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The two opponents being considered for Undertaker at Wrestlemania

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is tinkering with the idea of The Undertaker facing John Cena at Wrestlemania 29 in April, with CM Punk facing The Rock. In another scenario being considered, The Undertaker defends his Mania streak against CM Punk, setting up John Cena vs. The Rock, Once in a Lifetime II.

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  1. sicbink says:

    Does that mean that I’m living my second lifetime?

  2. Once in a lifetime2 doesn’t have a good ring to it..

    I’d rather see Cena lose to undertaker,
    and punk lose to rocky.. :)

  3. Me says:

    Wasn’t Taker supposed to take on Brock – as part of HHH-HBK brotherhood and revenge for HHH’s loss at SummerSlam?
    I thought there would be a 3 way main-event: Rock vs Cena vs CM Punk.
    And maybe Orton vs Sheamus for World Heavy title.

    Cena vs Taker doesn’t look right. It’s gonna be Face vs Face. Cena’s gonna get booed all over the place.

  4. machine says:

    Just last week the rumor was Ryback…streak vs streak

  5. trev bourne says:

    the rock -v- taker???

  6. Darrin says:

    sorry Ryback is not ready for Taker…. I had been hearing Punk losing to Rock at RR and Cena taking the belt from Rock at WM…

  7. Josh says:

    I was thinking Punk loses the title to Rocky at the rumble, he gets pissed and starts a beatdown on Rock with the save coming from a Steve Austin return setting up Punk vs Austin and Rock vs Cena at mania, I reckon Lesnar will have a retirement match with HHH at SS or RR. Taker could then step in as the only man that can stop Lesnar setting up their match at mania. As for Sheamus i’m hoping mark henry returns at the rumble to dominantly win the match and reclaim that monster heat he got last year and go on to face Sheamus at wrestlemania. Nobody wants to see punk job to taker and nobody wants to see cena break the streak.

  8. Matt says:

    I hope they go with option 1 of taker vs cena and punk vs rock…but something tells me theyre saving cena vs taker til wm30…i watched a video earlier with cena doing a q and a and they asked who hed like to face at wm30 and he answered that hed like a shot at the undertaker’s streak….but if they go with punk vs rock at wm29 I’d throw in austin as the ref and have him screw punk over to set up austin vs punk for wm30 the following year

  9. Hipnosis says:

    for the love of god. UNDERTAKER vs JOHN CENA. YES!! It’s a story in the making since Cena debuted!!

  10. SaneAmongInsane says:

    …Really would like to see either Punk/Rock or Punk/Taker.

    The only other matches I’d want to see is Taker/Brock or Punk/Brock

  11. Steve says:

    “Once In a Lifetime II” Makes no sense.

  12. ironFNMaiden says:

    i remember Rock V Hogan II not meaning as much to me…… this is kind of bad feeling.

    I like the idea of Cena and Taker….Cena beating Taking was one of his first big wins prior to the big titles.

    Punk v Rock is nice because it’s something new.

    Overall: I want to see Cena v Taker, i’m still sore about his opponents becoming so predictable.

  13. Common Cents says:

    Twice in a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ADAM says:

    If you listen closely to Punks promos, Austin is being mentioned more and more ever so lightly. I bet that Austin is rehabbing his knees and will be opening up a can of whoop ass on punk at WM. As for Taker? I still see either Brock or maybe Kane as his retirement match. Cena and rock for the belt and I like the idea of Henry v. Shamus. If they do this right, WM 29 could truly be HUGE!

  15. vicvenom says:

    good god. I wish they could wrangle Sting for a one match contract.
    Sting vs. Taker would be the match of all matches…

    long story short: I’d pop for that.

  16. Stephen C says:

    I actually have been waiting to see Undertaker vs Cena for awhile now. If you go back to when Cena first joined the WWE the Undertaker was one of the few elite superstars that fully back Cena becoming a mainstay in the business.

  17. Nathan says:


    Glad you said it before I did, Once in a lifetime II makes absolutely no sense. They had their one match which was once in a lifetime and if they had a second match and tried to call it once in a liftime II it would be the dumbest thing ever. If they were intending all along to have a rematch between Rock and Cena at WM 29 then they should have never have called their match at 28 once in a lifetime.

  18. eddie says:

    Its not gonna be austin vs. Punk this year austin knees will not be 100% and austin said wont again unless he is at 100 %

  19. Fisha695 says:

    @ADAM, Austin being mentioned by Punk more & more (and Austin responding) is for nothing more then to hype the Video Game.

  20. ROB_MOR says:

    Punk vs. Austin

  21. Kid Vicious says:

    why not someone like dolph ziggler?
    and taker loses.

    if they wrote it well you could have ziggler face-turn in the match as taker acknowledges him, and given the massive rub his career would get it could allow cena to take a few months off tv whilst ziggler solidifies his claim as top babyface.

    it’d open the doors to potential new directions the company could take. one being the oft talked about cena heel turn. that aint gonna happen until someone steps right up and takes over as number one face.

  22. Ray Sanders says:

    Once In A Lifetime…(Insert Dramatic Pause Here)…The Rematch!!!

  23. aag44 says:

    Once in a Lifetime II… Is that oxymoronic or just moronic??

  24. cool arrow says:

    Cena ending the streak? Hoo-boy. The haters’ heads would asplode!

    I hope it happens.

  25. RYDER-MAN says:

    All I know is that they still have to save the biggest matches for WM30. Brock is going to play a role in this years card but none of us are sure about next year. Same with Rock. So it’s going to depend upon what kind of deals they can work out with them.

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