing to The Big Show. Finishes by saying he doesn’t believe lightning can strike twice but a Viper can.



-Randy Orton vs. The Big Show


Orton unloads with series of right hands to the head and stomach until Big Show lands one single punch to Orton’s ribs. Show lands two huge chops in the corner and lands two more punches to the ribs. Show landa a body slam for a two count. Orton tries to fight back but Show cuts him off with a running shoulder tackle. Orton rolls outside the ring and Big Show follows him but is posted head first and we go to commercial.


We are back and Big Show is back in control and standing on the Orton’s ribs while holding the rope. Show stalks his prey while smiling ear to ear. Orton is dropped with another punch to the ribs. The viper tries to fight back as the crowd chants Orton’s name but he gets caught in a giant bear hug. Orton attempts to punches his way out of the bear hug and lands three head butts to finally create some separation. Show sells to the ropes and Orton grabs his legs and dumps him over the top rope and we go to break.


Orton is now in control as he unloads with rights and lefts outside the ring. Back in the ring, the Orton stomp is applied and followed up with a jumping knee drop for a two count. Orton picks up Show but gets caught with three punches to the ribs. Show is back in control and once again, stands on the Orton’s ribs while holding on to the ropes. Show lands a giant sidewalk slam for a two count. Orton lands three back elbows and drops Big Show with standing drop kick. It takes a few seconds but Orton finally covers Show for a two count and was met with a powerful kick out.


Orton follows up with a hangmen’s DDT but it met with another powerful kick out from Big Show. Orton drops to the mat and sets up for the RKO while holdings his ribs and BOOM.. RKO but Show rolls under the bottom rope and to the floor. Orton follows and attempts another RKO on the floor but Show rams him rib first into the ring apron. Show throws Orton back in the ring and lands several elbow drops to Orton’s ribs and applies the colossal clutch. Orton tries to fight out of it and gets to his feet but Show grabs his throat and hits the choke slam for the 1-2-3.


Winner: The Big Show



Post-match interview with Matt Striker on the ramp and Big Show says in two weeks he will knock out Sheamus at Hell in a Cell and become the world’s largest champion.


Josh Matthews interviews Sheamus backstage. The champ says Big Show will be his biggest challenge but he is looking forward to it and the win will be so much sweeter because he came to the WWE looking for a fight and this will be the biggest one he can find.



-Kofi Kingston vs. Michael McGillicutty


Kofi lands a monkey flip out of the corner and attempts the chase but is cut off with  clothesline from McGilicutty. McGilicutty follows up with an exploding belly to back suplex for a two count. Kofi comes back with an hurricanrana that sends the third generation superstar head first into the top turnbuckle. Kofi follows up with two drops kicks and a high flying clothesline. Kofi lands the Boom drop and goes for the trouble in paradise. McGillicutty ducks but is met with the SOS and that is all she wrote.


Winner: Kofi Kingston



The Miz comes in the ring after the match and makes fun of Kofi by saying his attitude devalues everything in the WWE. Miz calls himself a Wrestlemania Hall of Famer and calls Kofi a carefree hippie. He says Kofi will never reach his level and Kofi replies that he is hiding a dagger behind his smile.


Kofi challenges Miz to a match and Miz says name the time and place. Kofi says next week on Main Event and for the IC title. Miz is reluctant to put the belt on the line until Kofi goads him into it. Miz attempts a cheap shot but Kofi connects with trouble in paradise and holds up the IC title to end the show.

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