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Join the Starman as he covers the final episode of Impact before Bound for Glory.

We get a “previously on Impact Wrestling” recap and touches upon King Mo being named the special enforcer for James Storm’s and Bobby Roode’s match at Bound for Glory. It was also announced that Sting will team up with Bully Ray to take on Aces & Eights on Sunday. We then head into the Impact Zone as the pyro goes off and the announce team welcome us to the show, which will feature matches between James Storm and Austin Aries and Bobby Roode takes on Jeff Hardy. One of those matches is coming up right now.

Match 1: James Storm vs. Austin Aries
The bell rings and the two grapple to a standstill. Storm then takes Aries down with an arm drag and Aries heads out to the floor to regroup. Aries comes back and takes Storm down with a shoulder block but Storm quickly recovers and nails Aries with a forearm. Aries and Storm then counter each other going back and forth on the ring apron until Aries finally takes Storm out with a dive through the ropes and sends Storm into the railing. The action continues in the ring and the two trade chops and Aries picks up a two count after hitting a dropkick from the middle rope.

Storm comes back with a clothesline in the corner and takes Aries down with a Russian leg sweep. Storm then tries for the Eye of the Storm but Aries counters and hangs Storm up on the top rope. Aries then heads to the top rope and misses with a missile dropkick. The two counter attempts at each other’s finishers before colliding with each other. Bobby Roode then runs out and sends Storm into the ring post and quickly slides him back into the ring, where Aries takes Storm down with the brainbuster to pick up the pin fall victory.

Kurt Angle is backstage with Wes Brisco and asks Angle if he can tag along with him to Bound for Glory. Angle agrees as AJ Styles storms into the locker room and wants to know where Angle’s head is at. Styles wants to know if he wants to take on Aces & Eights or if he wants to win the TNA Tag Team Championship. Angle says his head is in the game as Styles storms off. We then see Hulk Hogan and Sting walking backstage as we head into a commercial break.

Sting gives him memories of Bound for Glory, which features footage of last year’s match between him and Hulk Hogan. Sting asks if it’s the end and says we will have to wait until Bound for Glory.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with Sting. Hogan grabs a microphone and says Aces & Eights backed him into a corner and he is fighting back with Sting. Sting then grabs the microphone and says Bully Ray stepped up to the plate last week and they are going to run with it. The two are then interrupted by Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, who come out to the ring and tells Hogan that they made a bad decision by picking the most untrusting person in the locker room with Bully Ray and wonder why they weren’t picked. Kazarian then tells Hogan to cancel their match at Bound for Glory, tell Bully Ray that he is no longer needed, and to have Kurt Angle wrestle along side Sting.

Ray’s music hits as he comes out and says Angle would have been a great choice for a wrestling match, but this is going to be a fight, which is what he is best at. Ray says he doesn’t need to be friends with Hogan and Sting, but he needs to be their partner and have their backs. They have a common interest in getting rid of Aces & Eights and if he needs to prove his trust, Ray proposes he and Sting take on Daniels & Kazarian tonight. The Tag Team Champions don’t like the idea, but Hogan does and books the match for tonight’s main event as we head into a commercial break.

Match 2: Hernandez vs. AJ Styles
Chavo Guerrero accompanies Hernandez to the ring for this match, however, AJ Styles comes out alone. The bell rings and Styles takes out his aggression on Hernandez in the early going with a series of kicks that takes Hernandez off his feet. Guerrero, however, distracts Styles long enough to allow Hernandez to recover and he begins to use his size advantage to gain control of the match. Hernandez locks Styles in a bear hug to wear him down but Styles is able to counter Hernandez with and hit a dropkick. Another dropkick sends Hernandez out to the floor and Styles dives out to the floor to take him out. Guerrero again is able to distract Styles long enough for Hernandez to hit Styles with a shoulder block and picks up the pin fall victory.

An Aces & Eights video is aired that shows Joseph Park is fine and says that it’s funny how a common cause can bring enemies together. The masked man then questions once again if Hogan locked them out or if he locked them in and says either way, they will come face to face on Sunday.

Zema Ion makes his way to the ring as the announce team talk about his mean streak. Ion grabs a microphone and says he has broken necks and arms all for the X Division Championship. However, since he has taken everyone out, he doesn’t have a match at the biggest pay-per-view of the year. Ion is then interrupted by RVD’s music as he comes out to the ring. RVD says he doesn’t have a match either and Hulk Hogan just told him that he can pick anyone for an opponent. RVD then drops Ion with a spinkick and says he will see him in Phoenix before leaving the ring.

Hulk Hogan and Sting are talking about their upcoming match at Bound for Glory and Hogan still doesn’t think Ray can be trusted. Sting says there are no other options as Ray walks in the office. Ray says their match is up next and Hogan says he still doesn’t trust him. Hogan says if Ray slips up tonight, he will pay for it. Sting steps in and says they need his endorsement and Ray says he won’t let Hogan down as we head into a commercial break.

Brooke Hogan is backstage with Taryn Terrell and asks if she’s is ready for the drama between Tara and Miss Tessmacher. Tara then walks in and tells Brooke that her Hollywood boyfriend is coming to Bound for Glory and is requesting special treatment. Tara hands over a list of demands and Brooke rips it up as Tara walks angrily walks off.

Match 3: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Bully Ray & Sting
The bell sounds and Ray clocks Daniels with a hard clothesline before head butting Daniels several times in the chest. Ray then slaps Daniels with a few chops before turning things over to Sting. Sting continues to beat down Daniels and picks up a two count after hitting a clothesline. Daniels makes it to his corner to tag Kazarian into the match and Sting quickly takes him down before tagging Ray into the match. Ray begins his assault on Kazarian and picks up a near fall after hitting a back drop. Sting is tagged back in and picks up another near fall after hitting a suplex.

Sting then goes for a Stinger Splash but Daniels pulls his partner out of the way and then crotches Sting in the corner. Daniels and Kazarian begin double teaming Sting on the floor but Ray chases them off with a steel chair. Daniels and Kazarian continue to work over Sting in the ring with quick tags and double team moves. Daniels tries to go for a high risk move but Sting counters it and the two end up taking each other down with clotheslines. The two tag their partners in and Ray comes in and takes out both Daniels and Kazarian and even hits the two with a Stinger Splash.

The match then breaks down with all four going at it in the ring. Sting tosses Kazarian out to the floor as Daniels sizes up Sting to nail him with the Tag Team Championship belt, but Ray pushes Sting out of the way and takes Daniels out with a boot. Kazarian then heads to the top rope but Sting shoves Ray out of the way and takes out Kazarian. Sting then tells Ray to “get the tables” and Ray does just that. Ray sets the table up in the ring and Sting hoists Daniels up to Ray, who takes him out with a powerbomb through the table. Earl Hebner then calls for the bell and calls for a disqualification, but the fans are eating this up and cheer the outcome.

A video package on the TNA World Championship match between Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy at Bound for Glory is aired. The two give their thoughts on each other and their thoughts on how it will go down. Jeff Hardy is seen backstage and says he will reinvent himself this Sunday he will get what he deserves, the TNA World Championship.

A video package on the Al Snow/Joey Ryan saga is aired. Ryan says he was tricked by Snow with the match stipulation but he will have the Joey Ryan supports with him as they will be on his home turf. Samoa Joe is seen backstage and says he will be taking care of business with Magnus on Sunday. Magnus then shows up and tells Joe that he won’t be able to hide behind Hogan and politics on Sunday and will be taking the TNA Television Championship away from him.

Match 4: Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher
Gail takes Tessmacher down with a big boot to the face as the bell rings. Gail continues on the attack until Tessmacher takes Gail down with a head scissors. Gail quickly comes back and hangs Tessmacher on the top rope and picks up a near fall in the process. Gail begins to methodically wear Tessmacher down and picks up another near fall. Tessmacher then counters Gail’s offense and sends Gail into the turnbuckle with a monkey flip. Tessmacher then heads to the top rope but Gail knocks her down. Gail then picks Tessmacher up and takes her down with a powerbomb before heading to the top rope. Tessmacher is able to roll out of the way, though, and awkwardly slams Gail to the mat to pick up the pin fall. After the match, Tara runs out to the ring and begins beating Tessmacher down. Tessmacher counters Tara’s attempt at the Widow’s Peak and slams Tara down to the mat.

Bobby Roode is in the locker room and says he was in Jeff Hardy’s shoes last year and knows what he is going through. James Storm then enters the ring and says he knows Roode attacked him earlier. Storm then pushes Roode into the lockers and says Roode will need to kill him to stop him. The two begin to brawl for a moment until King Mo steps in and breaks them up. Mo then tells Storm to save it for Sunday as we head into a commercial break.

A video package with Jeff Hardy sharing his favorite Bound for Glory memory, which is jumping off the big screen and onto Abyss, crashing through a table. The announce team then hype TNA’s first induction into the TNA Hall of Fame as we are treated to a video package on Sting. The announce team finish things up by hyping the current Bound for Glory card.

Match 5: Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy
Hardy takes his time greeting every single fan in the ringside area until Roode had enough and attacks Hardy on the floor. Roode rolls Hardy into the ring to get the match officially started and continues beating Hardy down. Hardy then springs into action and takes Roode down and hits his signature leg drop and picks up a near fall. Hardy follows with a back drop and clotheslines Roode over the top rope and onto the floor. Hardy kicks Roode through the ropes and into the railing before flying over the top rope and on top of Roode, but takes a bit of punishment in the process. Hardy then gets up and sends Roode into the guard railing and the apron before rolling Roode back into the ring.

Roode begins to beg for mercy but Hardy doesn’t buy it and continues on the attack, however, Roode hits a desperation clothesline that levels Hardy. Roode begins to work over Hardy and sends him sliding across the canvas and onto the floor. Roode heads out and tries to hit Hardy with a suplex but Hardy counters and takes Roode down with a suplex. The two are laid out on the arena floor as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Roode is in control and has Hardy laid out on the canvas. Roode begins to wear down Hardy with a headlock before hitting a neckbreaker from the middle rope for a near fall. The two go out to the floor where Roode sends Hardy into the steps before rolling him back into the ring. Roode picks up a near fall after hitting a neckbreaker and is showing signs of frustration for not being able to put Hardy away. Roode then puts Hardy in a sleeper hold and the referee checks the arm but Hardy refuses to drop down for three. Hardy then fights his way out of the hold by sending Roode face first into the turnbuckles and quickly hits a Whisper in the Wind.

The two are slow to get to their feet and Hardy gets the advantage when they get up. Hardy picks up a couple of quick near falls over Roode but Roode comes back with a spinebuster for another near fall. Roode then sets Hardy up on the turnbuckle and tries for a superplex but Hardy fights him off. Hardy then stands up and goes for a Swanton Bomb, but Roode rolls out of the way and connects with a spear for another near fall over Hardy. Roode then tries for a fisherman’s suplex but Hardy counters and hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy tries for another one but Roode drops down to his knees and lands a low blow in full view of the referee, who calls for the bell and disqualifies Roode.

Roode then heads out and grabs a steel chair but the referee takes it away from him. Hardy then gets up and takes Roode out with another Twist of Fate. Austin Aries’ music then hits as he makes his way down to the ring as he has a few things to say. Aries pulls out a sheet of paper of things he was supposed to say and crumples it up and tosses it aside. Aries says people in TNA have been telling him how to think, act, and what to say. As of now, all of that crap is done with.

Aries says he is quite jealous of Jeff Hardy and he is not jealous of his rap sheet or that he is half crippled. He is, however, jealous of how Hardy is catered to by TNA management. Aries talks about asking for new entrance music for months and that he is being set up to fail. Aries says he is sick of people catering to him and wants to be catered to. Aries says he is at his best when it’s him against the system and the only failure is going to be Jeff Hardy. Hardy says he is going to end Aries’ cocky ass on Sunday and Aries attacks Hardy before taking him down with a brainbuster as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Austin Aries defeated James Storm by pin fall.
– Hernandez defeated AJ Styles by pin fall.
– Christopher Daniels & Kazarian defeated Bully Ray & Sting by disqualification.
– Miss Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim by pin fall.
– Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Roode by disqualification.

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16 Responses

  1. The Harpoon says:

    ok ive been trying to be open to try tna its wack Oh and Sting is the leader of aces and 8s heel turn and that aries match left a bad taste in this viewers eye

  2. The Harpoon says:

    their championship belt looks like a smackdown tag team belt haha even the European title was nicer

  3. Paul says:

    Here’s hoping that after Bound for Glory, AJ Styles will move on from his feud with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. However, I don’t plan to hold my breath.

  4. Paul says:

    RVD vs Zema Ion for Bound for Glory. It could be a good match if handled right.

  5. t.n.a-s.u.x says:

    Im the artist formerly know its the harpoon

  6. -J- says:

    RVD kicked the taste out of zenas face.

  7. Matt says:

    Very excellent and solid show tonight..and anyone who thinks sting is the leader of Aces and eights has not been watching TNA and knows nothing about TNA. Much more solid show then anything WWE has offered this year!

  8. JDBJJ says:

    They barely build up their “biggest show of the year.” The bound for glory series is a cool concept but they need to end it earlier than they do, at least put another PPV in between so they have some time to build up the main event.

    Samoa Joe, TV champ, not on the last impact before BFG? Stop focusing so much on the women’s title and focus on building the TV title and the champion to a higher level of prestige.

    Sting going into the TNA HOF…and he’s in a tag match at BFG?? Spotlight that he’s gona be their first HOFer, give him a high profile, hyped up semi main event spot!! Let a younger guy who needs the push go against A&8s.

  9. Jeremy W. says:

    I believe Joseph Parks is going to be the one to turn on TNA. He’s going to have what Patty Hearst had, Stockholm Syndrome, where the captive begins to identify with and side with their kidnappers. Otherwise, I still believe that Bully Ray could be the turncoat.

  10. Matt says:

    Samoa Joe WAS on tonight’s impact with a segment with Magnus… another person not watching i guess!

  11. seth d says:

    @matt. right on,

  12. Y_set says:

    Fight against the system ? Did Austin Aries tried to imitate CM Punk here ?

  13. Bob Barker says:

    Ok, gotta address some of these really weird comments.

    JDBJJ says:
    October 11, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    They barely build up their “biggest show of the year.” The bound for glory series is a cool concept but they need to end it earlier than they do, at least put another PPV in between so they have some time to build up the main event.”

    – Bound for glory this year includes matches such as Storm vs Roode (Basically 1 year buildup), AJ with Kurt vs Kaz and Daniels (Feuding for months. Could have added a bigger stipulation) and a proper match between Aces’n’8s which has been a focal point for the last months. And minor feuds will also be settled. So it has had a massive build up throughout the whole year.

    “Samoa Joe, TV champ, not on the last impact before BFG? Stop focusing so much on the women’s title and focus on building the TV title and the champion to a higher level of prestige.”

    -Samoa Joe was on the last impact. In a small promo vs Magnus. Could have been better, but it was clearly there. As for the Knockouts, they had a great match this week. I’m always impressed of Gail’s set of moves. She really knows how to carry a match. There is nothing wrong with giving them some time when they do a great job.

    “Sting going into the TNA HOF…and he’s in a tag match at BFG?? Spotlight that he’s gona be their first HOFer, give him a high profile, hyped up semi main event spot!! Let a younger guy who needs the push go against A&8s.”

    – Sting is the icon of TNA. He is what TNA represents. And he’s in a tag TEAM match with Bully Ray, who has worked hard and deserved a main event position. The main event spot is not something which is simply given away to people with some potential. It is given to the ones who has earned it.

    I thing this has been a great year for TNA, and I’m looking forward to the conclusion of BFG. I really hope there won’t be any screwjobs and I’m hoping for a solid ending to the show.

  14. JDBJJ says:

    What I meant is they barely build up the main event. WWE builds their wrestlemania main event(s) for months and months in order to attract the fans to watch it. Hardy and Aries haven’t had nearly enough of a build up in my mind, and now Aries makes a full blown heel turn on the last impact leading into the PPV? That should’ve been long before.

    And like you said, Samoa Joe had a SMALL segment with Magnus. They have the opportunity to build that match bigger and bigger every week through matches and run ins and attacks, instead they are basing the majority of the build up on promos and backstage segments. Let them work.

  15. Jam Jar says:

    God bless Bob Barker.

  16. t.n.a-s.u.x says:

    I fOUND it very boring but i guess that what u get from an Indy show that tries to pose Pro.

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