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McMahon’s reaction to the CM Punk incident

Vince McMahon was said to be furious over CM Punk’s altercation with a fan at Raw on Monday night.

People within the company were expecting some kind of major ramifications from Punk, but no action has yet been taken.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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17 Responses

  1. Agent Cooper says:

    He’s furious because it might jeopardize his wife’s precious political ambitions. That’s all they care about at this point. Forget that whole wrestling thing. Who cares about that? What’s important is that Linda McMahon becomes a senator.

  2. Big Andy says:

    I live Vince’s face when he sees Punk smack ol dude.

  3. Big Andy says:



  4. ironFNMaiden says:

    A very painful to watch title change…….either physically or embarrassing somehow.

  5. art123guy says:

    Agent Cooper–You sir, are 100% correct!

  6. matt says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he drops the title to Cena. Taking away his match v the rock.

  7. -J- says:

    Ryback your NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW wwe chumpion!

  8. art123guy says:

    matt–I don’t think losing to Cena is humiliating enough, but a loss to Ryback would.

  9. Vince says:

    If Ryback becomes champion… How will he be fed more?

  10. Deathedge says:


    Jobbers becoming “contenders”… HEATH SLATER IS YOUR NEEEWWWW NUMBER 1 CONTENDER!!! One Man Band vs Ryback… Buy our PPV!

  11. RudeAwakening says:

    They’ll keep feeding him even after he’s champ, and he will keep winning. Then he will be in a main event match and out of nowhere Scott Hall will come in and hit him with a cattle prod…true story

  12. matt says:

    They surely wouldn’t put the title on Ryback… then again with the current script writers…

  13. Ali says:

    Vince will likely screw him over much more than simply having him drop the belt! This could be a long ordeal like Triple H had to endure after the curtain call!

  14. Sweet says:

    Might Punk lose the title? Perhaps. But I doubt he’d get the 1996 Triple H treatment for one reason: He doesn’t have to stay.

    Whereas much of the roster needs to work for WWE, by all accounts, Punk saved his money.In a business with few main events, they can ill afford to toy around with someone who would have no qualms walking. McMahon may not like it, but he’d hate a money-making attraction walking out even more.

  15. Sweet says:

    *main eventers.

  16. cold says:

    And New!!! WWE US Champion CM Punk!

  17. Chris James says:

    @Sweet that just means CM Punk lacks passion for the business and only cares about money.

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